How to choose the pajamas that suit you? I also need a taste when I wear at home.

Men's pajamas

The choice of pajamas is that both boys and girls need to be selected, but now there are all kinds of pajamas on the official website and in the physical store, will it make you dazzle? Xiaobian teaches you how to choose a suitable pajamas.
  The first point is to start with fabrics, and the pajamas fabrics currently on the market are diversified. Pajamas made of soft, colorful brocade and silk-covered cotton fabrics are popular. Generally, young people prefer knitted pajamas because they are light, soft and flexible. Of course, some people are pajamas that like cotton. In fact, it is best to use cotton fabric or cotton-based synthetic fiber. This is because the cotton material is highly hygroscopic and absorbs the sweat on the skin well, and the pajamas are relatively soft and breathable, which can reduce skin irritation.
Pajama selection
Pajama selection
  For middle-aged people, it is ideal for cotton pajamas, because this pajamas have the softness and comfort of knitted cotton, and if it is in winter, this kind of plush thickening pajamas can be thickened and warm, of course Everyone’s first choice.
  The second is to start from the color of the pajamas, the color is relatively light and suitable for wearing in the family while having the role of peace of mind, and the gorgeous color will make people feel dazzled, thus affecting rest. Therefore, the color of the pajamas is preferably pink or light blue. At the same time, the style of the pajamas can not be too tight, because after all, the pajamas are mainly worn while sleeping, and if the pajamas purchased are too tight, it will affect the breathing.
Pajama selection
Pajama selection
  The third one I want is definitely the price. After all, for many people, the price is a key factor in choosing pajamas. After all, for the average family, it will definitely not use a few hundred dollars to buy pajamas, so when you want to choose When you are in pajamas, you can first consider how much you need to spend to buy a pair of pajamas. Once you have determined the range, you can then choose the pajamas you need.

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