Food to eat in February

For many, winter is a period of depression. Every person tries to get rid of her in various ways. After the New Year holidays the body gets tired significantly. This contributes to heavy food and alcohol.
Also, the body throughout the winter has exhausted all its reserves. This is expressed by general fatigue, irritability and various diseases. In addition to all this, there is a shortage of vitamins and minerals that can be easily restored with the help of “seasonal” products.
February is one of the hardest months. It is during this period that the air is filled with all sorts of viruses, since the temperature is already approaching positive and dampness is rising.
It is very important during this period to fill the body with a weakened vitamin. For this you need to find the right products. Food in February should be high-calorie and in no case should not think about all sorts of diets and unloading. But, as practice shows, 70% of women are engaged in this, because they want to get in shape after the New Year holidays and in the spring they look 100% full.
In February, we must work on the protection and strength of our body, and not on the beauty of our body.
We will acquaint you with healthy products that must be eaten in February in order to fill all the needs of the body and prepare it for spring.


Citrus fruitCitrus is a high concentration of vitamin C . They not only fill the body with vitamin, but also improve the absorption of iron , which we get with various products. If you want to get a sufficient rate of vitamin C, then it is better to give preference to black currants and wild rose .
Citrus fruits are also rich in vitamins such as: vitamins of group B – B1 , B3 , B6 , B12 , vitamins PP, E , F. This product also includes beta-carotene acid, folic acid , phytoncides, pectins , antioxidants and many more substances.
It is better to choose citrus fruits with thick skin, it is this which contributes to the long storage of all vitamins. Before eating, you need to thoroughly wash, as citrus is transported for a long time, and so that it is not lost, it is treated with chemicals.
Scientists have shown that the concentration of vitamins in the white film and peel is higher than in the pulp itself.
Citrus fruits help strengthen the immune system, improve the digestive process, the functionality of the heart and blood vessels. Also, the mood rises and the body is filled with strength. Citrus fruits have a low calorie value , so they are excellent for people who watch their figure. Citrus juice improves metabolism and awakens appetite.
Also, they are rich in essential oils that do an excellent job with depressive and depressed conditions. Favorably affects the work of the nervous system. Copes with insomnia. Often, when the oil is used as a dermatological agent, from various lesions of the skin.
In February, preference is better to give red Turkish oranges, grapefruits and tangerines .

The nuts

The nutsWalnut is a very useful product, and this is an indisputable fact. But do not mindlessly use them in large quantities. It is very important to know the properties of each nut separately. In terms of nutrients, the product is considered diverse. It is surprising that if you eat them correctly, they can provoke a decrease in body weight, although it is referred to as fatty foods.
Nuts are rich in selenium , antioxidants, vitamin E, plant sterols (they help cleanse the body of harmful cholesterol ). Also, the composition is filled with potassium , calcium , iron , magnesium and zinc . Fatty acid – omega-3 makes them quite useful and is prescribed in the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies.
To eat nuts brought the body a lot of nutrients, you need to know in what form they need to eat.
It is better to eat nuts in a fried look as they become more tasty and long do not lose the useful properties. But, remember that a high level of beneficial trace elements can only be obtained from the “pure” product.
Nuts can not be attributed to the list of light foods, so consume them fresh and in limited quantities.
Nuts eliminate fatigue and invigorate the whole body. Very well affect the work of the brain, the functionality of the cardiovascular system.
You should not eat only one species, it is better to eat different every day, since each nut has its own individual feature.


GreeneryIt is very good that people often use herbs for cooking and decorating dishes. Today, its there are many species.
Greens are very useful for the human body. It contains a large amount of organic acids , macronutrients and trace elements, antidepressants. All these useful properties – the guarantee of health and beauty.
Doctors prefer parsley , dill , onion and lettuce .
The amount of healthy substances of greenery affects its freshness. After all, not a fresh and hung product hardly has any useful properties. Therefore, it is better to buy greens with roots. You can put it in water and it will stand for several days without losing its useful uniqueness.
At the end of winter, almost every person is faced with such a problem as vitamin deficiency. Regular consumption of greens can protect you from viral infections and exacerbations of comorbidities.
Much more vitamins can be obtained from greens than from fish, meat, fruits or vegetables.
This product is rich in exactly those vitamins that are necessary for our body during the cold season.
Doctors recommend at least 2 times a week to prepare dishes based on spinach .

