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December is associated with many tangerines , snow, New Year, Christmas decorations, gifts, a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate . But, the organism in December becomes more vulnerable and there is a risk to spend all the holidays with a cold in bed. In order to feel full of energy, be healthy, beautiful, radiant, the body needs to be nourished with essential vitamins and minerals, macro- and microelements .
In December, it is recommended to give preference to seasonal products, you should not try to add greens bought in stores to your diet (except if these herbs are not grown on the windowsill themselves), red and attractive tomatoes , corn and other off-season vegetables and fruits.
Below are a number of products that are recommended to be added to the diet to ensure maximum body health, to stimulate the immune system and all other systems in the body.

Red bell peppers

Bell pepperEveryone knows that vitamin C is needed to boost the immune system, but did you know that red bell peppers contain twice as much vitamin C as citrus fruits? Consumption of five different servings of fruits and vegetables per day can provide more than 200 mg of vitamin C and, therefore, increase immunity. In December, it is especially necessary to monitor and support the immune system, as it becomes very cold and there is a big risk of getting sick.
Red bell pepper has a small amount of calories, but it is also very difficult to eat it at once, as the pepper is quite hot. The product is mainly used as a seasoning.
The red pepper tree can be grown even on the windowsill, it is unpretentious, and you will always have fresh fruit on hand (but most of the pepper begins to sing at the end of November).


FennelThe use of fennel , containing about 20% of vitamin C, regularly increases the body’s resistance to infectious diseases. Consumption allows the white blood cells, which destroy bacteria and viruses in the body, to work more intensively, which reduces the chances of catching a cold.
The health benefits of fennel include the treatment of anemia, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, colic, diarrhea, respiratory disorders, menstrual disorders. Fennel is widely used throughout the world in refreshing mouths, toothpastes, desserts, antacids and in various culinary recipes.
Some of the components of essential oils in fennel stimulate the secretion of the digestive system and gastric juice, while reducing inflammation in the stomach and intestines and promoting proper absorption of nutrients from food. In addition, it can eliminate constipation and thus protect the body from a wide range of intestinal problems that can be caused by blockage. It also has anti-acidic (major) properties and is widely used in antacid preparations.
In cooking, it is used as an ingredient for the preparation of appetizers, salads, or side dishes for meat or fish.
Fennel is a diuretic and this means that it increases the number and frequency of urination, thereby helping to remove toxic substances from the body and helping with rheumatism and edema.
Fennel also increases the production and secretion of milk in nursing mothers, and since this milk contains some of the properties of fennel, it is also an anti-festering agent for the baby. It strengthens the hair, prevents their loss, relaxes the body, sharpens the memory.
In December, fennel can be purchased on the market or in a supermarket, and you can grow it yourself on a balcony or windowsill. This product is an incredible source of useful and nutrients that are vital to the body, especially in December.
More information in the material: Fennel


YogurtsMany yogurts contain probiotics that help the body resist pollution and get rid of infections faster. Probiotics found in yogurt are healthy bacteria that help in digestion, since 60% of your immunity builds intestinal flora, preserving its health. After all, if the intestines are healthy, then most of the diseases of the body are not terrible.
Yogurt should be used at home, using natural sourdoughs, or you can buy ready-made, just need to carefully watch the composition so that there are no preservatives, flavors, dyes, parabens and other chemical additives, since chemical yogurt does not have any benefit to the body.
Yogurt can be added as a dressing to salads, marinades to meat, consumed with cookies or other delicious pastries, etc. The most important thing is the naturalness and freshness of the product.

Green tea

Green teaNot only does it help in weight loss, green tea also contains antioxidants necessary for optimal health. Green tea is the healthiest drink on the planet. It is a diuretic and somewhat laxative. It contains nutrients that have a strong effect on the body. Green tea stimulates brain function, fat loss, reduces the risk of cancer and has many other incredible benefits.
In December, you want to come from the street and drink something warming and tonic, and a cup of green tea is just what the body needs at this moment. It is advisable to drink green tea without sugar , but you can add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to taste. For the use of this product there is a small caution – you can drink only two or three cups of tea a day .

