how to choose the best and most fashionable warm Jacket?

Warm down jackets - how to choose the best and most fashionable?

The range of manufacturers are warm down jackets of various styles and colors. Thermal characteristics of such products are determined by fillers, which can be both natural and artificial. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages that every customer needs to know.

What is the warmest filler for the down jacket?

Each woman, looking at the women’s warm down jackets for the winter, wonders which of them have the best thermal characteristics. According to most experts, the warmest is outerwear with natural fillers that keep warm well and can warm their wearer even in the most severe frosts.
Meanwhile, such products have significant drawbacks – they are much more expensive than models with artificial insulation and, moreover, require careful and complex care. For this reason, modern women of fashion choose not only warm down jackets with natural fillers, but also similar options with artificial counterparts.
what filler for down jacket is the warmest

Duck down in a puff – warm or not?

Asking how to choose a warm down jacket, you must first decide on the filler. In many models presented on sale, the insulation is natural duck down, which attracts girls and women for its extraordinary ease and softness. In addition, this raw material has other advantages, for example:
  • absolute naturalness and environmental friendliness. Due to these properties, duck down, as a rule, does not cause allergic reactions;
  • The duck down spreads perfectly along the inner surface, therefore with its help the entire area of ​​the lining is filled, and even a small section free of down does not remain in outerwear;
  • duck down keeps warm well. Even small children in clothes with a similar filler feel well at temperatures up to -25 degrees Celsius.

Warm duck down women’s down jackets are presented in an incredibly wide range. Meanwhile, in many models, this natural material is combined with other types of raw materials, such as feathers or artificial fillers. Such combinations make the outerwear cheaper and more durable, but at the same time worsen its thermal characteristics, therefore, before buying, you should very carefully read the product certificate and purchase such items only from trusted vendors.
duck down in a down jacket warm or not

A down jacket with holofiber – warm or not?

Although the majority of girls do not even doubt what kind of jackets are the warmest, natural or artificial, some women of fashion still prefer their outerwear with fillers made of synthetic materials. In most cases, this is due to the low price of such products – their cost is much lower than the price for similar products of well-known brands, in the production of which only natural raw materials are used.

In addition, warm down jackets with holofiber have some other advantages, such as:
  • excellent thermal insulation. With all that holofiber is a synthetic material, it is in no way inferior to natural raw materials. So, it easily withstands low temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius, retains heat for a long time and successfully removes moisture;
  • ease. Warm women’s down-padded jackets with holofiber weigh practically nothing and, moreover, easily take on any shape that allows you to carry them with you using a special cover;
  • do not require any special care – such jackets can be safely washed in a washing machine;
  • Do not crumple – there is no need to iron such products, even after long storage in the folded form;
  • hypoallergenic. Hollofiber, like natural materials, causes allergic reactions extremely rarely;
  • durability and wear resistance. As a rule, warm jackets with holofiber require replacement, not because they have lost their appearance, but because they have hopelessly gone out of fashion and just tired of their mistress;
  • Finally, such products dry out very quickly, so they can be put on even after they are soaked wet.
holofiber down jacket warm or not

Brands warm down jackets

On sale you can find warm down jackets of different price categories, which differ in appearance, quality of used materials and accessories, as well as durability. Among the entire range presented there are brands whose products are particularly popular with girls and women. So, the rating of warm puhovikov is currently represented by the following brands:
  • Canada Goose ;
  • Bask;
  • Red Fox;
  • Marmot;
  • Jack Wolfskin;
  • Conso;
  • Bomboogie;
  • Wellensteyn.
warm down jacket brands

Uniqlo warm down jacket

The upper part of the stylish down jackets from the brand Uniclo is sewn of ultrathin nylon, resistant to moisture, and the inside is made of high-quality soft fabric that provides maximum comfort. The warmest down jacket Yuniklo Ultra is insulated with one hundred percent natural goose down.
The design of these products is designed in such a way that any of them will suit every woman. They can always be worn, regardless of the time of day and occasion. Models are designed so that they are easy to combine with anything. In addition, a compact bag with a tie is attached to each item, in which you can carry or transport the product if necessary.
warm down jacket uniqlo