Dried fruits

Dried fruitsDried fruits are dried fruits. But many are interested in the question: are they as useful as fresh ones? When fruits go through a drying process, they absolutely lose all moisture. Thus, all the nutrients and beneficial trace elements begin to concentrate. Because of this, dried fruits are considered a high-calorie product, and many women, watching their figure, completely abandon them. Remember that if dried fruits are consumed in moderation, then the body will receive a sufficient amount of nutrients, and this is much more important than calories.
Dried fruits contain high levels of fructose , which is easily absorbed by the body. But do not confuse fructose with sugar .
In February, our body weakens, and immunity loses its protective properties, therefore, during this period, dried fruit is an indispensable thing. Doctors have shown that if they are regularly eaten in winter, you can prevent colds.
The calorie content of the product depends on the fruit itself. The most calories are found in dried figs (275 kcal per 100 grams).
Dried fruits are a valuable source of various micronutrients. They are rich in calcium (improves the condition of nails and hair, the person acquires freshness), magnesium (normalizes blood pressure indicators), potassium (helps to improve cardiovascular functionality, removes all excess fluid from the body), iron and sodium (maintain hemoglobin levels in the blood , provide oxygen to all vital organs), pectin and fiber (bring the intestines and stomach to work).
This is the best option for the February sweets.


RootsRoot – a source of carbohydrates . Many of them consist of complex carbohydrates, which are given a key role in energy production. Complex carbohydrates are processed by the body for the longest, so the body is filled with energy throughout the day, which cannot be said about simple carbohydrates.
The use of this product is great for people who are watching their weight, because many of the low-calorie root vegetables (with the exception of potatoes , yam and yams ). It is from the root consists of most diets.
Carbohydrates are not the only plus root vegetables. They are rich in various vitamins and minerals, which leads them to the ranking of useful products.
The yam contains a high concentration of antioxidant, which allows you to normalize the heart. Eating potatoes and yams will provide your body with energy for the whole day.
The carrots contain beta-carotene , which has a positive effect on the retina of the eye. Often, doctors are asked to regularly use carrots for patients with eye problems. Also, beta-carotene will rid the body of free radicals that adversely affect it.
Root crops differ from other vegetables in that this part of the plant has a distinctive chemical composition, in which the stock of all necessary vitamins and minerals is concentrated.
With this product you can easily diversify the winter menu and fill the body with useful substances.

Green vegetables

Green vegetablesFor a long time, scientists have proven that green vegetables are very useful. And what is most interesting is that it is the color that influences the content of beneficial trace elements and nutrients.
Green vegetables contain chlorophyll, which is responsible for strengthening the human immune system. It also protects the body from the harmful effects of the free radical. Thus, a beneficial effect on red blood cells begins. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend adding salad or green onions to your daily diet.
Green vegetables are also called healthy vegetables. To get the maximum level of vitamins from them, it is recommended to eat them fresh. When a green vegetable is stored for a long time or undergoes heat treatment, it loses valuable nutrients.
The composition of green vegetables includes folic acid, which is a vitamin of group B. If a woman is preparing for pregnancy, then doctors recommend eating green vegetables every day.
The undoubted advantage of green vegetables is fiber. Its content in this product is quite high. This allows you to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
The most valuable green vegetables are – spinach, green beans, broccoli , green peas and cabbage. Due to the high level of fiber in this product, all harmful substances are excreted from the body. If you use them regularly, you can see that the intestines began to be emptied faster, and this is very important after the New Year holidays.
In addition, scientists have shown that fiber helps to normalize the process of metabolism. In this regard, it is better to give preference to green beans, because the fiber – a lot, and calories – a little.
Also, green vegetables do an excellent job with winter depression.

Orange vegetables and fruits

Orange fruits and vegetablesIn winter, orange fruits and vegetables are enough. Preference can be given to mandarins, oranges, persimmons , carrots, etc. Nutritionists recommend eating them in the morning.
Orange color is obtained due to the content of beta-carotene in the product. When it enters the body, it begins to interact with enzymes and saturate the body with vitamin A. Thanks to this vitamin, a full-fledged synthesis of proteins occurs in the bodyand the metabolic process is normalized. Also properly distributed body fat. Scientists have proven that regular use of such products slows aging. Vitamin A is the main element for eye health. If the body is deficient in vitamin A in winter, the immune system begins to lose its protective properties, and the risk of infection with various infections increases. Also an insufficient amount of vitamin A can cause serious disorders of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, deterioration of the skin.
Orange fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C and beta cryptoxanthin. It plays the role of an antioxidant that prevents free radicals from destroying the cells of the human body. It has anti-inflammatory effect and protects our body from viral diseases.


