How to enhance the effect of cosmetics for face and hair?

It is very important for any woman to look good, because your appearance depends on how you look after yourself: the health of the skin, hair and body in general. Someone seeks the help of cosmetologists, while someone cares for themselves at home. This will be described in detail by Natalya Varlamova, an osteopath cosmetologist.

Sometimes even the most expensive and effective remedies will not bring proper benefits if you do not follow simple rules. Therefore, for those who do not have the opportunity to do professional care, I will tell you little secrets and self-care ideas that will increase the effectiveness of home procedures.


  • Before you begin to clean your skin, you must wash your hands. The grease film that forms during the day will prevent the cleanser from doing its job well.
  • Often, girls immediately apply cream on the skin, this is not true. First you need to mix the product with a small amount of water in the palm of your hand, then apply with light movements to the face and massage with gentle movements. Movements should be from the center to the sides, and not back.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the area around the eyes and eyelids, the skin there is very sensitive. Firstly, the cream for this area should be special and different from the one you use for the entire face. Secondly, it is impossible to rub and massage this area, only with light soaking movements to apply with your fingertips until the cream is completely absorbed. The process of touching the face is very important, and if you do it wrong, you can stretch the skin and provoke additional wrinkles, and eventually make it flabby.
  • In case you use several products in a row, remember that the product with a lighter texture is applied first, then more saturated. That is, the scheme is this: lotion – serum – cream or balm. Sunblock is always applied with the last coat.
  • Lotions and tonics are best purchased with a spray rather than applied to a cotton pad. Funds in this case are softer on the skin and less consumed.
  • Do not scoop up the cream with your finger. This is especially true for organic cosmetics, which do not contain preservatives. Bacteria from the hands violate its original composition, it is better to use a special scapula for this.
  • Do not forget that for the decollete and neck areas, you can and should also use face creams. She is as gentle as on her face and requires no less care.


  • Hand cream needs to be applied to the back of the hands, as it most lacks moisture and nutrition. Only after that you need to apply it on the fingers and the inside of the hands. When you squeeze the cream directly into the palm of your hand, the outer part of the hands is deprived of the benefits that the cream could give.
  • If you use scrubs, it is better to use them on dry skin, so it will be more effective to exfoliate. But the cream is better absorbed when the skin is wet.


  • Balms and conditioners are very desirable for hair. They moisturize, protect and revitalize hair. Before applying them, it is advisable to dampen the hair with a towel to pick up excess moisture, which helps to dilute the product, which reduces its effectiveness.
  • Girls who regularly dye their hair, when choosing shampoos and balms, should give preference to products labeled “for colored hair”, as they do not wash off the color and keep it as long as possible, all the rest wash the color.
  • In order for the hair to nourish and become stronger, you can use oils (burdock, argan). Before applying the oil, it is advisable to warm a little, for better action. Particular attention should be paid to the tips, because they need more food than others. Just do not forget that the oils clog the pores, so you should not use them too often, and do not overdo it.

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