Sweet potato

PotatoesIn December, it is not recommended to use a large amount of ordinary potatoes , since the beneficial properties and elements in its composition are already at a minimum. It is better to replace puree mashed potatoes with Jerusalem artichoke puree. The composition of sweet potatoes have a large amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
Vitamin B6 helps to reduce homocysteine ​​in the body of chemical origin. Homocysteine ​​is associated with degenerative type diseases, including heart attacks.
Many people know that vitamin C is important for the body’s defenses against colds and flu, but few know that this vitamin plays a crucial role in bone formation, digestion and blood cell formation. It helps speed up the healing process of wounds, stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to maintain skin elasticity, and also helps to suppress stress. Vitamin C even helps protect the body from toxins that may be associated with cancer. The composition of sweet potatoes has a high content of vitamin C.
The composition of the product also includes vitamin D , which the body can not receive (as in summer) from the sun, but it is very important for the body. Vitamin D is crucial for the immune system and overall health at this time of year.
Like all vitamins and hormones, vitamin D is mainly produced in our bodies as a result of obtaining sufficient sunlight. Vitamin D is necessary to artificially saturate the body in the winter, with the help of well-chosen products or with the help of specially designed vitamin complexes.


GarlicKnown for its rich aroma, garlic is a product with excellent beneficial and healing properties. People have long used garlic in order to drive away evil spirits and as a defense against diseases.
In December, you can find winter garlic and harvested in early autumn (it has excellent state of conservation properties in moderately cool and dry rooms).
Fragrant garlic is used in almost all cuisines of the world. In its raw form, it has a powerful and pungent flavor to match the truly powerful benefits of this vegetable. Garlic contains a high sulfur content , which fills the product with such aroma and taste.
28 grams of garlic in turn contains 23 percent of manganese , 17 percent of vitamin B , 15 percent of vitamin C, 6 percent of selenium , 0.6 grams of dietary fiber , as well as vitamin B1 , iron , phosphorus , potassium and copper . There are also trace amounts of various other nutrients in garlic. In fact, it contains almost all vital vitamins and trace elements in its chemical composition.
100 grams of a product is only 42 kilocalories, 9 grams of carbohydrates , zero grams of fats and 1.8 grams of proteins .
Detailed information in the article: Garlic


TurmericNot only does turmeric (kari) give the food a refined and attractive taste, so this seasoning also has excellent healthy properties. Regular addition of turmeric to the December diet will perfectly support the work of the immune system, as well as increase the body’s defensive response to various seasonal viral diseases.
It should be noted that Kari has a positive effect on the process of blood formation, on the state of blood vessels, seasoning perfectly cleanses the body of cholesterol , free radicals and toxins. It is worth remembering that the seasoning should be consumed in moderate doses, without fanaticism.


SalmonProtein-rich salmon is a superfood to get essential nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acid , which is necessary for T-cell activation. The higher the number of T cells, the greater the likelihood that the disease will pass by. Fish and shellfish are nutritious foods, salmon is no exception. It is an excellent source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals (including potassium, selenium and vitamin B12 ). 100 grams of the product contains 231 calories, of which 3.2 grams are saturated fat , 85 milligrams of carbohydrates and 25 grams of proteins.
Salmon is an excellent source of group B vitamins. 100 grams of salmon meat contains: 18 percent vitamin B1, 29 percent vitamin B2 , 50 percent vitamin B3 , 19 percent vitamin B5 , 47 percent vitamin B6, 7 percent vitamin B9 , 51 percent vitamin B12.
These vitamins are involved in several important processes in the body, including turning the food you eat into energy, creating and repairing DNA, and reducing inflammation that can lead to heart disease. All B vitamins work together to maintain optimal functioning of the brain and nervous system. Unfortunately, even people in developed countries may lack one or more of these vitamins.
In December, the body is in dire need of all the vitamins and minerals that make up salmon, therefore, during the formation of the December diet, this product is not recommended to be released from attention.


OystersOysters contain vitamin C, vitamin E, and many antioxidants that support cell health. Oysters are unusual and delicious clams, providing the human body with a number of unique nutrients and minerals, which subsequently lead to some great health benefits. These include the ability of oysters to help in weight loss, increase metabolic activity, improve tissue repair and growth, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, improve immune functions, help in wound healing and promote healthy growth. In addition, they are considered a powerful aphrodisiac, can improve blood circulation and increase bone strength to reduce osteoporosis.
The impressive health benefits of oysters come from the vast reserves of minerals, vitamins and organic compounds. The product contains zinc, therefore, it is not recommended to use oysters in large quantities (and probably it will not work, because the product, although useful, is classified as elite and expensive).
Other ingredients include very high levels of protein, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, copper, manganese and selenium. Oysters also contain high levels of niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. Finally, oysters are a huge source of good cholesterol, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and water . These elements make them extremely healthy food that can seriously enhance the overall function of the body and improve health.
Oysters are one of the most nutritious foods with the lowest calories compared with the volume of servings. This means that people who look after themselves can nourish their body with the necessary nutrients and at the same time have a slender figure.
But there is one thing: there is sodium in the composition of oysters, which can cause the opposite result, therefore, it is recommended to consult a nutritionist regarding the combination of oysters with other products.


