How to choose the right bra in size and shape

The main criterion of how to choose a bra is the size, but a lot depends on the successful style.

The choice will largely determine the type of figure and physique as a whole. In order not to spend too much time searching for a successful model, you should first clarify what you need.

How to choose a bra in size and body type

In order to determine it perfectly just need the usual measuring tape, which is used by the dressmakers. To begin with, we measure the volume under the breast, while placing the tape strictly horizontally, without dragging, but only pressing it tightly against the body. Then you need to measure the volume of the chest itself, also placing the tape horizontally at the most prominent points.

These two measurements will give you the so-called “cup fullness”. To do this, simply subtract from the breast volume, the volume under the breast. The resulting number will mean the volume you need cups. To choose a bra in size, keep in mind that the cup of volume “A” corresponds to the difference in centimeters 12-13 and each subsequent “number” differs by centimeter 2-3.

All manufacturers adhere to a single system in which the fullness of the cup is labeled in accordance with the letters of the English alphabet – from A to D and F. But in order to perfectly fit the bra in size as precisely as possible – it is necessary to try it on.

As a result of such searches, you will not only find the manufacturer that suits you by all parameters, but also the most successful style. Such models can be safely ordered in online stores, without fear of being mistaken with the purchase.

Correctly to choose a bra, both in size and in type of figure is quite simple. It is enough to try a successful model once to understand the principle of selection. It is based on the well-established and well-known division of figures into several types, which will provide the best “fit”.

How should sit bra for the type of figure “pear” and “apple”

The most common type of female figure is “pear”, when the volume of the hips exceeds the volume of the chest, and at the same time the waist line is pronounced. How to choose a bra in this case?

It makes sense to visually increase the size of the bust, to give the figure more harmonious proportions.

Ideal in this version of the “push-ups” and “balconette” with gel or foam pads, giving additional volume. A small but important detail – in such a model, the straps should be “carried” over the shoulders. These simple techniques will not only visually add a size or another, but also perfectly balance the figure.

Quite the opposite, the solution is to look for those whom nature has awarded with an apple-like figure. Quite wide – wider hips hips, mild waist, but with slender legs and a rather large bust. How to choose a bra in this case?

This figure is most in demand in today’s beauty industry and looks really impressive, but you need to balance it a bit.

To begin to abandon linen with additional “effects” in the form of the same gel or foam rubber. And pay special attention to the style.

The most beautiful will look model “drop-shaped” shape, with straps located in the center of the cup. In addition, if the size exceeds “C”, then wide, comfortable straps will become completely useful for designing a beautiful silhouette. They perfectly “collect” the silhouette.

How should a bra sit? Try on the model, stand up straight, and pay attention to what shape the bust has acquired. Regardless of the beauty of the model or fashion, it should give the figure harmony. But there is one simple secret to a perfect fit: the protruding part of the chest should be exactly in the middle between the elbow and the shoulder.

How to choose a bra: fabric and color

Despite the fact that much of this choice depends on the style, shape and size, do not forget about the fabrics. Today’s fashion industry offers modern and very comfortable materials, from knitted viscose and microfiber to silicone.

But in search of a model, you should definitely take into account its design, and especially color. Today it is considered a sign of bad taste, if the linen is seen through the clothes, this also applies to contrasting combinations of colors and finishes. Therefore, deciding how to choose the right bra, decide – what exactly you will wear it.

This is extremely important especially for clothes made of thin fabrics – in no case should underwear be “read”. Therefore, no matter how seductively the models with laces or any spectacular trim look, they should be reserved for a special occasion. And for an elegant look for every day, choose models that perfectly fit the figure and are almost imperceptible under clothes. The challenge is not easy …

How to choose a sports bra

It is also not easy to choose a sports bra. Today they are sewn from a very comfortable microfiber, which will compete with even natural cotton. But such models are only divided into two classes – slimming and supporting.

The first ones are perfect for owners of large sizes – they allow you to clearly fix the bust and not experience discomfort during training. But the owner of the cup size is less than “C” models of a supportive and complex-cut style are perfect. In any case, in search of such models it is not worth saving, but to choose products of brands with a good long-term reputation.

How to choose the right bra in this case? By the same principles as everyday – with the exact calculation of its own volumes and features of the figure. Given that you need to wear it as a top, but on a naked body it is not at all superfluous to choose the size and style.

Pay attention to the exact fit under the breast, tight, elastic and at the same time comfortable. And the straps of even the smallest sizes must be wide – without too much decoration. The showiness of such models “gets” due to bright colors.

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