GOLDEN color in clothes – combination

Gorgeous golden hue is able to transform any image. Even in small quantities, it will not go unnoticed. But combining it with other colors is not so easy. How to competently make an image with gold in clothes, you will learn from this article.

The relevance of color leaves no doubt, because at various events, usually festive or festive, you can see girls and women in gold dresses or with elements of a given shade (skirt, shoes, handbag, jewelry). And this is not surprising, because it is this beautiful color that we associate with the holiday, the anticipation of joy and magic.

Today, metallic shades are more popular than ever. Many famous designers use them in their collections, creating incredible outfits in their beauty. Embroidery of gold threads, lace, sequins, rhinestones, metallized fabrics with the inclusion of other colors.

Images of the total look are interesting, especially with delicate golden hues.

To whom does

Although the color we have today is complicated, but plus it is that it will suit owners of any color type and age. Shades can be different and each of them has its own characteristics:

  • Dark gold – a noble and elegant shade, reminiscent of a bit of retro style;
  • Pink gold – a gentle metallic shade with a pink subtone is perfect for creating a romantic look;
  • Bright gold – the most saturated and bright of all, this shade can become the main focus in your outfit, so additional things should not compete with him in brightness;
  • Light gold – a gentle soft shade, which has a light golden undertone and is perfect for a light feminine look;
  • Colored gold – here you can combine shades that have a green, peach, red subton.
shades of gold in clothes

In terms of age, there are several recommendations:

  1. Dark-shades are more suitable for aged women, which they can use as a color of accessories or jewelry.
  2. On the young girls will look good delicate shades of shades of color.
  3. But for women with magnificent forms it is better to refuse light shades, because they can visually add volume.
  4. Owners of light-colored skin (if you also have bright eyes and hair) should not wear bright shades of golden color – this can make your appearance expressionless, and your face more pale.
  5. But girls and women with a contrasting type of appearance will not fit too light golden dresses, it is better to opt for brighter and more saturated shades.

Golden color in clothes – combination

Create a spectacular image? Easily paired with our festive touch! To do this, we need to determine the clothes of what color goes with gold. Of course, you can simply use the total look option and it will look great, but using additional colors will allow you to create truly unique and original images.

+ White

White has one unsurpassed quality – it adds freshness, lightness to any dress and makes it more elegant. This combination is most suitable for girls of tender age and young women. Adult and stately beauties will be able to discover for themselves a shade in other combinations.

golden and white color in clothes
combination of colors in clothes golden
combination of gold and white in clothes

+ Black

Black paired with golden look amazing. This combination can be called universal, because with its help you can create a huge number of images: from classic to street, casual and sports.

Another of the advantages of black color in this context is that it makes the figure visually slimmer exactly where you need it. On its background, our color becomes even more “golden”, acquiring a special elegant shine.

combination of gold and black in clothes
combination of gold and black in clothes

combination of gold color in clothes

+ Red

Incredibly spectacular and catchy combination of gold and red, just to attract attention to you. This option looks very festive, a little bold, but definitely bright and emotional.

Do not forget that this combination can visually add to you a couple of kilograms, so be careful when drawing up this way.

combination of gold and red in clothes
red with gold combination in clothes
combination of red and gold in clothes
color combination with gold color in clothes

+ Burgundy

A truly royal couple looks noble, elegant and mysterious. It will suit everyone, but especially well the combination of colors will look on women in age.

burgundy and gold color in clothes
burgundy with gold in clothes
golden and burgundy color in clothes
golden color in clothes photo

+ Purple

No less luxurious and exquisite images can be paired with purple. For example, accessories of a golden shade (handbag, shoes, jewelry) are well suited to a purple dress.

golden with purple in clothes

+ Blue (Blue)

Blue has many shades and the overall look of the combination will depend on which one you choose for it. For example, paired with a tinge of blue, the electric gold will make a bright and dynamic pair, while paired with a dark blue – a discreet, elegant composition.

combination of gold and blue in clothes
combination of gold and mint in clothes
blue and gold in clothes

The blue shade allows you to create gentle images in which the golden hue is softened and muffled. The resulting composition looks very harmonious and festive.

golden color in clothes
blue and gold color in clothes
color combination in clothes gold and blue

+ Green

Dark green, emerald green and other restrained and deep shades of green will help visually make your figure slimmer, and the golden color even more expressive and bright. This is the perfect composition for an evening gala dress.

combination of gold and green in clothes
green and gold color in clothes

In everyday images, you can use accessories and shoes metallic color.

a combination of gold and green in clothes

+ Beige (Brown)

Excellent variation for everyday wear. Light golden details decorate a beige outfit.

a combination of beige and gold in clothes
beige and gold color in clothes photo

When paired with brown, the gold color acquires a special softness, a calm, even tone.

combination of brown and gold in clothes
brown and gold color in clothes

With what to wear

Many women of fashion love clothes of gold color, after all it is one of the most smart and elegant options. Dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses, shoes and handbags – all this can be used in a variety of bows. It is only important to properly wear and combine such things with others.


A royal dress should be just a golden hue, only it looks so majestic and luxurious that it can decorate any beauty. By the way, many famous girls and women appeared in it on the famous Red Carpet.

what to wear a golden dress

Of course, a lot depends on the reason, mood and preferences when choosing a dress. Therefore, here you will find photos of the most common models:

  • Dress-case – perfectly emphasizes the figure. It can be decorated with sequins, embroidery or lace and will look especially good on young fashionable women.
what to wear a golden dress case
  • V-neck Dresses will beautifully emphasize the neckline and make the neck visually longer.
what to wear with a golden dress with a neckline

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