How to combine and Style Eggplant color


How to combine and Style Eggplant color

Any new fashion season brings with it not only new ideas and models of clothing and accessories, but also new or previously unused color solutions. The spring season of 2019 brought with it a fashion for eggplant color, deep and rich.

Eggplant color – which one?

For many fashionistas, the question is relevant: what does the eggplant color look like? It is often confused with many shades of purple. In everyday life, eggplant is also called a deep shade of cherry, and rich purple. It seems possible to distinguish it, remembering its “cold” nature and a slight shade of blue. This tone is also called the color of ripe eggplant.

eggplant is what

what eggplant color looks likeeggplant shades

Who is aubergine going for?

Many representatives of the fair sex are wondering: who cares for eggplant? This shade of clothing and accessories has become so popular that you can meet it not only at celebrations or events, but also in everyday life, on city streets:

  1. Eggplant color as a shade of purple suits different color types, it all depends on the combination that will be used in clothes.
  2. Deep eggplant is suitable for brunettes with a warm skin tone, and for the Nordic type of blondes.
  3. Do not forget about girls with red hair color, because a dark eggplant perfectly sets off both skin tone and hair depth, regardless of whether it is bright red or deep copper.
  4. There are no age restrictions, because saturated eggplant can be found both in youth fashion and in stylish clothes of women for 50 years.

who goes eggplant

who cares for eggplantdeep eggplant color

What does eggplant color go with?

Eggplant color, fashionable this season, is not so simple in complex color combinations, but those color solutions that result in the end can be very successful, rich and memorable:

  1. Eggplant belongs to the cold shades, it goes well with the classic snow-white, light blue, ivory, soft pink.
  2. A successful combination of eggplant color can be created using natural shades of yellow: ocher, sand, camel.
  3. With trendy dark green, the tone of spring grass and blue eggplant can also be successfully combined.

what eggplant color is combined witheggplant combination

Eggplant in clothes

For a long time, eggplant shades were used as an accent in clothing elements, for example in geometric decorative elements, lace trim or exclusively in accessories. But the deep eggplant color has become independent, and since the spring of 2019 it can be seen not only in outerwear, coats and down jackets, but also in lighter models: dresses of different cuts, skirts, trousers, fashionable jackets, scarves and wraps.

eggplant in clothes

eggplant shades

eggplant is what

Eggplant dress

In recent seasons, the eggplant color of the dress is extremely relevant:

  1. Spring dress can be any. After a long winter, I want to completely update my wardrobe, choosing for him such clothing models that were previously unavailable or that had just appeared in fashion. In spring, you need to declare yourself, showing everyone their brightness and a penchant for at least small, but experiments with appearance.
  2. In the new spring season, eggplant chic color will become not only an element of some image or detail of a color print, it will be actively used in everyday, office, top clothes.
  3. Dress of a classic cut, executed in fabric of the color “eggplant” will not provoke, on the contrary, it will give the silhouette restraint and elegance.
  4. Flared spring dresses made of thin wool in this shade will amaze with their great compatibility with a variety of accessories, types of shoes and outerwear.
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eggplant dress

eggplant dresswhat eggplant color looks like

Eggplant skirt

The eggplant-colored skirt has a wide range of possible combinations:

  1. Having one fashionable skirt of such a tone, you can greatly diversify your wardrobe. When looking for answers to the question of what to wear with an eggplant skirt, there should be no difficulty.
  2. A classic straight skirt with undercuts and a small cut can be combined with a business-style blouse, as well as with a large knit oversized sweater, a shirt with funny prints, knitted t-shirts.
  3. The same can be said of a flared skirt of medium length. The main thing in such images is a saturated eggplant color, which does not have to be supplemented with the same as part of accessories or other types of clothing.
  4. Contrasting shades of yellow, soft shades of beige, restrained dark blue and emerald perfectly complement the skirt of this shade.

eggplant skirt

Eggplant Pants

Pants, for the design of which a deep eggplant color is used, is another indisputable trend in the fashion of spring 2019:

  1. This shade was previously used by many designers, but not as widely as this season. Classical samples of trousers characteristic of the formal-business style in eggplant color will look surprisingly fresh and new. You can complement such a bow with a matching jacket and a light classic-style blouse.
  2. Casual models of trousers, narrowed, cropped, sewn from thick or, conversely, thin wool, in combination with comfortable shoes on a flat or fluted sole – this is one of the accents that you should pay attention to. You can complement this look with a mustard or beige cardigan, oversized sweater in fashionable shades or a shortened coat in bright ocher color.