RosehipRosehip is an excellent medicine that contains a large amount of ascorbic acid, that is, vitamin C. Also included are sugar, vitamin P and K , and other organic substances.
As a rule, people often use dried berries, but this does not affect the level of nutrients. From the dried rosehip you can prepare a variety of infusions, juices, decoctions, tea and much more.
When drinking tea from dogrose, the body receives beneficial elements that are aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process. Also, the body is in good shape and strengthens the immune system. Doctors recommend using rose hips to eliminate sclerotic diseases, normalize metabolism, and normal heart and blood vessels. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system.
In winter, it is very useful to drink rosehip extracts, since a high level of carotene strengthens the protective properties of the immune system.
It is important to remember that before using rose hips you should consult with your doctor, since excessive use can harm your health. The doctor will assess your health condition and prescribe the acceptable dosage of this product.
To strengthen the immune system and get rid of the depressive state at the end of winter, it is enough to drink one cup of rosehip tea once every two days.


GingerToday, ginger is considered the most popular winter product. It is used not only in cooking, but also in medicine, cosmetology. This product has a unique effect.
In winter, it is added to tea. Thus, it enhances the protective properties of the body. Doctors recommend using it as a prophylactic agent for winter exacerbation of respiratory diseases. From it you can make not only tea, but also put in a water bath and breathe. Thus all the useful components enter the body through the respiratory system.
Ginger also helps to increase appetite and improves the processes of the digestive system. It is recommended to use the product to people with gastrointestinal disorders, including gastric and duodenal ulcers. Perfectly copes with bloating.
Very often in winter people suffer from increased body temperature. But, it is worth drinking a cup of ginger-lemon tea, and the temperature returns to normal. Helps relieve fatigue and nausea.
This product has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Therefore, doctors often prescribe it when the human body is infected with various pathogens and diseases of the bacterial nature of the abdominal cavity or throat.
In order not to feel tired and not be ill in the winter, drink tea every evening with the addition of ginger root.


BuckwheatSimilar cereal is used for cooking in almost every family, but no one even thought about its beneficial properties. Buckwheat is rich in many vitamins and useful trace elements. The composition of buckwheat includes: iron, iodine , copper , phosphorus . Vitamins of group E, B and PP. Also, buckwheat is rich in polyunsaturated fats , which normalize metabolism and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
Buckwheat protein contains the body’s essential amino acids. This fact makes the product more valuable. In the study of this product, scientists have found that buckwheat has almost the same composition as the meat.
Buckwheat is considered relatively high in calories, but it is also referred to as dietary products. If you eat it regularly, you can get rid of a few extra pounds. Such a paradox is due to the fact that, when ingested, the croup has a beneficial effect on metabolism.
It is very important to eat porridge made from buckwheat for breakfast. Thus, you can quickly wake up your body in the winter. It adds energy and long retains a feeling of fullness, as it contains high levels of fiber and slow carbohydrates. If you are worried that you can get better because of the calorie content of the product, you can eat buckwheat flakes. Such porridge can be cooked in the evening. Enough to fill the flakes with hot water or milk .


GarnetPomegranate is not only tasty, but also a very useful product. The composition contains calcium, iron, iodine, potassium and magnesium. Instead of pomegranate, you can drink pomegranate juice , which is 21% sugar and 10% malic and citric acid . Also included are vitamins of group B, C, A and PP.
In the people pomegranate has the name “medicine for 100 diseases.” Doctors often prescribe pomegranate juice to patients diagnosed with anemia. And with gastric pathologies, you can prepare a special broth based on the partitions of the product and its skin.
Pomegranate juice has tannic properties, so it is often prescribed as an anti-inflammatory agent for burns or injuries of varying severity.
Sweet pomegranate is used to treat renal pathologies, and sour with stone formation in the kidneys and gall bladder.
In the winter, half a cup of pomegranate juice can quench thirst during an attack of fever, while playing the role of a febrifuge.
The calorie content of pomegranate is 84 kcal per 100 g. Its composition is rich in carbohydrates, which makes it possible to attribute it to nutritious fruits. Pomegranate juice contains 65 kcal. If you use the product in moderation, you can avoid obesity.
Pomegranate is not only rich in vitamins and useful substances, it is even able to protect against cancer. Especially recommended to regularly take people who have undergone irradiation.
Three types of antioxidant polyphenols are simultaneously included in pomegranate, in addition to tannins, anthocyanins and ellagic acid. It is important that freshly squeezed pomegranate juice does not lose its beneficial properties. Therefore, in order to sutra and invigorate and vitaminize your body, you can drink a glass of pomegranate juice.


Remember that the provocative factor of most diseases is the internal state of your body. Therefore, it is worth paying more attention to this issue. Proper nutrition in the winter will help to saturate your body with plenty of vitamins and beneficial microelements. In turn, a healthy body can easily cope with winter depression, blues and acute respiratory diseases. Eat the right foods in February and be healthy!

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