Hairpins For Different Choice

Beautiful and stylish hairpins for many of the fair sex become an integral part of the fashion look. They help not only fix the hairstyle and make it more neat and attractive, but also completely change the whole look of a woman, adding a “zest” to her image.

Fashionable hairpins for 2018

Fashion trends for accessories change with each new season. In 2018, bright and beautiful hairpins for hair, the diversity of which is simply amazing, are at the top of popularity. Stylists and designers around the world presented a huge variety of options, each of which attracts the fair sex with an interesting and original appearance.

Among the incredibly wide range of highlight the main trends is not easy. However, most of the masters of hairdressing have given their preference to the following five options:

  • All kinds of hairpins, made in the classic style and black and white colors. Thanks to the minimalist design and discreet design, these accessories will fit into any hairstyle and easily fit into the image for a business meeting or everyday wear;
  • One of the main trends of 2018 – geometry – is also reflected in this area. In the new season, stylish hairpins for hair of strict geometric shapes, not overloaded with decorative elements, have become extremely relevant;
fashion hair clips 2018
  • feminine and romantic options for floral themes do not give up their positions. They are especially popular with beautiful women, because they perfectly complement the images for dates and all kinds of celebrations. With the help of such decorations, a beautiful lady can emphasize the natural beauty and charm;
  • abundance of decor this season is also welcome. However, he must have a romantic undertone and a somewhat solemn appearance. So, in 2018, beautiful models of female hairpins decorated with lace, live and artificial flowers, fringe, veil or satin ribbons were placed at the top of popularity;
beautiful hair clips
  • This year the retro-style surpassed all other fashion trends. In the trend jewelry for curls, in appearance resembling luxury precious brooches, borrowed from the reign of monarchs. To achieve this effect, stylists and designers use sequins, rhinestones, and various stones, including pearls, in their work;
  • charming hairpins, bows for hair in the coming season, too, completely lost their popularity. They can be used in a variety of situations;
fashion hair clips 2018
  • Finally, a real hit are unique designer jewelry, completely made by hand. Each beautiful lady can cope with the task of creating them;
beautiful hair clips

Types of hairpins and their name

Modern designers offer beautiful ladies a huge variety of different accessories that can be used to create hair. Some hairpins, types, names are familiar to almost all women, while others, on the contrary, look so bright and unusual that women of fashion do not even understand how to use them. Due to the wide variety of options, each lady can choose the one that will appeal to her.

types of hairpins and their name

Hairpin “twister”

Fashionable hairpins “twister” appeared in the fashion world in the 1990s and immediately gained unprecedented popularity among owners of long curls. This device is a frame made of thick wire, covered with a cloth and, if necessary, supplemented with a foam pad. The material for creating such an accessory should be dense and of high quality; in most cases, designers prefer velvet or natural cotton.

Twister hairpins are extremely comfortable and easy to use – in seconds they allow you to cope and put even the longest and most naughty strands into a neat hairstyle. So, with the help of these devices you can easily create a beautiful and elegant bundle, an exquisite “shell” or a tall horse tail. In addition, the “twister” can be used to create festive images – some models of these accessories are decorated with stones, rhinestones, lace and other similar elements, making them look luxurious and incredibly impressive.

hairpin twister

Hair Banana Hairpin

Original hairpins “bananas” are known in the world of accessories for more than 30 years. These decorations are an ordinary scallop that fastens like a pin. Due to the unusual appearance, reminiscent of a banana, they got their name. The simplest products are made of wood, plastic or metal and are decorated with nothing.

Bright and eye-catching designer models, on the contrary, are decorated with flowers, cloth, feathers, rhinestones or stones. It is incredibly easy to use a banana hairpin, however, with smooth curls there can be some difficulties, therefore it is recommended to make a little bouffant on them before creating the hairstyle.

hairpin banana hairpin

Hair Crab Hairpin

Simple and convenient krabik known to most girls. With it, you can very easily create a beautiful hair, both for everyday life and for a solemn event. At its core, a crab hairpin is a clip for curls, which can be used to fix strands or to decorate a hair. Thus, the fair sex make all sorts of hairstyles with hairpins on medium hair, decorated in front of the head with miniature crabs, or use one large item to collect and fix all the curls in the back of the head.

hairpin crab

Hairpin “heagami”

Stylish hairpins “heagami” appeared in the fashion world quite recently, therefore not all women are familiar with it. Meanwhile, those girls who have decided to purchase or have received this interesting and original thing as a gift can no longer refuse it, because it is incredibly easy and simple to make a haircut with it.

Heagami consists of two metal plates covered with a dense cloth. Depending on what hairstyle the owner of this accessory is going to make, it can be twisted into a figure eight, a ring or a “pretzel”. To use it is not at all easy – from the first time almost no one succeeds, but it takes a lot of time to learn how to create beautiful hairstyles. Nevertheless, the majority of fashionistas notes that this thing is very interesting, and the result from its use is really worth it.

heagami hair clip

Hairpin invisible hair

In everyday life, young ladies and older women use the most simple and concise invisible hairpins, which are almost invisible in the hair. They are used to fix thin strands that can interfere by dropping on the eyes, or simply beating out, giving the head of hair an untidy appearance.

Hairpin invisible hair perfectly cope with their task – they remove unruly curls, making the hair neat and elegant. Meanwhile, this simple and concise accessories is a place in a solemn manner. Gold and silver hairpins decorated with pearls or other precious stones are often used to complement the festive hairstyle.

hairpins invisible for hair

Hair clip

Simple hairpins for long hair in the form of a clip, or “crocodile”, as some fashionable women call it, very often play the role of an auxiliary tool when creating a hairstyle. Meanwhile, there are also richly decorated options with which young ladies go for a long time. With the help of such a clip, you can fix the disobedient strand on the side or fasten all the curls behind.

barrette hair clip

Hair Clip Bagel

Some girls get upset because of the nature of their hair is too thin. Meanwhile, there are special hairpins for the volume of hair, among which a bagel plays a special role. Such a product is completely hidden in the hairstyle – the ends of the tail are screwed on it, which are subsequently tightly wrapped and fixed with pins. As a result, even the thinnest strands form a voluminous and very cute tuft.

hairpin bagel for hair

Hairpin “wand”

Japanese hairpins in the form of sticks or knitting needles are extremely popular with young girls due to their ease of use. Today, you can use only one such product to create a beautiful and neat hairstyle, whereas in ancient times it was necessary to stick 22 such items into the hair to complete the image. The sticks may look different – they look good as simple monochrome models or richly decorated with hieroglyphs and other decorative elements.

hairpin stick

Hairpin hairpin

Comb can be considered the very first accessory for combing and fixing strands. Women used it in antiquity, although subsequently the appearance and stylistic performance of such accessories changed noticeably. Modern designers do not skimp on the rich festive decoration of such products – they often make them from precious metals and decorate with natural stones. For example, a golden hairpin in the form of a comb inlaid with pearls will be an excellent choice for a young bride.

hairpin hair comb

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