How to combine and wear Dark green color Clothes

How to combine and wear Dark green color Clothes

How to combine and wear Dark green color Clothes

Sometimes, going to the store, the girls just get lost in the assortment of clothes. A lot of styles and color variations – because of this, the eyes run wide. Dark green color is very popular now. Many wardrobe items are perfectly embodied with its help.

Dark green color in clothes

Very rich and a little mysterious is a beautiful dark green color. Confident people who know their worth choose it. The shades of this color are as follows:

  1. Deep dark green, the darkest of all. Combined with red, orange, yellow, burgundy, pink and beige.
  2. Dark green classic color. It is combined with almost all shades.
  3. Needles are a warm shade of dark green. It harmonizes with the same colors as olive or khaki.
  4. Dark bluish green or emerald is a very beautiful color, which is somewhat colder than the rest. It is combined with burgundy, gray, blue or brown. This is a great choice for an evening outfit.

This color in clothes is suitable for girls with the colors autumn, winter or summer. “Spring” this shade is not advised, because it competes with the natural beauty of the girl. It will unsurpassedly look in combination with such shades:

  • white;
  • Gray;
  • the black;
  • red, orange, yellow;
  • brown;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • burgundy;
  • gold and silver;
  • green.

dark green color in clothesbeautiful dark green color

Dark green coat

Such a wardrobe item as a coat of dark green eliminates the sad mood and brings bright colors to gray days:

  1. This thing will suit absolutely any girl – it does not matter how old she is or what her physique is. However, ladies in age should take a closer look at the deep and noble shades of dark green. An important nuance: the darker the color, the better it masks the problems of the figure.
  2. A coat of this color goes well with classic things. It complements them and gives the appearance of sophistication. This coat looks great with casual clothes.
  3. Combine with outerwear of this shade recommend accessories of the same color palette, but the tone should be slightly different. As for the bag, it looks great brown or black leather or suede.

dark green coat

Dark green cloak

A cloak is a great thing for a woman’s wardrobe. The dark green color used to make it is a very interesting solution that will help diversify the image. Popular models are presented in the following variations:

  1. A classic English cloak is an option with a free straight silhouette. Well suited for business bows.
  2. New bow is a feminine model. This is a fitted cloak with a lush flared skirt, it helps to create a romantic look.
  3. Chanel style raincoat – straight or slightly flared from the shoulder line.
  4. Boho style raincoat is a romantic and feminine version with different decorative elements.
  5. A military-style cloak is a very popular model.
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When deciding what the dark green color is combined with, the following combinations are welcome:

  1. A dark green cloak looks perfect in tandem with a sheath dress or with a fitted or trapezoidal dress. Dresses look dark and light colors.
  2. You can combine this wardrobe item with blue jeans. To diversify the image, it is recommended to use bright accessories.

dark green cloakwhat goes dark green with

Dark green jacket

A jacket of this shade is an excellent choice if you want to refresh your wardrobe. Determining what dark green is combined with, it is recommended to take a closer look at the following options:

  1. Jackets of a free silhouette and average length are suitable for an image for every day. It is recommended to choose midi dresses and skirts with an asymmetrical hem, sweater dresses and knitwear, woolen trousers and medium-length skirts for this look. For the top, a neutral color palette is used. Dresses can be saturated colors. The bottom looks good in a denim palette.
  2. For a glamorous look, a leather jacket or a parka in dark green is suitable. Wear it with tight jeans, dress pants and skinny jeans. Ankle boots or high-heeled boots look perfect as shoes.
  3. For an elegant bow, straight and fitted jacket models are suitable without additional decor. Straight or slightly flared trousers, turtleneck dresses or woolen A-line skirts are added to the image.

dark green jacket

Dark green dress

The dress, for the creation of which a dark green color is used, gives the image of tenderness and tranquility:

  1. To emphasize the beautiful color, you can use things in shades of Burgundy, black or with leopard prints. Pistachio will also make a great pair with this tone.
  2. A dark green long dress made of luxurious materials is recommended to be combined with simple accessories.
  3. A short casual dress looks best with stilettos, ballet flats, sneakers or sandals.
  4. If the dress is formal, then it is better to take shoes with heels.

dark green dressdark green long dressbeautiful dark green color

Dark green skirt

A skirt of dark green color will help to create very interesting images. The following styles are popular:

  1. Pencil. Helps to create business bows. Looks good with a white top, for example, a classic blouse.
  2. Sun skirt. Looks perfect on any girl. Used for romantic images. It looks good with a light top – a loose jumper or t-shirt.
  3. Pleated skirt. With its help, you can create a strict business bow. Combine with a white top or a classic shirt.
  4. Skirts on the floor. Suitable for both slim and full ladies. A very feminine model that must be combined with the same feminine top.

