Greek wedding dress – the most beautiful short and long models

Choosing clothes for the wedding – a time-consuming task. On the day of their wedding, each woman of the fair sex tries to look perfect to impress others and win the heart of her newly-made husband. Often, girls who are preparing to become a wife, give their preference to the Greek wedding dress, which looks simply luxurious.

Dress in the Greek style for a wedding

To date, the stores of clothes for men and women are many different options for the solemn event. Among them, each representative of the fair sex will surely find one that will appeal to her more than others. Often beauties choose a fashionable wedding dress in the Greek style, which very well sits on any figure and makes the future spouse incredibly beautiful and seductive.

Long Greek Wedding Dresses

Fashionable wedding dresses in the Greek style

Greek style short wedding dress

Classic Greek wedding dress reaches the floor or ankle. Nevertheless, modern designers are constantly experimenting, offering fashionable women more and more interesting models. Recently, it is increasingly possible to find shortened versions that are somewhat different from the traditional Empire style , but at the same time have features similar to it. So, a short Greek wedding dress has the following features:
It is made of lightly flowing fabric, such as silk or chiffon. In most cases, it is going to folds, going from the upper part of the garment – the bodice or shoulders;
the skirt in the classic ampire falls freely and shows the silhouette of the girl when walking;
decorated with brooches – buckles, narrowing a cloth of cloth on the shoulders. In some cases, they are replaced by brooches or large stitches;
The waistline of a Greek wedding dress with a shortened hem may be located under the bust, fit the entire distance from the bust to the waist or have a slight allowance;
the upper part can have a variety of variations – a straight bodice, one vertical strap or two, forming a V-shaped neckline.

Greek style short wedding dress

Greek style wedding dress with sleeves

Most of these wardrobe items have no sleeves, however, some manufacturers offer interesting options, complemented by short-sleeved petals or flashlights. As a rule, they are made of transparent or translucent matter. Even less often in the collections of eminent designers one can find a Greek wedding dress with bat style sleeves, made up to ¾ length or reaching to the wrist.

This decoration is suitable for the fair sex with various features of the figure. It sits particularly well on miniature beauties, since it visually lengthens their growth and emphasizes the magnificence of the silhouette, as well as the slimness and grace of the line of hands. In addition, this option is not too strongly focuses the attention of others on the chest of a young wife, so it can be worn even to those ladies who are embarrassed about the size of their bust.

Beautiful long greek wedding dresses

Greek Wedding Dresses

Luxurious Greek Wedding Dresses

Many young ladies from their youth dream of getting married in a magnificent dress. In such a dress, the hero of the occasion feels like a queen, and everyone around admires her unearthly beauty and grace. The upper part of these options may be different, including the Empire. Greek wedding dress with a full skirt looks great on women of fashion with any type of figure, so they often become the subject of choice for young wives.

As a rule, they wear a petticoat on the rings, which creates a feeling of pomp and airiness. The width of the hem may be different, in some cases it can be slightly adjusted or significantly changed even in the process of wearing. Features of this style allow future spouses to hide imperfect hips and buttocks and, moreover, to visually make the silhouette more elongated and slim.

Beautiful wedding dresses in the Greek style

White wedding dresses in the Greek style

Wedding Greek dress with a train

The train often becomes the main element of clothing for the wedding. Such models look simply luxurious and incredibly solemn, however, they are not suitable for stunted beauties. Long Greek wedding dresses with a train in most cases have a relatively simple skirt, and their entire decor, such as ribbons or embroidery, is concentrated in the upper part of the decoration and directly on the train. The volume of the skirt in this case is achieved by using several layers of airy materials.

Greek Wedding Dresses with Train

Greek Wedding Dress with Veil

As a general rule, a Greek wedding dress is worn without a veil, because without this element it looks much more advantageous. For this reason, many of the fair sex complement this outfit with collected hairstyles, loose curls or an original rim, located in the middle of the forehead. It looks good and a small hat, corresponding to the chosen fashionable direction.

Meanwhile, some ladies, especially those who marry for the first time, do not want to give up the veil and are puzzled how to choose it correctly. Beautiful wedding dresses in the Greek style are categorically not combined with a short veil and light veil. If the future wife wants her wedding dress to adorn the veil, she should focus on the medium or long version, not weighted by a large number of decorative elements.

Greek Wedding Dresses with Bridal Veil

Dresses in the Greek style for a wedding

Greek Wedding Dresses with Lace

For sewing elegant and sophisticated representatives of the fashionable Empire style, materials such as lightweight chiffon, noble crepe, satin silk and others are used. Lace for the manufacture of such decorations as a general rule does not apply. Meanwhile, this material is often used for the decoration of the apparel and accessories. Beautiful Greek wedding dresses usually have lace inserts in the area of ​​the bodice and straps, but the bottom is decorated in such a way extremely rarely.

Trendy Greek Lace Wedding Dresses

Greek style lace wedding dress

Although the traditional clothing of Greek women does not imply the use of lace as the main or additional material, modern manufacturers often refer to it when making wedding decorations. Not every young lady will decide to wear such a Greek dress for a wedding, since it can reveal bare parts of the body. Meanwhile, due to its free cut, it seductively flows along the ladies’ silhouette, but does not make the image of the beauty vulgar.

Beautiful Greek Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses in the Greek style for pregnant women

Future wives, who by the time of their marriage are already in an “interesting” position, more often than others choose the Greek wedding dress for the celebration. It looks elegant and elegant, and while wearing it does not cause any discomfort in the pregnant girl. Due to the high detachable waist, the Greek wedding dress for pregnant women carefully lays down on the tummy and does not squeeze it, which is very important for the health of the future mother and baby.

Wedding dresses in the Greek style for pregnant women

Stylish wedding dress in the Greek style

Greek wedding dresses for the full

Do not bypass the national dress of the Greek women and the bride with the size of plus-size. This simple and cut-free style helps them emphasize the natural advantages and hide the existing figure flaws. Wedding dresses in Greek style for the full are deservedly popular with lush fashionistas due to the following features:
Usually such robes have a V-shaped neckline, which visually lengthens the female neck and emphasizes the beauty of the magnificent bust;
the silhouette in the form of the letter A allows the plump fashionistas to divert the attention of others from large hips and hide the lack of a waist;
Greek wedding dress always makes the image of a beautiful lady light and weightless.

Greek wedding dress

Original wedding dresses in the Greek style for full

The colors of the Greek wedding dress

Naturally, the most popular are white wedding dresses in the Greek style, which give the image of the hero of the occasion a unique femininity and charm. Meanwhile, similar wedding dresses can have other colors and shades. Greek women clothes attract beautiful women with their versatility – it looks great in pastel colors and bright colors, so young brides may not limit the flight of their imagination.

In most cases, beauties who marry, stop their choice on light and flowing decorations of white, pearl, beige or pale pink colors. Popular and incredibly pleasant shade of ayvori . If the young bride wants to impress others and create a bright image, she can give her preference for the magnificent version from the Empire style of bright red, emerald blue or rich yellow.

The colors of the Greek wedding dress

Colored Long Greek Wedding Dresses

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