Food to eat in August

In August, food should be distributed in a special way, since many products are simply not perceived by the body due to the constant elevated temperature. It is better to surround yourself during this period with fruits and vegetables. Changing not only the diet, but also the rhythm of life. Therefore, you should carefully select products, because you need to use fewer calories and more fluid.
According to the observations, the human body itself adapts to its surroundings. After all, it is often possible to observe the rejection of fatty, spicy and fried foods in the month of August. Therefore, more and more often we are trying to please our friends and relatives with light food and soft drinks.
According to nutritionists, the caloric content of food consumed during this period of the year should be reduced by about 15%. The menu must contain at least 55% protein per day. The best option to get half of them will be eating plant food. 17% of the daily requirement should be carbohydrates . But fats stand out only 28% and at the same time the third part of them is allocated animal products.
It is best to stop eating during the hottest hours of the day. Therefore, if the diet has a high-calorie meal, then it should be left for breakfast or dinner. During lunch, salads and drinks are preferred. Do not eat a lot of salt . Because of it there is a retention of fluid inside the body, which is not very useful. After all, it is used in large quantities.
It is recommended that food should not be eaten raw, stewed or steamed. Be sure to eat more fermented milk products. And alcohol should be reduced to a minimum. During a picnic, it is better not to add vinegar in the marinade, replacing it with kefir or sauce.


ApricotThis fruit ripens in August, and therefore it must be present in the diet. It has long been used as a remedy. There are a lot of vitamins, trace elements and useful minerals in the fruit As a result of constant eating apricot in humans, blood pressure is normalized and blood circulation improves. It is people suffering from heart problems who need to eat it in large quantities.
Despite the fact that there are enough healthy products around, an additional portion of natural vitamins has not harmed anyone yet. Therefore, in order to improve the immune system in the coming cool days of autumn and winter, this fruit is included in the diet. It is also recommended for skin diseases or vision loss. Rich composition helps to improve brain activity, gives energy to the body.
If the family is expected to replenish, then a pregnant woman is recommended, while there is an opportunity, to saturate the body with apricots.
Suitable fruits for daily consumption. The recommended rate – 300 g per day. At the same time per 100 g of fruit accounted for only 44 kcal. There is practically no fat in apricots – 0.1 g. And carbohydrates and proteins – 9 and 0.9 g, respectively.
Do not give fruit to those who suffer from diabetes. Do not allow the use of the fetus before eating, as there is a possibility of the development of such ills as an ulcer or pancreatitis.
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DogwoodIn August, a rather large number of all kinds of vegetables and fruits ripen. Therefore, in the diet, a person who wants to develop normally, they should be present to the maximum.
One of these useful and seasonal, rich in vitamins, fruit is cornel . 100 g of harvested berries contain 44 kcal. Proteins total 0.9 g, carbohydrates – 10.5 and only 0.1 g of fat. But, nutritional deficiencies are compensated by minerals and trace elements, which the fruit is saturated with as well as vitamins.
Like the previous fruit, it is often used for medicinal purposes. By consuming it at home, you can provide your family and friends with reliable protection against digestive upset. After all, summer is the time when it is very easy to get dysentery or diarrhea. Therefore, in the event of such a disease, the berries of the dogwood will help you quickly establish the functioning of the stomach and intestines.
The fruit is considered very useful in various skin diseases and gout or arthritis. By incorporating these fruits into the diet, hazardous and toxic substances such as mercury or lead can be removed from the body.
In August, it is recommended to use it before meals, since the specific sourness and minimal caloric content contribute to the appearance of appetite. Cooked stewed fruit or fruit drinks fine tone on hot days, helps to cheer up.


FigsThe use of figs is allowed in both fresh and dried. But, the greatest benefit brings, of course, fresh fruit. And its ripening period, though transient, but still falls on the month of August. Therefore, figs will be a very useful and truly excellent supplement to the diet.
Due to its caloric content – 49 kcal, it is quite often used in a variety of diets. There are practically no proteins and fats. They are here for 07, and 0.2, respectively. But, quite a lot of carbohydrates accumulated in the amount of 13.7 g.
In addition to the use in the process of losing weight, the fruit of the fig tree is useful for digestion. Its peculiarity is that it contains a lot of fiber . Its amount can cover the daily need by 20%. It decreases with frequent use and cholesterol levels . Therefore, the probability of diseases of the heart and blood vessels is sharply reduced. It is also useful for those who suffer from the constant formation of slags. It is prescribed to cancer patients, and is also considered an excellent means of their prevention. Significantly increases hemoglobin in the blood.
It is in hot August, when you don’t really want to eat, even a small amount of figs can support the human body in the right form for mental activity. Doctors prescribe the fruit after a person fully recovers after a long illness.


