Greek hairstyles with bandage

It is desirable that the bandage be made of natural fabric – then it will not slide off the head, but it should not press either! Therefore, pay particular attention to the size of the dressing. In any case, it can always be fixed with invisibles. Depending on the color of the bandage and the number of decorations on it, you can create several images at once. It is enough to have two dressings, one in pastel colors and one decorated with rhinestones or beads, for example. The main thing is that the bandage should harmoniously look with your outfit.


So, there are several options for a Greek hairstyle with a bandage. Let’s start with the classic version. To begin with, the hair needs to be combed thoroughly, apply any styling agent to them and put on a bandage over the hair. Next, starting in the temple area, separate one strand of hair and let it pass under the bandage, not forgetting to fix it with invisibles. The remaining flowing hair is also twisted around the bandage. The longer the hair, the more magnificent is the bun at the back of the head.

The next option is very similar in execution to the previous one: at the beginning, you need to comb the hair and treat it with styling. After you put on the bandage again over the hair, you need to collect the strands in a low tail and twist into a tourniquet. Then we raise the tourniquet to the bandage, put it in a beautiful neat bundle and fix it with invisible and hair spray.

Based on these hairstyle options, you can come up with new looks. For example, under the armband, it is enough to weave only the front strands near the temples, and leave the rest falling. By the way, this option is perfect for owners of short hair.

As you can see, making a Greek hairstyle with a bandage is quite easy, and at the same time you will look spectacular!

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