Hair Dressing

A wide variety of original accessories allows you to embody the most unusual and extraordinary ideas. The headband for hair can not only beautify the appearance, but also provide comfort. Warm extras do not rarely replace hats, without hiding the stylish styling. And in any case, it is worth knowing how fashionable to wear accessories for hair dressings:

  1. Over the loose styling . The easiest way to decorate the head is to put the attribute on the free style. In this case, any add-on model will do.
  2. Under the curls . It looks very carefully massive product, bred on the forehead under the free styling. In this case, it would be appropriate to overlay the decor – flowers, bows and more.
  3. With a hairstyle . Most stylish hairstyles can be supplemented with an interesting attribute. The most popular are high neat styling and braids.

Hair bandage

One of the most interesting and original models, which is universal both for evening bows and everyday looks, is considered an interesting hoop. Designers offer attributes with a rubber band connecting the ends or simple semi-circles. In a fashion wide and concise forms. This bandage for short hair will be the perfect solution for a variety of haircuts.

headband hair band

Hair bandage

short hair bandage

Sports dressing for hair

Relevant attribute becomes for women of fashion during workouts. Such products are made of elastic materials that absorb moisture well. A hair bandage for a wide sport is considered more functional. In the cold season, models from mahra and thick fleece become an alternative . This solution is great for jogging outside in the cold, warming your forehead and ears.

sports bandage for hair

Sports dressing for hair

hair bandage for sports

Jasmine hair dressing

If you are looking for an interesting and original product with a simple and uncomplicated design, then the best choice would be an attribute called jasmine. This style has an average width. The main feature here is the twisted middle, which is located on the forehead. But to emphasize the originality and individuality of the style, the harness can be put on the side. Such products are made of yarn and knitwear . They are decorated with a bow, knitted oblique flower. Replace the jasmine can dressing for hair with wire, where twisted ends remain above the forehead.

jasmine hair bandage

Jasmine hair dressing

hairband with wire

Hair bandage

The most feminine and romantic styles are presented in a floral theme. Such an option is represented by a smooth ribbon with a laid decor, a knitted product with a bright jacquard, a knitted elastic band with embroidery. This is the perfect solution for wedding dresses, evening wear and everyday romantic combinations. In the latest collections, trends with a three-dimensional décor along the entire length and a single flower version have become trends. In modern fashion, such design ideas are considered the most popular:

  1. Flowers kanzashi on the bandage for the hair . Floral abstractions made from satin ribbons look very beautiful and unusual. Technique in the Japanese style provides contrasting colors and concise color transitions, volumetric single elements and a series of small buds.
  2. Knitted bandage with flowers for hair . A popular attribute from the hand-made series is the additions to the head made of yarn. Such products are often complemented by a floral motif. The most fashionable are large multi-layered crocheted flowers.
  3. Hair bandage with flowers of rhinestones and stones . A model for the head with a beautiful floral abstraction of glittering decor has become a real attribute in the evening style. Rhinestones and stones are often combined with wrought iron products from precious metals and jewelry.

Bandage scrunchy

The simplest and most convenient choice for everyday bows are the usual wide and narrow elastic elastic bands. Knitwear will be a budget solution that can be found in any women’s jewelry store. Often the usual gum is sheathed with various beautiful fabrics – velvet, satin, silk and others. An alternative solution in the cold season is a knitted hair bandage. For the elastic effect of the wizard perform its English elastic band, complementing knitted ornaments. This accessory can replace a hat during the demi-season period.

headband hair tie

Bandage scrunchy

knitted hair bandage

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