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A long time ago, our ancestors believed that each product has its time of year. People who monitored their health and ability to work tried to adhere to this rule. Modern experts fully support this fact. Throughout the summer, our body absorbs a lot of different vitamins and solar heat, so in September you should prefer “cold food”
here is a large list of products recommended for use in September. They will help rebuild, prepare the body for the winter cold and strengthen the immune system. If you stick to the correct autumn food, then in the winter you will feel good and not be afraid of the hated cold.
One of the main nutrients in September is meat. Also in the fall, nutritionists recommend eating foods that are rich in calcium . This is mainly dairy products. It is recommended to eat fresh cottage cheese a couple of times a week .
It is necessary to exclude from the diet “hot” food until mid-October. This way you can save yourself from autumn depression and depression. Also, you can protect yourself and your family from numerous colds. The organism will enter a certain tone and without problems will be able to transfer the coming winter. Consider a few autumn foods.


OatmealOatmeal is the main source of complex carbohydrates and fiber . The chemical composition consists of the most necessary components that are necessary for our body, namely: magnesium , potassium , chromium , phosphorus , manganese , iron , fluorine , zinc , iodine and cobalt . Oatmeal contains vitamins B1 , B2 , B6 , E , A , KProteins and fiber, which are part of oatmeal, helps to improve all metabolic processes in the body.
In one plate of oatmeal there is a daily rate of soluble fiber. If oatmeal is replaced with oat flakes, then one glass can provide the body’s daily need for fiber.
Oatmeal is rich in phosphorus and calcium, namely these components contribute to the normal formation and development of bone tissue, and iron prevents the development of anemia.
Oats , in its own way acts as an antioxidant .
The beauty of the stomach is the normal functioning of the stomach. This product not only normalizes the functioning of the intestines and normalizes metabolism, it also protects the stomach with a special film, which facilitates the digestion process. Also plays the role of intestinal wall cleaner. Oatmeal expels waste from the intestines.
Nutritionists recommend eating oatmeal in the morning.


FigsFigs are one of the most vitamin and mineral products. Its composition is simply filled with various beneficial microelements .
Fresh figs contain fiber, fructose , glucose , beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B5 , C , H, and PP . The minerals that make up figs include calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium . The product is also rich in organic acids and tannins. In terms of potassium, figs can only yield to nuts.
Due to the high concentration of minerals, figs can normalize the work of the heart muscles and the structure of the blood. Often, doctors recommend eating figs to patients with renal and hepatic pathologies, as it has a diuretic effect. It is very important to regularly use this product to patients who suffer from vascular diseases. It promotes the expansion of blood vessels. Figs lead to normal functionality of the gastrointestinal tract, as it has a mild laxative effect.
Low-calorie product. Per 100 g of fresh figs accounted for only 47 kcal. This allows you to eat it for people who are watching their weight and dieting.
The main difference from other fruits is the high potassium content. In this way, it strengthens the heart muscles. It is also recommended for people with persistent blood pressure.
Use in the autumn will help to significantly strengthen your immune system. In the fall, the body suffers a serious iron deficiency, so regular use of it can save you from anemia.
It is necessary to eat it in the autumn, since a high level of vitamin C helps to prevent colds, which are very common during this period.
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PearPear belongs to low-calorie fruit, per 100 products 42 kcal.
The pear consists of many beneficial trace elements, namely arbutin, pectin , beta-carotene and folic acid . Of the vitamins, it is worth noting vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, E, PP, H and C. Pear also is rich in a large number of minerals: potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper , selenium and manganese.
Thanks to its constituent fiber, the motility of the intestinal walls is normalized. It is worth noting that if the pear is firm and astringent, then you will most likely come across constipation. This sort of pear has a fixing effect. Therefore, if you suffer from regular constipation, you should refrain from this fruit, or use with caution, based on common sense.
Thanks to pears, cholesterol plaques and arterial diseases can be prevented. Pear itself is diuretic, so its composition is involved in the structure of the blood and removes unnecessary waste and toxins from the body.
This product has antimicrobial and bactericidal properties. Often, doctors recommend eating pears to patients who have various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Also pear is able to restore the impaired microflora.
It is very useful to eat a pear in the autumn, as scientists have proven that this fruit acts as an antidepressant and helps protect the body from bacteria and viruses. In contrast to apples , fructose, not glucose, gives pear a sweetness. Therefore, it can be used by people with pancreatic problems.
Remember that you need to eat a pear with care, so as not to harm the non-vitaminized organism.
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Sea fish

