How to dilute mascara

Many faced the problem when the mascara, recently acquired quite recently, begins to thicken and dry. If everything is in order with the expiration date, then the reason for drying can be the frequent opening and shaking of the carcass with a brush, in which it is too saturated with air. Than you can dilute the mascara, if it thickens and dries to slightly extend the time of its use, consider next.

Ways of “reanimation” of dried carcass

When choosing a means of diluting mascara eyelashes, first of all, you should consider their safety for the eyes. This applies especially to those who have a tendency to allergic reactions. Here are some common and safe ways, the better to dilute the mascara, if it is dried.


If the ink contains wax or paraffin, you can try to return the mascara to its original state by immersing the closed bottle in hot water for several minutes, then shaking it thoroughly. You can also add a couple of drops of hot water to the brush brasmatik, but in this case, the water must be purified and boiled.

Eye drops

Practically any eye drops that do not contain antibiotics and hormones are suitable for this method, but it is best to use tools such as Vizin or Oftagel. It will take a whole 2 – 3 drops, so that the mascara has acquired a normal consistency.

Contact Lens Liquid

Liquid for storing lenses can be an excellent way to thin a carcass. It is absolutely safe, because its composition is similar to human tears and has disinfecting properties. Therefore, this tool is ideal for allergies.

Alcohol-free tonic or face lotion

These cosmetics also perfectly cope with the task of diluting the mascara without harming either the eyelashes or the eyes.

Moisturizer or Eye Gel

These tools can also be used to dilute mascara. You will need 1 – 2 drops, which must be gently squeezed into a bottle of mascara and shaken with a brush several times.

What you shouldnt use to dilute mascara; 

It is strictly forbidden to add saliva to the mascara (as women did during the Soviet era), because it contains many microorganisms that, if accidentally hit in the eye along with mascara, can cause an inflammatory process.

Alcohol and alcohol products

This method can be dangerous for the eyes, as well as for the eyelashes, so you should not risk and try to dilute the mascara with alcohol, cologne, brandy, etc.

Vegetable oil

Do not use oil as a solvent for carcass. It will not bring particular harm to the eyes, but the quality of the carcass will suffer from this and it will not be possible to use it normally.

Finally, it is worth noting that the recommended use of mascara is 3 a month from the date of opening the bottle. And it doesn’t matter at all whether you use it daily or have used it only a couple of times during this time. Therefore, if you care about your health, do not use old mascara, but get a new one.

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