Food to eat in April

To be healthy, you need to eat right. From what will be the diet of a person, his general condition depends, not only physical, but also psychological. Only really properly selected menu will not only preserve health, but also increase it.
Nutrition is an integral part of human life. Without it, it is impossible to imagine the growth and development of the organism. Properly selected products will help strengthen the immune system during an increased risk of viral respiratory disease, as well as increase resistance to adverse weather conditions.
Despite the importance of healthy eating, many people neglect this fact. One does not have enough time, others are simply not educated, and still others are constantly in a hurry because of the pace of life. Because modern man is not too whimsical to the choice of food.
Nevertheless, those who still managed to adapt to the modern rhythm and set aside time for proper nutrition, managed to get the main advantages.
First, the spent energy is restored and does not accumulate in excessive amounts in the body. This process is similar to the fuel that we fill in the car: there is gasoline – we will go, no – we are standing still. Therefore, the better we eat, the better the energy is distributed between the internal organs.
Secondly, to maintain the health of the main systems, we need proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. They are called plastic substances and they are needed more by children.
Therefore, especially in the spring, when there are not enough vitamins around, it is necessary to focus on the appearance of the first useful products. They are important to include in the diet as soon as possible. Therefore, it is important to familiarize everyone with the April useful foods.


MangoThis fruit comes from the equator. Therefore, it is in April that mango begins to bloom and bear fruit. It is customary to collect fruits that have only a small blush on a green body.
This fruit has a large amount of fructose , as well as minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the body. And since there are many recipes where mango is used, there should be no problems with cooking.
About 0.51 g of protein , 0.27 g of fat, and 15.2 g of carbohydrate are found per 100 g of fruit The main difference of this fruit is, of course, taste. But it also contains many vitamins. The largest number of them given to C , E , B , A . Among the mineral salts emit derivatives of phosphorus , calcium and iron . Among them is an amino acid that is considered indispensable in the body, since it cannot produce it independently.
For many people, this fruit is associated with preventing the development of cancer of various species. It brings a lot of benefit to the genitourinary and reproductive systems. The most attractive, based on the positive properties, is considered for women. Considering its characteristics and taste, it can be used as a diet food containing only 65 Kcal.
Because of its unusual taste, the fruit helps to get rid of stress, as well as return the colors of life that were lost during the long period of winter. Helps to tune in to mental activity.


BlackberryThis plant usually grows in northern latitudes. In these places, the fruit, used in food, can be obtained only at the end of summer. But, in Mexico, which is considered the largest supplier of this berry in the world, it ripens just in April.
It is recommended to use it for food at this time of year because of the saturation of the fetus with all the necessary therapeutic and nutrient substances. In the blackberry there is a huge amount of natural sucrose , which is absorbed by the body almost without the participation of insulin. It contains both fructose and organic acids . But the most beneficial body bring, of course, vitamins. There are so many of them that it would be easier to name those that are not part of it.
Rich in berries and minerals. Among them, sodium and potassium , as well as calcium and phosphorus play a special role for the health of the body There are quite a large number and tannins, fiber .
The berry is also used in dietary nutrition, as it has only 31 Kcal per 100 g. At the same time 1.5 g is protein, 0.5 g is given to fats and 4.4 g to carbohydrates.
April is a great way to strengthen your immune system, especially for children. Perfect for treatment of beriberi. With the constant use of blackberries in food, the blood composition is normalized and improved. And for diabetics, it is considered a natural sugar substitute and sweets.


AsparagusGentle and juicy shoots ripen exactly in April. These tender green shoots can decorate any kitchen, give a lot of vitamins and inform about the arrival of a long-awaited spring. It is believed that the smallest shoots will be the softest. In the big shoot, the fibers that can cause an unpleasant feeling while eating are already showing up.
Asparagus is also a low-calorie product. It contains no more than 20 Kcal per 100 g. Therefore, it will be a real discovery for those who watch their figure or are eager to lose weight. The product is saturated with proteins, which totals 1.9 g. Carbohydrates – 3.1 g and only 0.1 g of fat. At the same time, a huge amount of vitamins allows not only to saturate the body after a long absence in the winter, but also to strengthen certain functions. A large amount of mineral substances allows you to get the necessary trace elements . For sufferers of frequent disorders or intestinal malfunction, the product will be a great way to replenish fiber.
Asparagus contains an excellent element – asparagine. Its property allows to reduce pressure in a natural way, thereby protecting the heart from over-voltage. It is recommended to constantly eat people suffering from bile stasis. Asparagus is very uplifting and is often prescribed for pregnant women and breastfeeding.


