Food to eat in May

In the last spring month, we can finally please our body with greenery, delicious fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. In May, a decrease in immunity is observed, the number of viral diseases increases, therefore, the body needs to be supported with products.

At the end of May, fresh May flower honey appears on the markets , which is not only tasty, but also incredibly useful, as it fills the body with the right carbohydrates , tones up perfectly, is an alternative product of sweets, and also stimulates the immune system.
May holidays – this time for attacks, barbecues and trips. It is very difficult for the body to cope with such heavy products, therefore it is recommended to add milk to the diet (the most useful during this period of the year, milk should not be bought), nettle and sorrel , which favorably affect the digestive system, saturate the body with minerals and vitamins. From these products you can cook a variety of salads, snacks, soups.

New potatoes

PotatoesIn May, the season of new potatoes opens , which is a great side dish for meat and fish. New potatoes are incredibly tasty in combination with greens and butter . This root vegetable is delicious with incredible beneficial properties. Potatoes are saturated with essential amino acids , vitamins PP , C , group B , aluminum , magnesium , potassium , calcium , phosphorus , ascorbic and folic acids .
The root crop has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, on the cardiovascular system, on the liver and kidneys, and the product is simply indispensable for immunity.


AsparagusAsparagus beans is a direct onion relative, which does not have such a specific smell and taste. Asparagus beans are great with other vegetables, with cereals, with meat and fish. The product in its chemical composition contains beneficial carbohydrates, vitamins C, PP, A and group B, calcium, riboflavin , thiamine , phosphorus, calcium, alkaloids, potassium salts, carotene, lysine .
The product is used to prepare stews, soups, side dishes for meat and fish, appetizers, salads.
Asparagus is allowed even to the diet of children (from the age of one), since it perfectly supports the body in the May period, and asparagus becomes as nutritious as possible in May.

White cabbage

White cabbageFor all lovers of healthy food, cabbage salad is a long-awaited spring discovery. The vegetable is rich in vitamins C, P, E, K and group B. The product is an incredible source of cobalt , iodine , zinc , iron , copper , manganese , potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sulfur . The composition of the white cabbage is the mass of nutrients, as well as lysine, carotene and pectin . Vegetable not only supports the proper functioning of the intestines, it also contributes to weight loss due to the effects on metabolic processes and low calorie content .

The maximum nutritional value of the product is observed fresh, besides, the product can be added to vegetable and meat stews, borscht, salads, snacks, stuffing in pies and pies.

Green onions

Green onionsAnother May find is the shoots of shallots , leeks and onions . Green onions have a lot more nutrients and nutrients than bulbs themselves. It is precisely because of the usefulness of this product that it is recommended to add it to the daily May diet. As part of the green shoots are vitamins C, A, A, fluorine , sulfur, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, flavonoids and essential oils.
Using fresh product, the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is maintained, appetite is improved, metabolic processes are accelerated, immunity is improved, protective properties from viral and respiratory diseases are improved. In May, just the season begins for this product, therefore, it has the maximum amount of nutritional and beneficial properties.


LentilsLentils were added to our diet even by our old ancestors. This legume culture is an indispensable source ofplant-group protein , which is perfectly absorbed by the body and helps the digestion of other nutrients. Lentils contain vitamins C, PP, B, A, Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids , zinc, boron , iron, cobalt, molybdenum, phosphorus, copper, potassium, calcium, folic acid, and fiber . The product has a high calorie content and due to the high content of the right carbohydrates provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety.
This product is recommended for use in the presence of problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, in violation of metabolic processes, in the presence of diabetes. Lentils are in perfect harmony with vegetables, fish and meat. It can be added to hot salads, casseroles, etc.


TroutTrout belongs to the salmon family, therefore, fish is oily. Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats are very useful for the whole body. The chemical composition of many vitamins PP, D , E, B, A, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, selenium , riboflavin, lysine, nicotine, folic and pantothenic acids . With this fish, you can normalize the work of the digestive tract, immune system, cardiovascular system, reproductive and nervous systems.
Eating trout is recommended especially in May, as the body is in dire need of vitamin support and nutrient filling.
Trout can be used to make casseroles, vegetable side dishes, berry, wine, and creamy sauces can be served with it. It is important to know that in order to make the product as useful as possible, it cannot be fried, it is better to use roasting, cooking, steaming and cooking on the grill for cooking.
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CarpCrucian – although it is bony, but incredibly rich in minerals and vitamins, fish. Crucian has a huge arsenal of nutrients and quite a specific taste. As part of the fish are vitamins E, D, C, B, A, protein, molybdenum, nickel , chromium , copper, zinc, iodine, manganese. Adding this product to the May diet will support the strength of bones and teeth, will positively affect the condition of hair, skin and nails. The product is very useful for the immune system, for the digestive and cardiovascular systems. Also carp helps to cope with stress, removes spring depression, improves mood.
Cooking fish is recommended for roasting in combination with vegetables, lentils or other cereals. In the process of baking, most of the bones are steamed, saturating the product with potassium and calcium. Often, minced fish is cooked for fish chops and for toppings for pies.
Adding this fish to the diet will help to maintain the shape and even provoke the process of losing weight (with the right combination with other products).

