Flared trousers – new-old trend

Everything new is well forgotten old. Fashionable in 60-e trousers flared went into the shadows, to return to the podium today. Meet the familiar, but at the same time, such an unexplored old / new trend of the season.

Fashion is able to turn the subjects of an exceptional male wardrobe into the dream of any fashionista. That is exactly what happened to the form of the French sailors. Trousers “bell” were created wide, so that they can be easily thrown off, once in the water. Designers found a completely different use for them. And if earlier this model was associated with the hippie movement, today flared trousers are increasingly appearing in fashion collections and on the streets of the city.

What can I wear with flared pants? If in your closet there are blouses or shirts, then you can not worry about it. It is enough to wear blouses of different styles and from different materials to get different images with the same trousers: for going to work, to the bar, for a walk in the park or for a movie session.

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