GooseberryIf we continue the list of berries that ripen in August, it is impossible not to note the gooseberry . That it is an excellent way to replenish the body with vitamins and microorganisms useful for development. Moreover, the minimum amount of protein and fat – 0.9 and 0.6, allows the use of berries without the danger of weight gain. Per 100 g of berries accounts for only 44 kcal.
The greatest benefit to the body brings red gooseberry or having a dark color of the peel. He is able to quickly remove the salts of heavy metals and other adverse toxins. If you constantly include in the diet even a small amount of fruit, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis. Excellent natural remedy for the treatment of hypertension and the normalization of the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. By itself, gooseberry is very tasty, and therefore can improve mood.
Berry, too, solves modern danger – oncological tumors. When consumed gooseberry, the probability of the formation of a tumor of different origin is sharply reduced. Especially useful for the female body. Helps to normalize the menstrual cycle and improve well-being, to endure less painful menopausal changes.


BlueberryThe calorie content of this wild berry is only 39 kcal per 100 g. Total fat is not more than 1%, or more precisely 0.5 g. Carbohydrates are gained by 2% – 6.6 g. And the protein in blueberries is only 1 g.
Why is this berry recommended in August? Yes, because it is during this period that it matures. And, as you know, it is better to take care of the use of fresh products than dried or frozen. Because this is the last summer month, many people go to the nearest market for blueberries.
A distinctive feature of this berry is considered to be a very pleasant taste. On the other hand, it is full of many vitamins. Combined with minerals and microelements, blueberries are often used as a medicine.
Those who constantly cares about the good condition of the body, blueberries will help get rid of germs. Very useful berry for use with problems of stagnation of bile. Due to the diuretic effect is often used to remove stones from the kidneys.
Berry is recognized worldwide as a source of inexhaustible vitamins. Blueberries contain a very large number of them, which is not in any known analogue. It is believed that only 300 g of juice will saturate the body with the necessary amount of useful elements per day.

Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthornA small yellow and sometimes bright orange berry begins to appear on the country’s markets in August. It is called by the name of the shrub on which it grows.
Sea buckthorn has no more than 52 kcal per 100 g of harvested berries. This is a very minor indicator. However, it is not because of him that the fruit is appreciated. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates in sea buckthorn are also slightly – 0.9; 2.5; 10.2 g
The most popular berries gives them the amount of vitamin C . It is believed that in 100 g of harvested sea buckthorn there is so much that it would be enough for four days of continuous use. In addition, the berry is saturated with other vitamins and microelements.
Often, grandparents treated us to jam from the fruits of this shrub. Many city dwellers still go to the market in August to buy more of this product. After all, the best natural pain-reducing substance is not found. Consume berries should be inside and you can get rid of inflammatory processes. Metabolism is significantly accelerated.
In addition to beriberi, the berry will be useful in disorders of the endocrine and nervous system, metabolic disorders. This significantly reduces the amount of body fat in the body, contributing to weight loss.


PumpkinIn the second half of August, pumpkin harvesting starts everywhere This is a great way to enrich your diet with diet porridge, which has a great taste and nourishes the body with valuable substances. You can eat pumpkin and cooked without any side dishes or additives.
A useful property of a vegetable is its effect on the retina of the eye, filling it with carotene. This vitamin contributes to the normalization of vision. Vegetable is prescribed as a prophylactic against cancer. If you include the constant use of pumpkin in food, then it is possible to normalize the functioning of the nervous system. A portion of porridge before bedtime can calm a person. And people engaged in mental activity, has a beneficial effect on memory. The high content of beneficial microelements makes it possible to avoid premature strokes, the blood circulation is normalized, the walls of blood vessels and the work of the heart muscles are strengthened.
100 g of pumpkin contains about 22 kcal. You can also get 1 g of protein, 4.4 g of carbohydrates and 0.1 g of fat.
But, no less valuable and more fascinating are the seeds, which are pleasant to husk in the evening outside or behind the TV. They are especially useful for small children who have become infected with worms.
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PeachesIn August, ripen one of the most delicious fruits – peach . To miss the chance to saturate with these wonderful fruits is simply impossible. Because it should be included in the diet, at least for one month.
The energy value of 100 g of fruit – 45 kcal. There are also proteins – 0.9 g, and carbohydrates – 9.5 g, and fats – 0.1 g. In addition to them, there is a large amount of vitamin C, fiber, natural sugars and iron . Combined with other nutrients, they make the fruit indispensable in the diet of a person who wants to be healthy.
The main feature of the peach is its ability to quickly satisfy hunger. Because it is often used as an afternoon snack or lunch, they take with them for a walk or a beach. Moreover, even a small fruit can quickly restore physical strength, invigorate the entire body. The high content of fiber allows you to normalize the metabolism, to establish the process of removing toxins and slags. With diarrhea or constipation, the bowel robot is normalized.
Iron, which is found in sufficient quantity in the fetus, gives youth to the vessels and the heart. Taste helps people get rid of stress, nervous exhaustion and depression. It helps with the restoration of the body after a protracted illness or surgery.

