Geometric manicure with animals: stylish ideas, varieties of decor

Geometric manicure with animals: stylish ideas, varieties of decor

Stylish nail art with geometry is an unrivaled idea for nail design. Geometric shapes are very diverse, so you can tirelessly experiment with images. Nail art with thin and thick lines, squares, rhombuses and other elements of geometry have already seriously consolidated their positions on the fashionable Olympus of this industry. The most common pattern of geometric shapes are animals. Such images look very stylish and unusual, and most importantly – manicure is completely different from other design options.

To perform geometric animals, it is necessary to carefully select the colors of the varnish and the location of the patterns on them. A similar design will look unsurpassed on nails of various lengths and shapes, but masters distinguish most of all sharp and almond-shaped nails. Next, we will consider all the most trendy ideas of geometric animal nail art.

Nude-based geometric animal manicure

A delicate nude base is very popular among the nail art industry. So the manicure looks very noble and strict. Most often, animals in the style of geometry are applied on the nameless marigold, sometimes there are designs with the image on the thumb. The pattern itself is painted in dark color on a delicate nude basis. You can safely combine several shades from this palette in one manicure.

To complete the picture, you should also use glitter or sparkles. Despite the brilliance, the design looks very restrained and calm.

Geometry with animals in dark tone.

Dark designs with animals in the style of geometry must be performed so that the pattern is clearly visible and clearly separated from the main tone of the nails. To do this, it is best to paint one of the nails in a light tone and make a pattern on it. This is a wonderful accent that will attract incredible attention. When performing manicure with animals, the following colors are most often used: brown, black, gray, cream, mustard.

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Geometry with animals in matte finish

Definitely, on a velvety matte surface, various patterns look much more noticeable and interesting. A manicure with geometric animals is applied on a matte basis in light colors, the pattern can also be done with glitter or strips of foil. For a stylish matte manicure, it is best to use dark tones.

As an additional decor, you can safely use gold glitter or special decorative sugar. So the manicure will look more luxurious and elegant.

Ways to perform unsurpassed manicure with geometric animals

Once you have sorted out the color, you should start applying the image itself. Wizards note several ways to create a fashionable decor:

  • Stencil is a very convenient and practical way to apply an interesting and accurate drawing. Its implementation does not have to spend a lot of time, and the effect is forced to admire.
  • Sliders – this technique will help to perform an incredibly complex pattern on the nails, even if the master does not have artistic skills. Just select a slider with a suitable geometric pattern and a delightful manicure is provided.
  • Hand-painted is the most luxurious and at the same time complex embodiment of geometric animals. It is very important that all lines are uniform, thin and perfectly straight. To do this, you need to have a set of professional brushes and a lot of skills in performing geometric patterns.

Nail art geometry with animals with sparkle addition

A harmonious manicure with a pattern of geometric animals looks incredibly attractive, but sometimes this is not enough and the girls prefer to choose additional decor in the form of bright sparkles. Such nail art can successfully fit into any festive celebration, as well as complement business and everyday onions.

Sequins can completely adorn one of the nails, which serves as an additional accent. The addition in the form of shiny stripes on a finger with a geometric pattern looks very elegant. Sometimes the image of the animal itself is filled with sparkles of the selected color.

Geometric animals with acrylic powder.

As you know, acrylic powder is popular for winter decors. Acrylic powder is used to highlight the geometric pattern. To perform a manicure, it is necessary to apply the drawing of the selected animal to the main color and sprinkle acrylic powder on top. The result is an incredible and stunning manicure.

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Popular animals for geometric manicure

A manicure with geometry looks very neat and catchy, so it is very important to choose a very clear and high-quality picture for nail art. Most often, in this manicure, drawings of the following animals are performed: cat, leopard, tiger, wolf, deer, panda and flamingo.

The geometric pattern with animals on a matte surface looks incredibly attractive, while the pattern should be done in black lacquer on a light basis. Very often there are designs with a geometric pattern of a dog, chanterelle, rabbit or giraffe. It is possible that a combination of several animals at once in one nail art.

A popular manicure with geometric animals is a real trend in the field of nail art industry. Its popularity is growing more and more every season. This design of manicure looks luxurious in combination with a business and casual outfit. It can be combined even with New Year’s and any other solemn way.

If necessary, you can supplement the manicure with one of the types of decor. Such nail art will surely attract a lot of attention of others and give its owner an incredible appearance.

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