Hair coloring and different choices

If a girl wants to change her life, she starts with a hairstyle. This phrase has always been relevant for every girl. Moreover, many people point out that hair color strongly influences self-perception and perception of the world. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of a change, then the beginning of 2018, the ideal for this purpose.

Each year, stylists distinguish certain shades of hair, as well as dyeing techniques that will be popular. What coloring will be relevant in 2018 year? What are the new stylists? We offer to understand this right now.

Actual colors and shades of hair 2018

If earlier monochromatic coloring and desire for naturalness were welcomed, now the trends have changed. In 2018, all stylists urge modern fashionistas not to be afraid to experiment with hair color.

Of course, the owners of a light shade are more fortunate, since you can implement almost any idea. But this does not mean that brunettes should not choose something interesting. After all, the main thing is to find an experienced master colorist who will select the ideal option for you.

Strawberry Blonde

The soft strawberry color on the hair is one of the most important 2018 trends of the year. Due to the fact that you can choose both more or less saturated color, each girl will easily select the appropriate option. After all, a real strawberry blond is very multifaceted and can contain not only pink tones, but also golden, honey or even wheat. Therefore, as a result, the coloring looks very gentle, elegant and at the same time romantic.

In addition, this shade will help to refresh the face a little and give a touch of playfulness to the image. The undeniable advantage of this color is the lack of yellowness, which is not like all blondes.

Ash Blond & Platinum

Last year, these shades were particularly relevant and popular. However, now stylists offer something more interesting. Mix these shades with each other using various coloring techniques. For example, balayazh, highlighting or ombre. Due to this, you can easily achieve interesting transitions, glare on the hair. This decision looks very original.

In order for the shade to be the most suitable for the type of appearance, we recommend you think through all the nuances in advance. For example, owners of pale skin and bright eyes, it is better to add more platinum tint or choose it as the main one.

Bright strands

Of course, beautiful, natural shades of hair look noble, feminine. But if you are dreaming of bold experiments, bright strands or tips, then in 2018, be sure to try it. Feel free to dye your hair in bright pink, lilac, blue and other shades. After all, such extraordinary decisions are the main trend of this year!

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