How to choose the right pants and jeans on the figure

Today, pants have become an indispensable element of women’s wardrobe. There are many different styles that allow you to choose the most suitable option for a particular shape. That is why the correct fit of the model takes a lot of time. So, how to correctly choose the pants according to the type of figure, we learn further.

types of models

Trouser variations

Determine your type of figure

The most well-known in the world of fashion 5 shape types. Practically all of them are called metaphorically, similar to various products. So, you can select the figures – pears, apples, bananas (rectangle) or carrots (inverted triangle). Having identified yourself with one or another option, you can easily pick up jeans by type of figure or pants.


Choosing a celebrity

  1. Figure “apple.” Problem place for the owners of this type of figure – waist. Girls tend to gain weight, and fat deposits quickly accumulate on the sides. In this case, the hips and chest are weak.
jeans for apple

“Apple” models of jeans

for women after 60

At any age an irreplaceable element of clothes

  1. Figure “pear.” It is very easy to determine by direct resemblance to the fruit. The hips of these women are wide and round, with a clearly defined waist. But the chest and shoulders – small. Moreover, even a small weight gain often provokes the occurrence of fatty deposits on the hips. Because of this, the figure may look disproportionate and not very attractive. But properly selected pants or jeans on the figure will brighten up this shortcoming.
corrective hips

Hip Correction Models


Denim for pear shape

  1. Figure “inverted triangle.” Models often possess this type. These girls are always slim and in shape. Overweight, they almost do not gain. But there are no volumes in the thighs, breasts, or waist that is not easily visible.
jeans for inverted triangle

Options for the figure “inverted triangle”

  1. Figure “rectangle.” It is very similar to the previous type, but it has several significant differences. Such girls are prone to slouching, but slim by themselves. In addition, when overweight appears, the tummy “full rectangle” appears.
for thin girls

Models for slender girls

  1. The ideal type of hourglass. This figure is also called “correct” and for her the most easy to choose one or another outfit. A girl with such a figure has a harmonious relationship between the chest, waist and hips, and the extra weight goes not to the sides, but evenly, keeping proportions.
with boats

In sets with boats

important points

Unfortunately, there are no clear boundaries between the figures. Characteristics can be expressed vividly, but can be completely hidden, so that at first glance it will not be possible to determine your type. In this case, take the camera and, standing exactly in front of the mirror, take a photo. Look carefully at it, trying to relate to one of the above fruits, or maybe an hourglass. It is enough at least an approximate result, otherwise it will be difficult for you to understand how to pick up pants according to your figure.

From the catwalks

Classic thinking options

We select the style

Please note that here we will need not only knowledge of the type of figure, but also its main characteristics and features. So, let’s begin:

Figures “Rectangle” and “inverted triangle”

Features of the figures – straight legs with a poorly defined waist. In this case, women are recommended to have straight, not tight fitting pants, preferably with a high waist.
Since our task is to emphasize a narrow waist, we need to focus on the hips, so that they visually appear wider – then the waist will be narrower. To do this, a decorative accent is needed on the hips: various decorations, such as zippers, pockets, etc. Skinny models are valid with a properly selected top. It is best to choose light shades.

for rectangle and carrot

Models for the “rectangle” and “inverted triangle”


We emphasize the waist and create volume on the hips

Add volume to hips

Additional volume in the hip area correct the correct models

Figure “Apple”

We emphasize the waist with the help of straight cut trousers or those that go from the knee with a flare. Moreover, tall ladies will suit very wide trousers (summer trousers of the palazzo), which will emphasize the beauty of their legs and their length, while low-rise women of medium height should not choose too broad models. Options for low waist or those that are narrowed down – not for you, try to avoid them.

full body pants

Plus size models

Trousers for apple

Kits for the “apple”

Figure “Pear”

The most suitable for you – with arrows, straight or flared from the middle of the thigh. Please note that the widest part of the pants is not wider than your hips, otherwise it will look awkward and illiterate.

pear for figure

Successful models for the “pear”

Trouser sets

Balancing proportions

Hourglass Figure

Women with such a figure should choose models that emphasize the waist. This may be tight pants in the waist, which can be emphasized with a bright belt. No additional volume needs to be added here.

hourglass figure

For the hourglass figure

Adjust the shape of the buttocks

To add volume to the buttocks, give preference to models with bulky pockets or decorations at the back. In this case, thin women are advised to choose pants-bananas, which will emphasize the length of the legs, will make the buttocks more beautiful. In order to remove the volume on the contrary, one should select straight models on a yoke with accented details not on the hips, but, for example, on the waist or in the lower part. Often suitable for this category of women’s pants with arrows. Avoid options with wide or widening legs – for example, harem pants or pajama-type trousers.

with prints

We use print

Wide shoulders and narrow hips

Often the owners of such figures are sportswomen who find it very difficult to pick up clothes. For them are shown wide models, such as riding breeches or harem pants, as well as pants with pleats or voluminous pockets in the hips. As for shades, it is better to choose bright options. At the same time, avoid tight-fitting styles, they only once again underline the shortcomings of your figure.

for rectangular shape

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