Sour cream

Fermented milk productsSour cream is a versatile and very useful product, especially in spring (since the cows grazing season began on green grass, therefore, milk for making natural sour cream is enriched with a mass of useful and nutrients). As part of sour cream there is a high concentration of milk protein, amino acids and healthy fats , as well as vitamins PP, E, C, B, A, iron, calcium and phosphorus. Sour cream has a positive effect on the digestive tract, improves appetite. The product perfectly complements vegetable salads, is used to make sauces, marinades, to add to cream soups, desserts, casseroles, etc. In other words, sour cream is an ideal addition to appetizers, main dishes, hot dishes and desserts.


StrawberryThe season of amazing and incredibly delicious berries – strawberries – just in May. During this period, the berry is the most healthy, fragrant and tasty. Eighty percent of the berry consists of water . The composition of strawberries include potassium, iodine, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins K, PP, C, B, E, A, organic acids , fructose , glucose , sucrose .
Strawberry has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Berry is also a powerful plant aphrodisiac – it relaxes and stimulates receptors.
Eating strawberries has a positive effect on memory, relieves puffiness and lowers blood pressure.
It should be borne in mind that the product may cause allergies. Strawberries can be added to prepare desserts, sauces, marinades, salads, used in the form of an incredibly tasty snack.


CherryEarly cherry berries can please fans in May. Cherry berries enrich the body with vitamins C, E, B, carotene, pectin, glucose, fructose, magnesium, fluorine, copper, manganese, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron.
With the help of cherries you can cure anemia, help cope with lung diseases, with renal insufficiency, get out of depression, help restore the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Berry helps to remove toxins, cholesterol , toxins from the body , strengthens blood vessels, boosts immunity, improves the body’s defenses against viral diseases (very necessary especially in May).
Cherry can be added to desserts, consumed fresh, added to stewed fruit , cereals, fruit salads, and even vegetable salads (it will add a dish of savory flavor).
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MintFragrant grass has unsurpassed healing, regenerating and toning properties. The chemical composition of mint has a variety of useful enzymes , tannins, menthol, essential oils. May is a season of fresh, fragrant and healthy mint. Mint soothes, helps suppress inflammation, normalize blood pressure, dilate blood vessels, relieve pain symptoms of different etymologies. It is recommended to add this aromatic weed to the diet in the presence of gastrointestinal diseases, asthma. The product helps to cope with nausea, headaches, heartburn, ARVI. It is worth remembering that the use of a large amount of product can adversely affect the state of the whole organism.
Mint can be added to drinks, salads, marinades, sauces. Ideal in harmony with meat, fish dishes, desserts and snacks. It gives any dish freshness and piquancy.
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RadishThe garden radish is a known May root crop which surely needs to be added to the May menu. Radishes are recommended for use by doctors and world nutritionists. The root crop is very useful, as it nourishes the body with various vitamins (especially group B vitamins), minerals, macro- and microelements : fiber, phytoncides, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Regular addition of radish to the May diet allows you to adjust the work of the gastrointestinal tract, support the immune system, improve the cardiovascular system, improve appetite, and has a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails.
It is worth remembering that radishes need to be eaten fresh, in salads you need to add immediately after cutting. Or not to expose the root crop to cutting at all, since the product is prone to oxidation, therefore, vitamins and other useful and nutrients are lost.


May is rich in a variety of greens. On the shelves you can find spinach , cilantro, dill , parsley , lettuce. All of these herbs have an abundance of vitamins E and B, fiber, antioxidants. Thanks to the addition of greens to the diet, the immunity is strengthened, the condition of the skin, hair and nails is improved, the work of the whole organism is improved.
Greens perfectly complement vegetable salads, soups, main dishes, appetizers, casseroles.


GarlicIn May, young shoots of garlic appear , which have a pleasant aroma, delicate flavor, as well as a huge content of useful vitamins and other substances. Doctors and nutritionists recommend garlic to be actively added to the May diet, as it is a powerful natural herbal antibiotic containing over one hundred and fifty biologically active elements.
Garlic can be consumed fresh (added to salads), stewed, boiled, baked (added to appetizers, cereals, stews, soups).
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RadishThis May root crop has a great effect on the immune system, thanks to the use of radish, you can improve the protective properties of the body, since the product has essential oils, organic acids, vitamins and minerals. The most useful fresh root vegetable (added to vegetable and fruit salads), and also baked with cottage cheese and honey. Even the most fastidious child will be delighted with such a dessert.