AlmondThe health benefits of almond are extensive, and are often used as a healthy solution to alleviate heart and brain disorders, diabetes, constipation, respiratory diseases, cough, anemia and impotence. Almond nuts also help to restore the structure of hair, skin and in the treatment of dental problems.
Monounsaturated fats , potassium and protein found in almond nuts are beneficial for heart health. Vitamin E is a natural, natural, effective antioxidant that protects the heart from various diseases, and the presence of magnesium in almonds can help prevent the manifestation of heart attacks.
Almond nuts help reduce the presence and effects of C-reactive proteins that cause inflammatory processes that damage the artery. They are also a great source of folic acid. Helps to reduce the level of homocysteine, which causes the accumulation of fatty plaques in the arteries. Flavonoids in the skin of almonds combine with vitamin E in order to form a powerful shield against damage to the walls of the arteries.
Almonds are an excellent source for alkaline materials, and this is known to bring benefits and strength to the immune system, and also increases the ability to prevent diseases.
Nuts also have a high content of vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. It searches for all damaging free radicals in the body and eliminates them, because they actually contribute to chronic diseases and can be very dangerous for the body systems. Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, found in almonds, affect all major diseases, including cancer and heart disease. The study showed that people who consume a lot of vitamin E, in fact, 30-40% less prone to heart disease.
From almond nuts you can cook almond flakes, and almond flour, which are actively used in cooking, as almonds are actively added to salads, snacks, cereals and cream soups. Almonds have a specific taste, therefore, in the cooking process is not recommended to get involved.


ChampignonFresh champignons are a great source of proteins and nutrients in December. It is known that the use of champignons instead of red meat can help get rid of extra pounds. Low-calorie product – per 100 grams only 27 kilocalories.
The chemical composition of fresh mushrooms can be noted a wide vitamin series: PP, E, D, B; and also abundance of minerals, such as: phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc, calcium, potassium; almost two dozen amino acids, some of which are irreplaceable, since they can only be ingested with food. Mushrooms are known for their amount of easily digestible protein, which is necessary in the process of cell structure. This product is recommended to add to the diet for people with cardiovascular problems, with an excess of cholesterol in the blood, to cleanse the body of heavy metals. Also in the composition of fungi there are antioxidants that are actively fighting free radicals.
Mushrooms perfectly harmonize with vegetables and cereals. There is no need to combine it with meat, because mushrooms and meat are high-protein foods. Champignons – the perfect solution for vegetarians. Mushrooms can be added to snacks, hot salads, stews, fillings for pies, pies, dumplings, for making sauces. Very tasty and healthy mushrooms mushrooms, pickled in spices and olive oil, cooked on the grill.
In December, mushrooms are available. It is better to use safe fresh mushrooms than unknown dried ones. Be careful when choosing them – they should be as fresh as possible, with a flat white hat without cracks, black dots and erosion.
Winter time is a real test for the body. Not only do you need to get used to the change in temperature, so the body also begins to feel an acute need for vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The December diet should be thought out carefully in order to maximize the body’s vital nutrients.
In the process of building a diet, you should abandon some products.
Potatoes. In December, the root vegetable does not have any useful properties. Potatoes are only useful when they are young. It is better to replace ordinary potatoes with Jerusalem artichoke (sweet potato) or use healthy cereals as a side dish: wheat, buckwheat or rice.
Pineapple . In December, as part of pineapples, a lot of various harmful substances that can seriously harm the immune system and other body systems. Pineapple is recommended to use in January and February (in other words – in a season).
Avocado . It is necessary to carefully add this fruit to the diet, as it is a strong allergen. Before use, it is recommended to verify the absence of allergies, as well as to talk with the doctor about the permissible useful daily rate.
The main feature of the selection of the diet is seasonality. Remember that eating cucumbers , attractive tomatoes, radishes , greenery stores can only harm, and not bring long-awaited benefits. The diet needs to be made correctly, as an overabundance of useful substances is as harmful as their deficiency.

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