How to choose lipstick for lips?

Beautician modern fashionistas can not be complete without a single, but very important subject. Lipstick Often, a woman has several options of various shades. But sometimes, standing in a cosmetics shop, we are at a loss for a thought about how to choose the right lipstick.

Lipstick quality

Probably not worth saying that cosmetics are best bought in specialized stores. When buying, immediately pay attention to the composition:

  • wax – to shape and protect the lips;
  • oils – dissolve pigment, protect lips from excessive loss of moisture, give a delicate texture to lipstick;
  • pigments – paint the composition in different colors and shades;
  • Supplemental supplements – most often these are beneficial agents with moisturizing, regenerative and sunscreen properties.

Do not buy lipstick, which includes:

After opening, lipstick should be used for 12 months. But provided that when you apply it on the lips you use a brush, then the period is extended to three years. Now you know how to choose a lipstick for quality.

Lipstick and appearance

In order for lipstick to become a lip ornament, you should follow simple rules and remember a few tips on how to choose the right lipstick:

  1. Women with voluminous lips are advised to use matte lipstick. The color scheme should consist of muted tones.
  2. Narrow and thin lips will visually add volume to light shades, possibly with added shine.
  3. Clear, expressive lips are suitable for almost all types of lipstick. Best of all on such lips lipstick with a satin effect looks, emphasizing their beauty.
  4. Bright and saturated colors look great on her dark lips.
  5. Light-skinned women – delicate shades of pink and coral.
  6. Olive skin tone goes well with rich red-brown color.
  7. Light-skinned blonde hair contrasts well with the berry flowers of lipstick.
  8. Dark-skinned blondes, as well as red-haired girls, suitable terracotta lipstick.
  9. How to choose a lipstick for a brunette – give preference to bright colors. For light-skinned – lipstick beet and scarlet. And for darker skin – chocolate, plum and pastel.

These are just a few basic tips on how to choose lipstick. In any case, do not be afraid to experiment, because with the help of lipstick, with just one movement of your hand, you can create any image for yourself.

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