Chicken meat

HenWhat is this diet, if it does not include meat. Chicken meat is a dietary product, and most importantly – an incredible source of proteins that are vital for the full functioning of the body. The structure of chicken includes: vitamins PP, E, C, A, B, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, glutamine. Adding chicken meat to the May diet will support the work of the nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Also, this product is often added to the diet of diabetics, people with overweight.
The product has antibacterial properties and perfectly supports the work of the immune system. It is important to cook the product using different techniques, except frying.


RhubarbRhubarb is a real May find. The number of dishes that can be prepared from it is very large: it is compote, pies, jam, jelly , jelly, kvass , juice. It can also serve as part of the side dish, where the main component is rice . Rhubarb is the starting material for the preparation of various medicines, both for folk and for official medicine. Chrysarobin, contained in rhubarb roots, is used to manufacture medicines for the treatment of psoriasis.
Rhubarb powder is used as an astringent and anti-inflammatory agent that improves the appetite and normalizes the digestive system. It is also used to treat catarrh of the stomach and intestines, dyspepsia, as well as to obtain a choleretic effect.
Adding rhubarb to the diet perfectly cleans the intestines, restores its flora. Rhubarb helps to soften stools, which helps with hemorrhoids and anal fissures. In folk medicine, this plant is used to treat anemia, tuberculosis, gallbladder disease, and digestive disorders. The effectiveness of this plant is maximum just in May.
The composition of this product an incredible amount of vitamins, minerals, macro – and micronutrients.


EggsIt is recommended to abandon the use of egg yolk , you can eat protein from the egg (the source of valuable easily digestible protein), and ideally quail eggs should be added to the diet (they appear in the market in abundance in May).

Young peas

Green peasYou can get vitamins A, B, C, K from green peas (the season of its use begins just in May). Besides them, green peas are very rich in dietary fiber, low-calorie product, almost fat free. Source of plant proteins, antioxidants that prevent aging of the skin and cells.
Peas are a low-calorie product, useful for maintaining healthy bones, helping to cope with anemia and fatigue.
It is a source of vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin B6, B1, riboflavin, niacin, etc. Green peas can be eaten fresh, added to salads, soups, used as a side dish for meat, mashed peas, etc.

Prohibited foods

But there are products from which it would be desirable to refuse in May.
Mineral sparkling water. This drink spasms the stomach, worsens the digestion process, can provoke stomach swelling, colitis, etc. In addition, carbonated water prevents the absorption of vitamins and minerals, reduces immunity. The body becomes more vulnerable to viral diseases, regardless of how your diet is fortified and balanced.
CoffeeCoffee . As part of this drink is caffeine , which irritates the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the active production of gastric juice, therefore, the absorption of useful substances will be impaired, plus gastritis and peptic ulcer will develop.
Sweet products. Not only baking is a 100% reason for the appearance of excess weight (which is clearly not necessary in the month before summer), it negatively affects the gastrointestinal tract, prevents the absorption of proteins and vitamins, disrupts the cardiovascular system, the body becomes more vulnerable to colds and viral diseases, as the sugar in the product simply destroys the immune system.
Citrus. Citrus fruits are on store shelves all year round, but from May to December these fruits are completely useless, as they contain the minimum amount of useful and nutrients. It is allowed to use candied fruit and citrus jam, prepared in winter.
Pork is a rather heavy and fat type of meat that can provoke heaviness in the stomach. And in May, it is recommended to unload the body and saturate it with minerals and vitamins as much as possible.
It is important to remember that the body always needs vitamins, minerals and other useful substances for its full functioning. There are vitamins that are quite difficult to obtain from products, for example, vitamin D, for this reason it is necessary to add vitamin complexes to the diet.
It is also important to remember that the May diet should be supplemented with cereals, nuts, and yes, to the maximum with greens, because May is the season of greens.


The spring period is a decline in immunity, outbreaks of viral diseases, during this period all chronic diseases are exacerbated, besides all overweight people are trying to lose weight by summer. It is for this reason that you need to help your body fully meet the summer and prepare for the consumption of new healthy products.
The diet should be planned for a week, preferably with a nutritionist or doctor, in order to bring maximum benefit to your body. Watch your diet and the diet of your children, because the children’s body is more picky about food and needs a greater percentage of micro and macro elements.
Be healthy with the correct and complete diet.

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