How to choose a bang by type of face?

If you decide on a bang, the first thing is to determine the type of face or compare yourself with a Hollywood star, and then choose a shape that fits perfectly into your image.

The round face is characterized by wide cheekbones, a wide forehead and a fuzzy chin shape. Chubby star representatives – Ornella Muti, Cameron Diaz, Anna Semenovich.

In people with a square type of face, the lateral lines are even, a wide forehead and cheekbones, a massive chin. Angelina Jolie, Carmen Electra, Paris Hilton have long turned their shortcomings into significant advantages.

The contours of the triangular shape of the face taper to the chin. The forehead is very expressive. The heart-shaped type has a wedge-shaped hairline on the forehead. The triangular face does not bother to live happily at such stars as Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The face-rhombus highlights well-defined cheekbones. The face becomes narrow to the chin and to the top. Linda Evangelista, Holly Berry, Nicole Kidman are good at masking a diamond-shaped face

The oval face is a perfect shape. Smooth lines of the face outline the forehead and chin, highlight cheekbones. The lucky owners of this type are Kate Hudson, Christine Bale, Monica Bellucci, Alice Milano.

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Bangs for your face type

The existing variety of options and the stylist’s imagination make it possible to choose a bang for each type of face. Again, you can get ideas from celebrities, why not?

Any bangs fit the oval face . You can experiment at least every day. In fashion oblique bangs, slightly elongated and thinned. Alternatively, a straight elongated one will do. And short over the eyebrows. Depends on what image you want to make and what impression to make.

The triangular shape requires a straight or slanting bangs to the eyebrow line. Give up the short version. For a heart-shaped face, choose a spectacular graduation with strands of different lengths.

Square features of the face will be hidden by asymmetry and graduation. This is what you need. The multilayer bangs look interesting. Do not complicate the image with thick, long and ultra-short bangs.

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In order not to be shy of a rectangular face , hairdressers recommend lowering a thick bang to the eyebrows. Both direct and asymmetric are relevant. You can smooth the angularity with an elongated oblique bang.

For a round face, straight bangs are not acceptable. Experiment with graded, asymmetric, oblique options. Multilayer unusual bangs also visually lengthen the face.

Only elongated options are suitable for a diamond-shaped face , such a bang can be combed to one side. Lush bangs visually expand the line of the forehead, balancing facial features.

If you have a pear-shaped type of face , take a look at voluminous milled bangs. They give the face a proportional look.

The wrong haircut can turn a young girl into a mature lady. Therefore, deciding on a hairstyle with a bang, you should carefully choose the option that suits you. Properly selected bangs favorably emphasizes the taste and style of its owner.

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It is also worth remembering that the beauty of the image depends not only on the shape of the bangs, but also on the quality of the hair. Do not forget to monitor your hair, because healthy and shiny hair will tell about a person much more than a fashionable bang.

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