Hairstyle with bow

Which of the girls does not like bows? Counted units. The rest can try to make yourself a very original hairstyle in the form of a bow from hair. This is an interesting solution that can be safely applied for a normal working day or for a festive event. Bows may have some variations to appeal to more fashionistas.

So, let’s get it in order:

Step 1. Tie clean dry hair in a high tail; 
Step 2. Comb it well and spread it with your hands; 
Step 3. put one more elastic on the mentioned tail; 
Step 4. Thread it halfway into the second gum; 
Step 5. Form and straighten one curl of a bow; 
Step 6. Pass the remaining hair again through the elastic in the opposite direction; 
Step 7. Form a second bow curl; 
Step 8 . with the remaining hair, wrap both elastic bands so that they are not visible; 
Step 9 . fasten the tip with invisibles or, if length permits, hide it under the elastic, thus securing the winding; 
Step 10properly spread your bow, if necessary, you can comb it slightly; 
Step 11. Spray the hairstyle with varnish.

When forming the main tail, pay attention that the hair is smoothly combed at the back. You can sprinkle them with varnish.

Hairstyle with bow - photo master class

This type of hairstyle will be appropriate in the classroom and at work with not too high requirements for the dress code. If you add jewelry to it, for example, in the form of a very delicate rim or a wreath, then you can safely go to a solemn event.

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Another option hairstyles with a bow

However, it is worth noting that such a bow is obtained quite high, almost on the top of the head. If you don’t like it, you can do it below. At the same time, he will look much less pretentious, but no less cute. How to do it? Very simple:

Step 1. wash your hair, dry it; 
Step 2. we collect part of the hair as a malvinki, without touching the main length; 
Step 3. We comb the tail of the upper part; 
Step 4. form a bow out of it, as described previously; 
Step 5. Properly straighten this bow; 
Step 6. We fix it with varnish; 
Step 7. Comb the main part of the hair, which was not collected in a bow.

By the way, if your hair curls, then you can do without fleece.

Hairstyle with bow - photo master class

Such a bow is suitable for sophisticated girls or in cases where it is preferred not to collect all the hair in the tail, but to leave part free.

Best for long hair. If you can’t wrap the elastic around your hair, because they are not of sufficient length, then you can cover it with a specially left extra strand that does not start in a bow. Or any other decor: flower, bow, hairpin. Beautiful gum can not be closed at all. You can also buy an elastic band from artificial hair to match yours.

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This hairstyle is not difficult to perform, but requires some skill. Practice making it on a friend before you do it yourself. When you understand the principle of the implementation of such a bow, its formation will take you several minutes. Good luck with your experiments.

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