A fishSea fish is a fatty food, but nutritionists urge you to pamper yourself at least once a week.
There is a lot of sea fish, but salmon , trout and mackerel are available to us In the fat of these fish there is a polyunsaturated acid , which synthesizes cell membranes, steroid hormones in the human body. Polyunsaturated acid is also involved in the fat burning process.
Scientists have proven that consuming fish significantly improves the protective barrier of our immune system. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, and can even play the role of prevention against certain oncological processes, such as breast cancer.
Fillet of sea fish rich in easily digestible protein , trace elements, vitamins. But the most important thing is that fat contains polyunsaturated fatty acids: Omega-3 and Omega-6 . These acids are easily absorbed by our body.
River fish is not so much useful, as it contains less protein and fat , it also completely lacks bromine and iodine, which certainly forms part of the sea and ocean fish.
Thanks to marine fish, our body receives the necessary phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, copper, fluorine, zinc, iron and molybdenum. Fillet of sea fish includes a variety of vitamin complex. Therefore, sea fish is considered an indispensable product in the autumn diet.

Bulgarian pepper

Bulgarian pepperBulgarian pepper refers to vegetables that have a rich taste and a rich vitamin composition. The complex of useful components helps a person to maintain their health. In addition, paprika acts as a prophylactic against various diseases.
This vegetable is low-calorie, the amount is only 25 kcal per 100 g.
Regular use of the product significantly strengthens the immune system and does not allow colds to attack your body.
After conducting many scientific and laboratory experiments, scientists concluded that Bulgarian pepper is able to reduce the risk of developing oncological processes.
It has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. The unique composition of bell pepper contributes to the dilution of blood and strengthen the vascular and arterial walls. Also great effect on the work of the digestive system. Increases appetite.
Doctors recommend that people regularly use pepper to elderly people and those who constantly work mentally and at the computer, as it has an excellent effect on memory, eyesight and the nervous system.
The most interesting thing is that on the basis of Bulgarian pepper they make various face masks. They give the skin freshness, fill it with vitamins and preserve youth.
Paprika burns a large number of calories, as it helps to normalize the exchange process. This allows you to lose weight. Bulgarian pepper is able to eliminate indigestion.
Doctors recommend adding the product to your diet daily in the fall, as high vitamin C content helps prevent the development of colds. The amount of this vitamin is much greater than that of currants and lemon .


ChicoryChicory root is rich in a variety of ingredients. The chemical composition consists of inulin (the most important and valuable element), intibine, organic acids, tannins, proteins, carotene, vitamins, macronutrients and trace elements.
Often, nutritionists prescribe chicory for people who are overweight. It is proved that if you regularly take chicory, then in a month you can get rid of a few kilograms. Able to replace sugar and starch for people suffering from diabetes. If taken in moderation, it can be used by children and women during gestation.
In folk medicine, chicory is used in the form of infusions, compresses and lotions. Chicory root copes with anemia, cold, infections, cuts, wounds, insomnia, headaches, problems with the digestive system and various allergic reactions.
Chicory helps to normalize the metabolism, thereby removing unnecessary toxins from the body. Useful elements of chicory effectively clean the kidneys, as it has a diuretic effect. Regular use can improve the composition of the blood and the circulatory system.
After drinking tea, the appetite increases, the bowels work better and the muscles of the intestinal walls are normalized. The main ability of chicory – leads the body to tone. They can even replace coffee beans. Chicory drink cleans the vascular system.
Chicory is considered an indispensable product in the fall, as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect. Often it is prescribed as an antipyretic against colds.


CeleryCelery can be attributed to valuable products with amazing healing properties. The most important features of this product is the normalization of the digestive and nervous systems. It also has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels. If there are problems with the kidneys, there are inflammatory pathological processes in the connective tissues, then celery should be the basis of your diet.
Celery helps to significantly slow down the natural aging process. Unlike other products, it is characterized by a high content of various acids, vitamins, proteins and minerals. It is especially useful for the elderly, able to keep salt and water in a constant balance.
This plant is considered unique because it has a calming effect and copes with nervous diseases. It is worth noting that the root and stem of celery contains essential oil, which allows cells to secrete a secret and stimulate the production of gastric juice.
People with diabetes mellitus are recommended to eat celery in unlimited quantities. The roots and leaves of the plant include essential amino acids , trace elements and essential oils for a healthy body .
Celery is considered a unique plant, as all its parts have nutritional and beneficial properties. Contains a high level of vitamin C, which is necessary for the body during the cold season.

