Golden rules of a successful woman

Inessa, singer

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a situation where a person is not engaged in
his own business. Such people can be seen right away: they are annoyed by others, they are
often in a bad mood. And I, in principle, can understand them: if
you wake up every day with the realization that you have to do something
that does not inspire you, it is difficult to radiate positive. In general, what’s the point of
doing something you don’t like?

In my life I had many offers to work on corporate
work. But I understood that it was not mine! And although such proposals
were well paid, I always refused them, because I
knew that such a schedule and type of work did not suit me. I always wanted to
be realized in creativity. An artistic career gives you a certain
freedom of action: you don’t spend your time in the office from 9 to 6, but
you work 24 hours a day, because your work involves
constant involvement in the process. I like it. Creative work
makes me feel happy. It’s great when you can
do what you like. When you do what you like
you invest in it more than an unloved job.
Everyone benefits from this : but, first of all, you, taking pleasure in
self-realization and career take-off. It’s impossible not to grow a career if you
love what you do.

Sometimes people are afraid to lose their jobs, a stable income, try new things,
they are afraid to go beyond the usual. And yes, for the opportunity to do
what you like, sometimes you have to pay a certain price.
Because, wanting to fulfill your potential and find your favorite business, you risk
stability and constant earnings, especially when it comes to
creative professions. It is a very bold step to quit your job and start
looking for what you like. Not everyone agrees to it, many
prefer stability and unloved work to the search for the work of their whole
life. But in vain! The main
thing , in my opinion, is to strive for your goal, not to be afraid and, of course, to believe in yourself.

And a few more important rules. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can
do today. If you want to change your occupation, get a second
higher education, go to English courses, training – why
postpone it? Any dream, even if it seems crazy to someone, has the
right to fulfill. Just believe in yourself and your strength. My main secret to
success is to go forward and do my job well.

With love, Editorial

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