Holiday dresses with feathers on the skirt and shoulders

Holiday dresses with feathers on the skirt and shoulders 1

At the time of the Great Gatsby, ladies in feathers gathered in each drawing room and fluttered flirtatiously on the head or shoulders of fashionistas. Feathers were everywhere – on the skirt, on the shoulders, and on the accessories, but wherever they were, it always added to the image of seductiveness and charm. The dress with feathers for several seasons in a row is a real hit of fashion shows, especially the evening one. If you are thinking about how to surprise your friends at the New Year’s Eve, or how to become an ornament to the evening, then a dress with feathers is exactly the option that will delight others, and you will have to hear many compliments in your address.

Today, famous brands have already turned their attention to feathers as decorative elements that can replace natural fur. After all, feathers can be not only natural, but also synthetic, which can even be washed, and it is easy to paint exotic plumage. Dresses trimmed with feathers, weightless capes thrown over the shoulders of fashionistas, bags with feathers, hair ornaments …

You can begin the history of costumes with feathers from the birth of the first person on Earth. But usually decor with feathers is associated with the Indians, and Europeans in the era of geographical discoveries supported this idea. It is difficult to imagine dresses noble and rich without luxurious decorative elements.

Feathers liked to decorate themselves with everything, from kings and nobles, to the soldiers of the king. Almost all military uniforms of different countries were present feathers. Do not you feel like an eagle, if your decoration will be the feathers of an eagle? Peacock, flamingo, pheasant, heron and, of course, ostrich loved feathers.

In many suits, hats were decorated with feathers. For example, in the 19th century, feather décor in hats reached its peak. And in the second half of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, without a huge feather boa or even a dress completely decorated with feathers, it was impossible to imagine any cabaret actress, and subsequently a silent movie.

What feathers decorate dresses in our time

In tailoring, feathers of exotic birds and ostrich plumage are used, as well as synthetic elements. Given the upcoming New Year’s holiday, you can afford the most luxurious feathers, such as recommending to us Armani Prive or Celia Kritharioti, Christian Dior or Carolina Herrera, because the New Year’s evening involves something amazing and mysterious, mysterious and fabulously wonderful. Your outfit in feathers can be the best fancy dress.

Fluffy dresses with feathers

Photo from above – Armani Prive
Photo below – Christian Dior Carolina Herrera

Fluffy dresses with feathers

The feathers themselves are spectacular. Sometimes, apart from feathers, no additions are necessary, but if you are not going to the carnival, you should seriously think about the decoration of the costume with feathers. It all depends on where you are going, for what celebration. The coloring of feathers and their combination with the main material are no less significant.

Holiday dresses with feathers

Blumarine, Giambattista Valli

With feathers, satin, silk, velvet, leather and even PVC look good.

38 dresses with feathers for the New Year and other holidays

Christopher Kane, Prabal Gurung, Valentin Yudashkin
Ralph & Russo, Ziad Nakad

Holiday dresses with feathers on the skirt and shoulders 2

In addition to feathers in the dress may be embroidery, beads, rhinestones, sequins, lace. Fully decorated with feathers dresses – only for red carpet, New Year’s carnival and other special occasions.

Holiday dresses with feathers

Pamella Roland, Fendi, Ralph & Russo

The dress with feathers is gorgeous in a wedding dress. After all, you consider yourself on this day the Bird of Happiness or the Tsarevna Swan. However, in order not to lose feathers, some designers offer imitation feathers with a light and transparent fabric in the form of chiffon or organza …

Feather dresses for a winter wedding – this is a very suitable option.

Wedding dress with feathers

Georges Hobeika

Wedding dress with feathers

Giambattista Valli, Ralph & Russo

Wedding dress with feathers

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