PrunesIn fact, this delicacy is the usual plum , which is dried. To create selected the most juicy, full of pulp fruits. Drying is allowed, as with a stone, and without it.
As in any plant, in prunes the largest amount of carbohydrates is 57.5 g per 100 g of product. They are followed by proteins, which are recruited by 2.3 g and fats, constituting not more than 0.7 g. Calories ofprunes – 231 Kcal. Such indicators make the dried fruit very attractive for people on a diet.
The greatest benefit brings beta carotene, which is quite a lot. Also contained in this fruit is a large amount of other vitamins. When used in food can significantly improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system of the body. If during the month every day to eat at least 3-4 pieces of prunes, then you can establish the normal functioning of the intestine.
Useful in April for children, adolescents and people who engage in mental activity. The composition of the fruit has a positive effect on increasing the tone. Often, in large quantities, is used as a laxative.
Harm to the human body does not bring. The only exception is those with plums causing allergic reactions. It is also not recommended for people sensitive to the carcinogen acrylamide.


StrawberriesIt was in April that the first strawberry harvest ripened on special farms Because it can be purchased at any supermarket. It is recommended to purchase these products in the middle of spring due to the presence of a huge amount of vitamins that the body lost during the long autumn and winter.
Like the previous products recommended by experts for use in April, strawberries are great for figure-keeping people. Per 100 g of berries account for about 41 Kcal. At the same time, fats contain about 0.4 g, and carbohydrates – 7.5 g. The greatest amount of vitamin C in strawberries can significantly strengthen the immune system. A pleasant taste will enhance the health of children.
Usually useful properties are attributed to wild strawberries. But, as the research data show, the cultivated plant is not inferior to its wild fellow. Berries are prescribed by specialists with diabetes, lack of vitamins in the body, poorly passing metabolism. The considerable content of acids and tannins has a beneficial effect on the whole body. And essential oils help to raise the mood and reduce the likelihood of stress.
The only contraindication is the possibility of an allergic reaction. At risk are small children and women who breastfeed. It is undesirable to use the berry in large quantities to people who often suffer from colic.


SpinachIn mid-spring, many herbs begin to give the first shoots. Among them there are several types of plants that not only can, but also need to be eaten. One of them is spinach , which produces the first young leaves under the sun that warms the earth. Therefore, one of the products that must be eaten in April is this plant.
It is believed that spinach is so useful that it is called a super product. Of particular benefit is to bring blood circulation and the normalization of hormonal processes. However, it can even in a small amount increase the tone of the human body, give it strength. This is because its leaves contain an incredible amount of protein. Per 100 g of its product here is 2.86 g. At the same time, its caloric content is not more than 23 Kcal. There is practically no fat here, as in any other plant – 0.39 g. And carbohydrates – 3.63 g.
A considerable amount of vitamins A and C is distinguished among the useful components. Moreover, their amount persists even after long cooking. There are also a lot of trace elements, minerals and other vitamins, which together make the product indispensable in the spring diet.
From a medical point of view, the plant is useful for consumption because of the removal of toxins. Inside the body begins to enrich the cells with oxygen, and for those who work mentally, it adds strength. It is an important product for problems with the pancreas.


PotatoesThe first potato in the new year is ready for use in April. Naturally, it matures in the southern countries, from where it is delivered to stores throughout the country. The product is saturated with nutritive natural starch , which the body requires after a long winter. In the composition of the potato there are many beneficial vitamins and sugars. The latter are split more efficiently even in diabetics, giving strength for new accomplishments.
100 g of fresh potatoes have about 2 g of protein. Calorie is 77 Kcal. The amount of fat does not exceed 0.4 g, and carbohydrates – 16.3 g. In potatoes there is a huge amount of cobalt , chromium , vitamins K and C.
Undoubtedly, a useful vegetable for dieting. Due to the lack of cholesterol is perfect for daily use. Benefits the digestive process, as it has a large amount of fiber. It is believed that in a young potato there is such an amount of protein as in cottage cheese or chicken eggs .
Among the beneficial components there are many antioxidants . They help prevent the development of malignant tumors. Their main goal is to prolong youth and promote health by improving the walls of blood vessels. Due to the high content of vitamin C in young vegetables, it is useful for eating after a long winter.

