GRAY-BLUE (serenity) color in clothes – combination

gray-blue color in clothes

From the linguistic point of view, “serenity” (or gray-blue color) means and translates as serenity, transparency, which can, for example, give a high blue sky.

shades of gray blue

It is located next to such as blue, blue and lilac. And in order to choose it correctly (to determine which color is suitable for the gray-blue), it is desirable to be guided by its color type and the rules of combining “serenity” with the rest of the palette.

gray-blue color in clothes

What can give such a cold and deep tone and what mood gives appearance? Most likely, blue-lilac is unlikely to give you cheerfulness, energy or sexuality. But what he is able to give for sure is nobility, harmony and a feeling of comfort and balance.

The Pantone Color Institute provides many interesting interpretations and ways to combine such a curious color. It was he, in a well-chosen set, able to surprise and create a sense of well-being and luxury.

To whom does

who goes gray blue

If we divide the ratio of the variants of combinations of gray-blue color in clothes and the color type, then the following picture emerges:

  • Spring. Of all the color types, it is the spring coloring that is distinguished by its characteristic light features – hair, eyes, face tone. The time of year itself involves gentle colors, muffled and natural. That is why the most suitable color type for the gray-blue is spring. It can be mixed with any shade similar in heat, pastel and dim.
  • Winter. Dark hair and pale “cold” skin tone dictate by all means similar options, which will give such a color type even greater contrast. Absolutely exactly to ladies with black hair will be to the face of a dress and blouse of this cold lilac.

If the type of appearance is less contrasting – try to give preference to the brighter and more saturated color options.

combination of blue-gray clothing

  • Summer. Since the key to the success of this color is muffling, it is easy to guess that the use of the serenity color is appropriate. Moreover, the stylistic orientation of people with such appearance is romance, classic. A pantsuit or a summer flowing dress will be a great solution for a graceful exit. In general, all delicate and pastel gamma, including gray-lilac, are recommended for use.
  • Autumn. Lovely girls with warm and natural beauty, characterized by dark skin, “chocolate” hair, dark eyes. If you choose blue, blue or violet for this color type, then by all means – only among the warm, rich palette.

We combine and mix

gray-blue or serenity combination palette

The combination of gray-blue is rather unusual and requires minimal knowledge. Since the spectral components are gray and blue, these are the first contenders who easily fit in their performance to serenity. And if everything is clear with the total bow (we select one color in different variations), then we will deal with the rest further.

+ Lilac (purple)

sets with lilac clothes
how to wear with purple gray blue

The combination itself is very deep and harmonious. Depending on the proportion of incoming podton, it has a more intense or muted gamma. That is why, on this basis, the selection of clothes in the image itself is built. So, if more bright will фиолетовый, then it can be represented as a skirt or accessories, but on the contrary, it will look organic soft purple the base with the addition of bright color “serenity”.

+ Peach

the combination of gray-blue with peach

Another pastel shade that will perfectly fit into the outfit is peach echo (according to the Pantone Institute). Such a tandem will especially emphasize the romance of brunettes and brown-haired women.

+ Pink

Together with subtle pink (his lightened pattern) the outfit will turn out to be unusually feminine, tender, light and visually pleasing to the eyes. The combination is universal, thanks to low-key colors, and it can be used in kits for work, leisure, romantic date. Examples (on the photo):

  • a light pink dress looks great with blue-gray pumps or sandals and a raincoat;
  • gray-blue jeans plus a cream-pink jumper (t-shirt, shirt), white sneakers (sneakers, ballet flats, slip-ons, loafers) and the same backpack
  • gray jacket and shoes, white pants or jeans, pink and powdery top (blouse), blue bag.
with pink

The most expressive pair with serenety will be delicate rose quartz. Harmoniously correlated in temperature – it is easily combined and dissolved in lilac-blue. It will fit any color type and will perfectly complement the image, especially if you skillfully add the necessary accessory. In order to avoid infantilism in such a tandem, it does not hurt to choose a wardrobe with strict distinction, clear lines and geometrically regular shapes.

+ Beige (Brown)

Another simple and multifunctional variation for different cases – with beige eight brown. It is good both as an independent kit and as a base, which can be supplemented with other colors.

+ White

Combine the tone with white and plunge into the world of sea adventures and harmony, relaxation and summer heat. Light, airy, classic “union”, which emphasizes style, taste and refinement.

images with white
blue-gray pants, skirt and blouse

For example, a long gray-blue chiffon skirt, a white thin blouse and a red belt would be a great solution for an evening walk, a visit to the theater or meeting with friends.

+ Black

Another classic combination – with black. It dissolves easily and becomes almost imperceptible in tandem with a gentle and muted blue-gray. While serenity with the help of such contrast acquires a new colorful “sound”.

Try a mix of black shoes, pants and a gray-lilac blouse and feel free to use it for work and for a romantic evening.

what to wear with gray-blue
with black

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