How to choose a haircut depending on the shape of the face and hair type?

Hairstyle plays a key role in creating a bright and stylish look. Well-chosen shape and length of the haircut help to hide some flaws and draw attention to the merits, emphasize the beautiful features of the face. A suitable hairstyle is visually able to even correct a figure and rejuvenate a woman.

Factors influencing the choice of haircuts

The ideal length and geometry of hair is selected on the basis of the following basic indicators:

  • their structure and thickness;
  • face shape;
  • age of the woman.

Having straight thick strands with good density and volume, a neat and regular face shape, there is nothing to worry about, but such reference characteristics are rare. The best way to choose the right haircut is to turn to a professional. An experienced hairdresser will offer several options for the image that will be in harmony with the style in clothes and make-up, emphasize the natural beauty and hide obvious defects. You can choose the style and yourself, after determining the type of your face and identifying its shortcomings.

What haircut to choose for thin hair?

The maximum recommended length in the presence of not too thick and dense strands – up to the shoulder line. If you grow curls stronger, under their weight the volume will completely disappear and the hairstyle will look “sleek”. Win-win women’s haircuts for fine hair – any kind of bob with an absolutely smooth cut. Thanks to a clear straight line, the strands appear thicker, especially if they are supplemented with a long massive bang without filing.

You can also choose haircuts such as:

  • shaggy and classic bob;
  • elongated graded pixie;
  • bob car;
  • torn and asymmetrical;
  • cascade with texturing carving;
  • grunge;
  • accented bangs.
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Listed hairstyles are important to properly stack. Thin and sparse hair must be dried with a hair dryer, grabbing curls with a comb directly at the roots and lifting them. This gives the haircut the desired volume and rounded shape. Curled strands, curls or large waves add lightness and fluffiness, visually create the impression of thick hair. If there is no time for neat curls, you can make a simple chaotic styling that looks stylish and natural.

What haircut to choose for curly hair?

Natural curls reflect femininity, tenderness, romance and light playfulness of the image. Their charming simplicity and ease emphasize fashionable haircuts for curly hair:

  • all cascade styles;
  • classic, asymmetric, elongated caret;
  • gavrosh;
  • long bob;
  • torn haircut;
  • elongated pixie.
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To choose the perfect style for curly and wavy strands, you must remember the following rules:

  1. Give up straight thick bangs. Curly hair has a porous structure, even after straightening with an iron, they do not keep their shape well.
  2. Do not filigree. Thinning curls give the haircut a comical dandelion look.
  3. Hard and dense small curls do not cut above shoulder level. Short hairstyles with hair quality often look like a clown wig.

How to choose a haircut on the shape of the face?

Female beauty can be estimated in accordance with the rule of the golden section and the proportions of length and width. The ideal face shape is an oval, which can be visually divided into 3 in equal parts along the lines:

  • hair growth;
  • brow arcs;
  • the tip of the nose;
  • chin.

In the hairdressing business, 3 also distinguishes geometric shapes that outline facial contours:

  • circle;
  • square;
  • triangle.

The choice of haircut by type of face is based on the desire to create a hairstyle in which the existing form as close as possible to the correct oval. At the same time it is necessary to consider the ratio of length and width:

  • forehead;
  • cheekbones and cheeks;
  • lower jaws;
  • chin.

What haircut to choose for a round face?

This form is characterized by plump, large cheeks like a child’s, a smooth hairline, wide cheekbones and a softly contoured chin. To balance these facial features, you need to visually lengthen it, to create the illusion of elongation in the vertical. There are several options for choosing a haircut for this type. Holders of a round face can wear models of any desired length, if present:

  • additional volume or pile on top;
  • strands falling over the face and covering the cheeks;
  • long oblique bangs.

Recommended haircuts:

  • pixie;
  • long bob;
  • ladder;
  • cascade.
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How to choose a haircut for an oval face?

Women with perfect proportions can afford any hairstyle and styling. The oval shape does not need to be corrected; therefore, classic and bold avant-garde haircuts and bangs of various lengths fit this face. When selecting options, you should consider other individual nuances:

  • the size and location of the ears;
  • the width and contours of the nose;
  • landing eyes;
  • neck length;
  • body type.
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Particular attention is paid to the specified characteristics before choosing a short haircut, in which the face is as open as possible. If the ears or nose are too large, the eyes are close or widely set, the neck has a disproportionate length, you should consult a hairdresser and choose a style that successfully hides these disadvantages and emphasizes the advantages.

Square face – what haircuts fit?

Features of the submitted form:

  • hair grows in a straight line;
  • wide angular cheekbones;
  • horizontal massive chin;
  • cheeks and mandibles are located on the same vertical.

These strong-willed traits are inherent in men; women need to be softened with the help of a good hairstyle for a square face type. The task of the hairdresser in this case is to visually round the cheekbones and the hairline, smooth out sharp corners. The geometry of the hairstyle is designed so that the strands around the face form a slightly elongated oval or an asymmetrical circle. Any straight lines, including parting and bangs, are excluded.

Suitable haircuts:

  • graduated cascade;
  • long bob;
  • step ladder;
  • asymmetrical car.
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square face which haircuts fit xnumx
square face which haircuts fit xnumx

Triangular face haircuts

The type in question is characterized by disharmony between the upper and lower parts of the head. The forehead and area of ​​the temples are wide, expressive, the jaw is narrowed, the chin is sharp. It is possible to restore the proportionality of the face by adding volume in the lower part and hiding massive areas. Tips for choosing the right haircut:

  1. Be sure to issue a long, thick, preferably oblique bangs. With short hair, it should end at the chin line.
  2. Strands at the lower jaw to make bulky and rounded.
  3. For an average length of curls to pick up an asymmetrical hairstyle with a side parting.

Winning options:

  • cascade;
  • bob car;
  • pixies with an emphasis on bangs;
  • elongated asymmetrical bob.
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Women’s haircuts by age

Hairstyle can not only hide the defects and shortcomings of the face, but also rejuvenate it visually. Knowing the basic rules of how to choose a haircut for a woman, depending on her age, you can always stay stylish and modern:

  1. To be guided by the principles of selection of the form as face.
  2. Find the optimal hair color. The older the woman, the brighter the shade recommended by experts.
  3. Reject too short haircuts, opening on display all the flaws and wrinkles.
  4. Prefer models with volumetric styling. Perfectly smooth strands look good only on young girls.

How to choose a woman’s haircut for 30?

The “balzak” age ladies are distinguished by mature and matured beauty, during this period youthful frivolity and craving for experimentation disappears, sexuality and self-confidence flourishes. Haircuts for women of 30 look similarly look elegant, stylish, perfectly emphasizing temperament:

  • pixies with long bangs;
  • classic car;
  • bean;
  • elongated asymmetrical car;
  • sessun;
  • long step hairstyle;
  • garcon;
  • cascade.
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How to choose a woman’s haircut for 40?

Visually stopping the passage of time at the mark of 30-35 years allows quads. Various variations of this hairstyle favorably rejuvenate mature women, providing a stylish and elegant appearance. Other recommended haircuts for middle-aged women:

  • graded ladder;
  • cascade;
  • asymmetrical bob;
  • page;
  • sessun;
  • Classic and short cropped.
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