Warm down jackets Alaska

According to many young ladies, the warmest down jackets are produced by the Alaska brand. Products of this brand are necessarily complemented by a detachable lining, so that they can be worn under different weather conditions. In addition, it facilitates the process of washing – Alaska is very easy to wash, without worrying about the condition of the insulation. Alaska down jackets are almost universal – they are suitable for all girls, without exception, because they have a classic straight cut and universal colors.
warm down jacket alaska

Canada Goose Warm Down Jackets

One of the most beautiful and comfortable products are women’s warm down jackets produced by the Canadian brand Canada Goose. The outerwear of this brand is designed for extreme frosts, up to -40 degrees Celsius. As a heater, these products use high-quality natural duck down, a thin layer of which is enough to feel comfortable in the conditions of winter in central Russia. Canada Goose warm down jackets are varied in styles and colors, so each girl can choose the option that she likes most.
women's warm down jackets

Warm down jackets Naomi

The ideal solution for a frosty winter can be a very warm women’s down jacket from the Naomi brand, which looks very elegant and refined, but at the same time has excellent thermal characteristics. The range of this brand presents a huge variety of models of outerwear, however, even a shortened product can warm its owner in a twenty-degree frost. In addition, with the help of down jackets, Naomi can remain stylish and attractive, regardless of the weather.
warm naomi jackets

Adidas warm down jacket

Fans of sports style in clothes often note that the warmest women’s down jackets are produced under the auspices of the brand Adidas. Products of this brand look very elegant and are suitable for creating not only sports, but also everyday images . They are performed in a variety of colors, and in some models the most unusual and contrasting shades can be combined. Nevertheless, combined products, which are so appreciated by admirers of the Adidas brand, look especially stylish and interesting.
adidas warm down jacket

Warm down jacket Reebok

The warmest jackets for the winter for women can be chosen in the line of the brand Reebok, which has been producing sportswear, shoes and accessories for several decades. Most of these products have a straight laconic fit, long sleeves and durable elastic cuffs that perfectly protect from piercing wind. In addition, the vast majority of models of authorship Reebok is complemented by a removable hood, which can be fastened if necessary and can easily do without a hat.
warm down jacket reebok

Fashionable warm down jackets

Women’s warm down jacket for the winter can have a huge variety of styles and variations. Depending on the characteristics of body and individual preferences, each young lady can choose an elongated product that can protect her as much as possible from the cold wind, or a shortened model that does not hinder movement at all. In addition, many such items of clothing visually add volume, which is important to consider when drawing up a fashionable image and combining this item of clothing with other things.
fashionable warm down jackets

Warm long down jacket

Women’s long warm down jacket reaches at least the knee, and most models of such products reach the ankle or even the floor. Their main advantage is the most reliable protection from cold winds and long-term preservation of heat, however, many young ladies say that it is inconvenient to move in such outer clothing. In addition, they are absolutely not suitable for girls who spend most of their time behind the wheel of a car – in this case, a long hem will only interfere.
The range of long down jackets is extremely diverse. Some models are decorated with natural or artificial fur , others with a charming pattern of stitches, others with romantic embroidery or appliqué on a floral theme. Very interesting look elongated combined models for the creation of which several materials were used at once. For example, the traditional long down jacket in the classic style can be complemented by knitted sleeves, which will make it extraordinarily stylish and youth.
warm long down jacket

Warm down jackets with a hood

Women’s beautiful warm down jackets with a hood save their owner from having to wear a hat. They not only perfectly warm, but also protect from wind and precipitation, at the same time preserving hairstyle. The hood in such outerwear can be both removable and fixed – as a rule, this circumstance is chosen depending on how often the girl plans to wear this part.
warm hooded down jackets

Long down jackets with fur

Natural fur is one of the best natural heaters, which is used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a decorative element. So, a beautiful warm down jacket can be decorated with animal fur skins or their synthetic analogues along the zipper, around the collar or hood, on the cuffs or pockets. Any models decorated in this way look incredibly elegant, luxurious and elegant, so they are very popular with beautiful ladies of different ages.
long down jackets with fur

Warm down jacket quilt

A few years ago, a warm, long down jacket-blanket suddenly appeared on the top of fashionable Olympus , which looks very original and even somewhat strange. This product adds just an incredible amount of volume, so it is not recommended for ladies with mouth-watering shapes. Meanwhile, slender young girls often choose such an unusual thing in which they feel as comfortable and cozy as possible, and their image does not go unnoticed.
warm down jacket blanket

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