Savoy cabbage

Savoy cabbageFor an organism, a round cabbage with a loose structure and a corrugated structure is considered useful. It is worth noting the fact that Savoy cabbage does not lose its vitamins during heat treatment, that is, it can be cooked and fried. From it you can cook a lot of healthy dishes.
Savoy cabbage is on the list of vitamin products. It contains a huge amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene (vitamin A). In addition, it contains vitamins B3, B5, B6 and vitamin E. Savoy cabbage also has a rich mineral composition – potassium salt, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, sugar, protein, fiber, phytoncides and mustard oils.
In the study of this product, experts have determined that the composition of the Savoy cabbage includes a certain substance that, when ingested, prevents the development of cancer and suppresses the growth of cancer cells.
By itself, the product is very nutritious, as it contains a high level of protein. But at the same time, it has a low calorie content , only 28 kcal per 100 g.
Savoy cabbage has no restrictions for use. It can be eaten both to children, and to people of old age. The product has a diuretic, bactericidal and antioxidant effect. Promotes increased appetite and normalizes the digestive system. If you regularly use it, you can increase the protective barrier of the immune system. It also normalizes the work of the nervous system, improves laboratory blood counts and decreases blood pressure.
Often, doctors prescribe savoy cabbage to diabetics, as it attracts. But, the main feature of the product is that it blocks all changes in the DNA of the blood, which in turn prevents the development of oncological processes.


ViburnumThe composition of viburnum is filled with ascorbic acid, which can strengthen the immune system and resist the attack of viral and infectious diseases. The berries are rich in pectin and tannins, which significantly improves the functionality of the digestive system. Also, viburnum has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. If you regularly drink tea from viburnum or eat them fresh, you can easily cope with insomnia, stress and depression.
Very often viburnum is used for recipes of traditional medicine that are aimed at the treatment of renal and hepatic pathologies, gastrointestinal tract, tuberculosis, sclerosis, cough with suffocation and many other diseases.
Kalina quickly eliminates internal bleeding. It can be attributed to antispasmodic and sedatives.
It is recommended to use in the autumn, as it has excellent anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. Therefore, doctors always prescribe to drink viburnum teas for colds and infectious diseases.
Viburnum berries have a calming effect on the body, thereby reducing the risk of seizures. Therefore, it is often prescribed for nervous disorders.
You can use not only berries, but also flowers of viburnum. They easily cope with inflammatory processes and bleeding. If you drink tea from the leaves of viburnum, you can notice increased sweating and increased appetite.
If a person has a cold cough, hoarseness, fever, diarrhea, dropsy, then in these cases, Kalin’s broth is an indispensable tool.
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RowanThe composition of rowan berries is saturated with a huge amount of vitamins. Most of them contain vitamin C. Vitamins of B2, P , PP, K and E groups are also present . In addition to vitamins, rowan is rich in useful trace elements: provitamin A, glycosides, amino acids, tannic, pectin and bitter substances, organic acid, flavonoids. Also rich in iron, manganese, zinc, copper and iodine. The composition contains essential oils and volatile, which are able to heal and disinfect the air.
Rowan berry has a diuretic, diaphoretic, hemostatic, choleretic effect. In some countries, mountain ash is used as an additional tool in the treatment of renal stone formation, inflammation of connective tissues, dysentery and to eliminate symptoms.
Tannins, pectins and organic acids give the berry an astringent taste, which has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.
Rowan refers to products with a vitamin and tonic effect. It contains more provitamin A than carrot .
Rowan can be eaten by patients with diabetes mellitus, as it includes sorbitol. After rowan tea, the sugar level can rise to minimal values, and does not affect the state of health.
The unique composition of the berries allows you to apply it in various diseases. Doctors determined the fact that rowan can normalize blood pressure indicators.
Due to the high content of vitamin C, doctors recommend starting drinking rowan teas from the beginning of autumn. Thus you can protect the body from various colds or infectious diseases, and strengthen the immune system before winter.
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EggplantEggplant is a useful autumn product due to its chemical composition. It consists of fiber, pectin, protein, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Among the vitamins include B1, B2, B5, C and PP. Vitamin PP helps people get rid of nicotine addiction.
If you have the desire to lose weight, then eggplant should be the basis of your diet. The calorie content of the product is very low, per 100 g 27 kcal.
Eggplants are rich in fiber, the action of which is designed to remove waste and slag.
Of course, eggplant does not contain a large amount of vitamins, but this does not prevent it from removing body fat and removing toxins from the body. Thanks to pectin and many other valuable micronutrients, eggplants quickly rid the body of toxins and prevent cholesterol deposition .
Autumn is not a reason for sadness. Autumn fruits and vegetables will easily help to cope with autumn depression and fatigue. Try to dilute your diet with seasonal foods and then your body will receive the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, so you prepare for winter and you will not know what a cold. Proper nutrition is the key to a healthy body.

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