Quail meat

Quail meatQuail meat is quite nutritious. Like any bird, it is easily absorbed by the body. Useful in that it contains a significant amount of phosphorus and copper , as well as many vitamins. Quail meat is great for dietary nutrition, and it is recommended to use in the diet of children. Experts advise to use the product in the spring due to a significant increase in mood. In addition to the normalization of the nervous system, there is an improvement in the functioning of the internal organs. Helps to cope with problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
100 g of such a product prepared in any way contains about 134 Kcal. Among them there is a huge amount of protein – 21.76 g. Fat is only 4.53 g, and carbohydrates – 0 g.
Many specialists intentionally include quail meat in their diet, as one of the most dietary animal-origin food options. It contains a considerable amount of amino acids that the human body cannot independently produce. It is recommended to eat this type of meat for people with heart and lung problems.
In the month of April is available in almost all stores. It is recommended to use it in food in boiled form, although it can be cooked on the grill. Excellent taste is obtained when cooking in the oven or oven. It is recommended that children eat to strengthen bone tissue.


SardinesFish is a universal product that nourishes the human body with all sorts of microelements and vitamins. Some of them are found in sufficient quantities only in seafood. Especially important is iodine , which is contained in sardines . Therefore, it is completely understandable why, after a long cold in winter, in April, it is necessary to eat this fish.
In addition to the positive effects of vitamin and mineral complex, sardines are famous for their low calorie content, which is 166 per 100 g. At the same time, 19 g are proteins and 10 g of fats. And there are no carbohydrates in fish at all.
It is sardines that are considered among the most beneficial for the body products from fish. Oddly enough, but it is the fats that bring the greatest benefit. It is so easy to digest that does not disrupt the normal functioning of the intestine. The undoubted benefit adds a product to vision. And people engaged in mental activity, brings a greater amount of useful energy. It is highly likely, with constant consumption, helps reduce inflammation in psoriasis.
In boiled fish acquires new positive properties. This is the presence of a special antioxidant, which contributes to a significant strengthening of the immune system. Namely, he suffers most after long cold weather. Also, it is recommended to eat to reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis.


Fermented milk productsSour milk products are practically all useful for the human body. But in April, it is still recommended to use more kefir. If you follow the figure, then 1% product will suit you, otherwise you can drink the fattest one.
Intestinal microflora depends on constant replenishment with beneficial bacteria, and reliable protection of the immune system is built. Such substances can be found in kefir. It is recommended to use instead of tea or coffee .
This drink contains a huge amount of vitamins and useful microelements. Despite the presence of quite fatty foods, each of them belongs to a diet food.
100 g of the product contains a maximum of 40 Kcal. Among them, only 1% is given to fats. Carbohydrates and proteins are allocated 4 and 3 percent, respectively.
It is not a secret for anyone that in the winter period of time many people have a problem with the intestines. It is caused by poor nutrition and lack of vitamins. In order not to aggravate the problem, it is recommended to use kefir in the month of April. In addition, when the first healthy plant food begins to appear, it needs all the power of the digestive tract for easy absorption. Therefore, a glass of kefir low-fat or fatty drink is necessary.


BeetThis vegetable along with potatoes can be a great addition to the diet in the month of April. In addition to the high content of vitamins and trace elements, it plays a crucial role in increasing hemoglobin.
In boiled form, 100 g of the product contains only 44 Kcal. Therefore, it is suitable for people keen on dieting or caring for proper nutrition. The total weight of proteins for this amount of beets is 1.68 g. Fats are practically absent – 0.18 g. At the same time, carbohydrates account for the largest amount, of which 7.96 g.
Beetroot has a great property. With constant use in food, it can normalize the activity of the intestines and the function of the stomach. Therefore it is especially useful for people suffering from gastritis. In April, as well as throughout the winter, is an indispensable source of vitamins.


ShallotThe more vegetables in the April menu, the better for health. One of the root vegetables that must be present on the table is shallot . In the people he is better known under the name of bush and is an excellent addition to the salad. Vegetable can be used in the preparation of almost any dish.
Shallots contain only 72 Kcal per usual 100 g. Most of them are carbohydrates, which accumulated here 16.8 g. In second place are proteins in the amount of 2.5 g and fats – 0.1 g.
Very useful for use in raw form, as it helps to cure many diseases of the organs of vision. The composition contains substances that prevent the development of malignant tumors and can relieve inflammation.
However, overuse can cause some complications. It is better to abandon its use in food for those who suffer from various diseases of the intestine or stomach. Also, do not eat it with high acidity.


Despite the seemingly complete list, it can be continued for quite a long time. There are a lot of useful products available in stores. Each of them plays a role in some process of the body. However, it is in the month of April that consumers should pay attention to the products described above. By consuming them daily, you can provide yourself with reliable protection against illnesses, lift your spirits and tune in to difficult spring days. The price of most products makes them affordable to every consumer.

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