Bell pepper

Bulgarian pepperAugustus makes us happy with another great vegetable. Moreover, its properties allow it to be used in almost any form. This is the so-called sweet or Bulgarian pepper. It can not only be added to dishes, but eaten fresh, pickled and stored frozen.
A huge amount of vitamins and minerals do not affect the energy value, which is equal to 25 Kcal. It is recommended to eat it to both dieters and those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. At the same time per 100 g of product accounted for only 0.2 g of fat, 1 g of protein and about 10 g of carbohydrates.
The greatest quantity in pepper vitamin A . Depending on the color of the fruit, its portion decreases. The most valuable is the red variety. Because this product is useful for children who are developing poorly. Often it helps to regain normal vision for some ailments, as it nourishes the retina with useful substances.
100 g of the product contains a double rate of vitamin C. It is he who plays the main role in the formation of the immune system of the body. A large amount of pepper eaten in August will prevent angina and other diseases in winter. It is also recommended as a means of preventing cancer problems.
It plays a crucial role in restoring and strengthening the cardiovascular system of the body.

White mushroom

White mushroomThe first large mushrooms of this species begin to appear in the second mid-August. This representative of the forest flora can be a real gift for city dwellers. After all, it contains many useful substances even in dried form. Mushroom can safely marinate, fry, boil or freeze. You can also make flour from it, which is a great natural flavoring for soups in winter.
For all its benefits, white fungus contains only 30 kcal per 100 g. A similar amount of the product contains 3.7 g of protein, 1.7 g of fats and 3.4 carbohydrates.
The main advantage of eating mushrooms is, of course, their taste. Sometimes it seems that even their flavor increases salivation. In fact, white fungus helps to normalize the work of the secret, which is used by the body to produce digestive juice. Due to the high sulfur content , mushrooms are in demand among those who want to protect themselves from oncological problems of people. After even a small use of mushrooms, the body’s strength is restored, muscle tone appears. In some cases, the product helps with gastritis, as it has a healing and antibacterial effect.
And the active ingredients help to avoid cholesterol sedimentation on the walls of blood vessels, reducing the likelihood of their blockage.


ShrimpIt is during the hot days of August that you should dilute your diet with seafood, among which shrimps bring considerable benefits In addition, arthropods are distinguished by an exquisite taste, and with a small amount they can satisfy hunger without damaging the figure.
100 g of any commercially available shrimp contains about 97 kcal. At the same time, they are a valuable source of protein – 22 g. And the amount of fat (1.0) and carbohydrates (0) is practically not taken into account.
Experienced nutritionists, and people themselves, have noticed that the daily consumption of seafood has a positive effect on the entire body. The reserve of forces increases significantly, the tone is normalized, a person feels a surge of energy.
Like any inhabitant of the sea, shrimp contains large amounts of iodine . It is it that is useful to anyone who wants to protect the thyroid gland and enrich the body with this useful trace element.
Among the positive qualities there is a significant improvement in the production of hormones and their stabilization. When eating shrimp, you can normalize the metabolism, significantly strengthen the nails and improve the growth and beauty of the hair. Like any protein food, shrimp helps to strengthen the immune system.
The most attractive are for allergies, which is difficult to endure last month of summer. With constant eating shrimp reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions to any stimuli.


RyazhenkaRyazhenka made from milk is considered the most suitable drink for hot days of summer. Therefore, it is recommended to drink it instead of tea once a day. In many countries of the world, dairy products help relieve from constant thirst caused by heat.
Ryazhenka can all. And those who follow their figure, and those who are on a diet this month. 100 g of the product has no more than 85 kcal. About 3 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of fat fall on the same amount of product.
Just one glass of this product is inside and you will provide your body with 25% of the required standard per day of calcium and phosphorus . With regular use it helps to improve and normalize the work of the intestines, stomach, and kidneys. Based on the approach of a cool autumn, it is drunk with the purpose of improving immunity. It helps to improve the condition of people who have heart problems and are particularly sensitive to elevated temperature. In addition to getting rid of thirst, it helps to immediately satisfy hunger.
Thanks to calcium, it becomes very useful for growing children who have strengthened bone tissue, as well as those who suffer injuries, in particular fractures.
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The presented list of recommended food is suitable for every person. Their cost is not too high, and therefore they can be purchased at the nearest supermarket or market. Their beneficial properties will help to overcome the hot days and prepare your body and loved ones for prolonged cold weather. Many of them are best eaten raw in order to get the maximum benefit from the product. In addition, it is in August they mature. And their calorific value and characteristics do not cause indignation at the moment of fasting, which is noted by many believers this month.

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