Hair styling: The most stylish trends in 2019

Choosing styling, there is a stereotype that the best and most beautiful hairstyles are available exclusively to owners of long and thick hair. But in fact there are gorgeous and spectacular styling for medium length hair that you can do yourself. In accordance with the chosen image, they can be strict, elegant, romantic, sophisticated or simple.

Stylish styling 2019 for medium hair with an iron or curling

With the help of curling or ironing, you can make not only an attractive hairstyle for every day, but also a stylish styling for the celebration. With the help of curling, hair can be screwed on curlers, while curls can be made large, medium or small in size. This style always looks attractive and relevant. With regards to the ironing, they can create the desired shape of hair, with the tips can be bent inward, straight or outward. Straight hair always looks elegant and beautiful. This type of styling looks quite simple and well-groomed.

Actual styling 2019 for medium hair diffuser

This styling looks very attractive and in 2019 is quite popular among owners of medium hair. The diffuser is a special nozzle for the dryer. It is equipped with long protrusions, which are called fingers. With this attachment, you can add extra volume to your hair, while adding a light wave effect to it. Performed this styling on wet hair. And in order to keep the styling better, apply mousse or gel on your hair. To dry the hair to the bottom, winding them on the nozzle. Laying should be fixed with varnish. And all – a spectacular and beautiful hairstyle is ready!

Styling a stylish tail on medium hair

Not sure which styling to choose for everyday use? A regular tail is an ideal solution, but an inverted tail is what you need to create an attractive and relaxed look. To perform an inverted tail, you need to braid two small pigtails on the sides of the head. Then on loose hair braid not tight tail and dividing it in half, drag the tip of the tail. At the end of the pigtails, put them in the same direction as the tail, smoothing them evenly. You can leave the original position of hair, and you can wrap the tail around the roller, which is most important for medium hair.

Hair styling 2019 for medium hair

The beam has been very popular for many years, and 2019 is no exception. To create such a stylish and versatile styling will require a minimum of effort and time. The beam is best done purposely disheveled at the crown. This style looks great on the bulk hair of medium length. But this does not mean that the rare hair will not be able to do this styling. In order for the bun to not look small and awkward, you only need to brush your hair a little.

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