Elegant Greek style dresses

Elegant Greek style dresses

Features of dresses in the Greek style

Dresses in the Greek style have a pronounced elongated silhouette, high waist, comfortable shoulder straps on one shoulder or the classic version. The skirt of the dress is usually long and falling. It can be smooth or pleated, but in any case, the dress will look great on any female figure.

Dresses with sleeves

A very vintage selection of dresses with hands in the Greek style will help to hide the fullness of the hands, if, of course, there is one. The sleeves themselves can be narrow, wider or in the form of arches with harnesses.

One shoulder dresses

The perfect dress for a romantic date, holiday or prom. One-shoulder dresses are inexplicably delightful and attractive. The strap itself may contain large decors, rhinestones, flowers or brooches. This will help focus on the top of your figure, so take care of beautiful earrings, hair and makeup.

Strapless dresses

Such dresses are suitable for women with small breasts. They beautifully emphasize the chest and help focus on the waist. For strapless dresses, it is better to choose high hairstyles that bare your neck, as well as large jewelry.

Long Dresses

In particular, all dresses in the Greek style are long. But there are models that have a longer hem and most often it stretches across the floor. Naturally, such models are not intended for everyday walks. They are well suited for weddings, graduations, a gala event or a social ball.

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Short dresses

For the summer period, short dresses in the Greek style are perfect. Basically, models go just below the knee, revealing an excellent view of your legs. At the moment, there are a large number of various dresses in the Greek style of short length, which are equipped with additional decors or a seductive neckline.

Wedding Dresses

One of the most popular types of wedding dresses are considered dresses in the Greek style. Greek wedding dresses help create a light, elegant look that will definitely emphasize all the advantages of your figure.

For a full figure

Greek-style dresses are perfect for overweight women. They emphasize the chest well, and emphasizing the waist makes it visually narrower. If you are a tall woman, you can choose different lengths of dresses in the Greek style, and if your height is below average, you should pay attention only to elongated options.

For pregnant

It is the dresses in the Greek style that are chosen by many pregnant brides, since it well hides the rounded tummy. Even if you do not get married, then you can easily pick up light dresses that perfectly accentuate your figure in such an interesting position.

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