Hair Dyeing Trends in Autumn

For girls who want to change something in their lives, psychologists recommend making a new haircut or dye their hair a different color. In this case, you need to focus on the length of the hair, the shape and type of person, and the time of year. For autumn, stylists are advised to choose a warm range of shades. It is also worth considering that in 2018 it will be important to mix shades and use non-standard coloring techniques.


In 2018, this coloring technique can be considered the most popular. Its peculiarity was a kind of stretching of several colors as closely as possible, all along the length of the hair. This technique is the most delicate and natural. Thanks to this method of coloring, you can visually make the hair more voluminous.

The technique involves the chaotic staining of individual strands. In this case, the roots remain natural. Ideal balayanzh looks on multi-layered haircuts, such as a cascade or texture bean.


Due to the mass of advantages, this technique is already popular for the first season in a row. Outwardly, such staining looks very natural. The features of the rod include the effect of sun-bleached hair. To do this, the strands can be painted, both along the entire length, and only their tips in slightly similar in tonality of colors.

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