eggplant pants

Eggplant coat

A coat of deep purple tone was not uncommon, it was found very often on urban fashionistas. Today, a coat in the shade of “eggplant” is becoming especially relevant:

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  1. This shade is used for sewing both short spring coats and long models and oversize models.
  2. The coat model with a smell and a raglan sleeve is especially relevant, the waist can be emphasized with a coat belt. When deciding what to wear with an eggplant coat, you can complement this look with trousers of dark blue color, an ocher scarf or a dark green handbag. These are one of the most popular combinations of spring.
  3. Shortened coat models in eggplant color will become relevant due to its ability to combine with a lot of things and shoes.

eggplant coat

Eggplant down jacket

Outerwear of this tone has attracted attention for many seasons. The question of what to wear with an eggplant down jacket is extremely relevant:

  1. Many try to choose something practical as winter or demi-season clothing, not only in their cut, but also in color. This year, down-padded coats of purple colors are in trend as never before.
  2. One of the most popular models can be called a down jacket-dressing gown with a smell, below the knee length, with a hidden row of buttons and a transformer collar.
  3. Cropped down jackets with a hem of a collar or hood are also popular due to the combination of the colors of the hem and the main shade of the product.

eggplant down jacketwhat to wear with an eggplant down jacket

Eggplant stole

The stole can be considered both an accessory and outerwear, it all depends on the quality and density of the fabric:

  1. Thin stoles can also be tied as a volume scarf.
  2. Stoles made of thick fabric, cashmere, dense wool, sometimes with a thin satin inside can also be worn in a warm spring, tossed over their shoulders and fastened with an elegant brooch or pin.
  3. Violet-eggplant color in scarves and stoles in the coming spring will not be so uncommon, it will adorn the brightest and most noteworthy combination.
  4. A dense stole with a textured weave of threads wins due to volumetric texture. It can be worn with a combination of sand and beige, light and pale lilac clothes.
  5. Thin scarves can be knitted with a fashionable knot under the collar of a beige coat or camel color, combined with leather outerwear.

eggplant stoleeggplant combination

Eggplant shoes

Stylish and fashionable shoes are one of the main trends of the coming spring:

  1. In fashion will be not only a classic heeled shoe with feminine outlines, but also comfortable, practical eggplant shoes for every day on tractor soles and with a small decor or buckle to raise the legs.
  2. Shoes of this color will be in trend all season. She will perform in relevant and striking combinations with clothes of different colors and shades and will become the main focus of the whole image.
  3. Regardless of the type of shoe, the tone will be appropriate and will attract attention. This shade is so self-sufficient that it can not be supplemented with accessories or details of the same color.
  4. Shoes will become a bright highlight in combination with terracotta shades, ocher-yellow colors, light beige and natural green shades.
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eggplant shoes

Eggplant hair color

Saturated violet-eggplant hair color will be in the trend of spring-summer:

  1. Do not confuse it with fantasy shades that are widely used in youth. Saturated cherry and eggplant shades of hair colors are often used by stylists, using this image find you can easily emphasize your personality.
  2. A similar tone of hair is perfect for both a short haircut and long hair, laid in large curls.
  3. Stylists recommend this shade to brunettes with a warm skin color, with such an appearance, the hair will look harmonious and not in contrast. It is worth distinguishing such a shade of hair from deep cherry and ink colors.

eggplant hair colorpurple eggplant

Eggplant Manicure

Another trend of fashionable nail art is eggplant color manicure:

  1. Gel polish looks great on both short and long nails. In addition, various nail design options will be relevant in combination with the eggplant color of the coating and fashionable nail art techniques.
  2. Coatings of dark tones according to statistics are more popular among girls than light or nude shades. Therefore, this tone of gel polish will be very relevant.

eggplant manicure

Eggplant manicure for short nails

A real fashion hit is cropped eggplant nails:

  1. On short nails, glossy and matte coatings of dark color look very good. Fashionable winter burgundy tone gave way to a cold and rich shade of eggplant.
  2. A short daily manicure will be appropriate both in the office, at work, at school, and as an evening manicure.
  3. Gel polish can be decorated with fashionable accessories for nail art: rhinestones, metallic stripes, shine or a bright rub.

eggplant manicure for short nails

Eggplant manicure on long nails

Long nails with a dark coating can look a little predatory, which sets the mood for the owner of such a manicure. Trendy eggplant manicure with a design fell into place not only on the catwalk, but also in the office of stylists, going to hairdressing and nail art. Long nails can be completely covered with gel polish with a matte or glossy finish, both options will look equally beautiful. You can make a manicure with holes or an eggplant jacket.

eggplant manicure on long nails

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