Hairstyles with ribbon on the forehead

Hairstyles with ribbon on the forehead 1

One of the trends of the current season, of course, are hairstyles with ribbons on the forehead. Of course, we are talking not only about the use of the ribbons themselves, but also metal or plastic hoops, chains, headbands, leather, woven straps and similar accessories.

All these accessories are worn on the head, or rather on the forehead, not only for the purpose of decorating the hair, but also for convenience – so that long hair does not interfere with movement and changes in head positions.

To the background

If you examine the history of the issue carefully enough, you can find out that this approach to hairstyles, such as the use of ribbons, hoops and similar accessories, has its roots in ancient Greece, Egypt and India. Presumably, other peoples in ancient times used something like ribbons and hoops, removing long hair in their hair, first for reasons of convenience and ritual and mystical, later aesthetic considerations were added to such actions. That is, it can be argued that the trend was common among all peoples who wore long hair.

In the images is widely known Greek hairstyle with a ribbon. The ancients believed that some thoughts could be read on the open forehead. Modern specialists in physiognomy in some way confirm this opinion.

Modern hairstyles with ribbon on the forehead

In the second half of the twentieth century, representatives of the hippie subculture returned the fashion for long hair with a ribbon on their foreheads. Long hair and a ribbon around the head are a typical image of a hippie, both female and male.

Ribbons on the forehead very effectively in harmony with colorful blouses, shirts and hippie dresses.

Hairstyles with a ribbon on the head are currently quite relevant and are the original way of self-expression.

According to leading stylists, such hairstyles are suitable for almost everyone, regardless of the type of person. Of course, there are some nuances.

Is it difficult to make a hairstyle with a ribbon on your forehead on your own?

greek hair style with ribbon

How to make a hair with a ribbon on his forehead? If the forehead is high, the tape will be appropriate in the middle, if it is low, it is better to move it up to the hairline.

Hairstyles with a ribbon on the head are organically combined with various outfits in different styles. Ribbons and hoops can be of various materials, with the right choice of such accessory successfully complements the costume. Hairstyles with satin ribbon (as well as with velvet or organza ribbon) look festive and stylish.

The hair of “warm” shades (such as chestnut or copper-red) is well suited to tape a golden hue. Ribbons of silvery shades are suitable for light brown, ashy and black hair of “cold” shades. Of course, we must pay attention to the color of the eyes.

If the face is narrow, it is better to wear the tape low enough on the forehead. If, moreover, the forehead is high – the tape can be quite wide.
If the face is oval, the tape can be worn even somewhat asymmetrically.

Experiment and try. Using ribbons, hoops and other similar accessories, you can create a truly original and unique image.

A well-chosen hairstyle with a ribbon on her head looks quite elegant and stylish.

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