dark green skirt

Dark green sweater

This fall, a dark green sweater will be in fashion, so you should take a closer look at it. Stylists say that this wardrobe item will suit many girls, regardless of hair color. Dark green color is best combined with a dark shade of hair. Such models are popular:

  • loose sweaters. It is worth giving preference to them, rather than tight options, if a bow is made in casual style;
  • a sweater dress is an indispensable element of street fashion;
  • A straight sweater with a high collar will suit girls with any figure.

dark green sweaterdark green sweater

Dark green pants

An original element of a women’s wardrobe is trousers of a saturated dark emerald shade. It is best to choose them for girls in the body, since the shade hides the flaws of the figure. Models can be different, the main thing is to choose a product according to the figure. The most popular are as follows:

Determining what to wear with dark green trousers, preference can be given to both restrained and bright colors. Pants can be worn with the upper in the following colors:

  • white (blouse, shirt, sweater, t-shirt, top);
  • beige (a beige scarf looks especially good);
  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • brown (leather jacket, shirt, boots);
  • the black.

dark green pantswhat to wear with dark green pants

Dark green jeans

Truly unsurpassed looks such a thing as jeans, the manufacture of which used a dark green color:

  • the style of jeans can be absolutely anything, like a narrowed skinny, and straight or flared;
  • inserts of a different shade may be present on the product, the black or brown version will organically look. With the help of such fabric pockets or any patches can be made;
  • deciding what to wear with dark green jeans, you can give preference to the top, made in both restrained and in bright colors.

dark green jeanswhat to wear with dark green jeans

Dark green suit

Such an original set as a female dark green suit is able to act as a real decoration of the image:

  • This color palette is perfect for creating office bows. In this case, the suit can be both trouser and skirt;
  • if you want to make the image more universal and bring it closer to casual style, you can choose a suit made of velor;
  • dark green beautiful color can also be applied in sports images when comfortable sports suits are created with its help. At the same time, they can be made in a lightweight version and contain shorts, or on the contrary, made in the form of an insulated model with pants.

dark green suit

Dark green jacket

A jacket of saturated emerald tone is able to act as a piquant zest of the image:

  • jacket can be a classic fitted or free oversize;
  • for sewing, light silk, spectacular satin, thick cotton or linen and other types of fabrics can be used;
  • a dark green dress will look very harmonious with the same jacket, but it is recommended that things differ from each other by a couple of tones, this technique will help them not to merge.
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dark green jacketdark green color in clothes

Dark green t-shirt

As a component of stylish outfits, you can use such a thing as a women’s dark green t-shirt:

  • the style of the product can be absolutely anything: fitted, emphasizing the figure or free oversize;
  • a t-shirt may have a deep neckline that reveals shoulders, a polo collar or any other details;
  • The prints and inscriptions on the T-shirt made in white, black or bright color look extremely original.

dark green t-shirt

Dark green shoes

Shoes are designed to act as an organic complement to the image. To create it, dark green sneakers or shoes can be taken:

  • if the shoes are used in combination with dresses or skirts, then things are allowed to fall in tone to tone;
  • if pants or jeans are included in the bow, it is better to take them in a different color so that they do not merge with the shoes.

dark green shoes

Dark green bag

A dark green bag with pockets or with any other details can act as a unique accessory:

  • a classic combination is allowed, which implies that the shoes and bag should match in shade;
  • modern fashion also welcomes a deviation from established rules when shoes and a bag are radically different in color. The main thing is that they are combined with other things, and in general the image looks harmonious.

dark green bag

Dark green manicure

If you want to create a memorable, eye-catching manicure, you can make dark green nails:

  • in this version, nail art created using the cat-eye technique will look great;
  • You can decorate the design with such elements as sequins, kamifubuki, rhinestones, “broken glass”;
  • if you want to make the nail plates more delicate and refined, you can turn to such a technique as negative space;
  • knitting on the nails is perfect for winter decor;
  • you can take both a glossy and a matte finish, or apply their combination on one nail plate or alternating on several;
  • this tone can be used both as a background and for applying all kinds of drawings. Especially organically in this design will look plant theme.

dark green manicuredark green nails

Dark green hair

Bold fashionistas who prefer bold images can use dark green hair color to create them:

  • this tone can be applied to the entire surface of the strands, for this embodiment the simplest plain coloring is applied;
  • You can highlight certain strands with this shade, applying them to create highlighting;
  • Ombre looks interesting when one tone smoothly flows into another.

dark green hair

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