Features of casual style for women – fashion trends 2019

In the modern world, more and more attention is paid to the wardrobe. After all, every woman wants to look not only neat, but also stylish. It is important to feel as comfortable as possible. At first glance it may seem that to make such a wardrobe is simply impossible. In fact, this is not the case and all these options include the casual style. What should I look for when choosing clothes? What are the variations of this style? You will learn about this and many other things in today’s article.

Casual wardrobe for women: basic principles and components

The main principle of this style is quality items. Every fashionista knows that regardless of the budget, you need to buy good clothes that fit perfectly on the figure. Thanks to this, any image will look advantageous.
You should also pay attention to the color combination and texture of things. The casual style suggests casual, slightly casual images. But at the same time they should look harmonious. Often, to create such a kit is much more difficult than it might seem. Therefore, we recommend to start with the purchase of basic things and accessories. Only after that it is worth buying trendy things that are used as accents.
One of the main items of casual style are jeans. And it does not matter what they will be. The most popular this year jeans straight cut, boyfriends and skinny. They can also be torn or with small scuffs. It all depends on the preferences and features of the figure.
In 2019, it is worth buying pants made of cotton, thin costume fabric or viscose. The most versatile – things in neutral shades. They are simple to combine, which is ideal for those who are just beginning to be interested in fashion. If desired, you can buy overalls.

It is worth to approach the choice of a dress with special responsibility. Jerseys are considered the most popular, as they are suitable for any occasion. Complementing the dress with a cardigan, a scarf or interesting decorations you can create many images.
In turn, for the summer season is to choose a dress of thinner fabrics. It can be cotton, flax, chiffon or viscose. Also remember that a lot depends on the chosen style. For example, a shirt dress is suitable for everyday life, and the product on the smell with frills is better to choose for a romantic date.
Casual style is simply impossible to imagine without a few skirts in different styles and shades. The most popular in 2019 are denim, pleated, leather and chiffon skirts. You can also purchase a pencil skirt. It is suitable not only for everyday work, but also for everyday life. As for the length, the most universal option is, of course, midi. But in some cases, you can use mini or maxi.
Blouses and shirts often cause a lot of controversy. Argued that such items of clothing needed only office workers. In fact, this is not the case and today stylists offer many stylish images for everyday life. Therefore it is worth choosing blouses and shirts of interesting cut with various details. It can be ruffles, ruffles, inserts from another fabric and much more.
Mandatory wardrobe items include knitwear. It is not only about a variety of T-shirts, but also about various cardigans, turtlenecks and vests.
If the basic wardrobe in the casual style is ready for you, you can purchase some unusual things. For example, culottes are now just at the peak of popularity. They can be worn not only in the summer season, but also in the winter. But keep in mind that in this case they need to be selected from the appropriate warm fabric. In general, such a thing is suitable for fashion experiments with almost everything that is already in your wardrobe.
And, of course, accessories will be needed as additional details. These include warm scarves, shawls, berets, hats, hats, caps and gloves. Choosing the right shoes is a little more difficult. Pay attention to ballet flats, sandals, shoes, loafers, espadrilles, sneakers. Each shoe will be appropriate in a casual style.

Varieties of casual style in the photo

Despite the fact that the casual style is popular, many do not know that there are several types of it. Each has its own characteristics, which we consider right now.
Basic casual is a combination of casual, casual clothing. Most often it is made from natural fabrics, so it looks great in multi-layered images. In general, this style is best suited for a comfortable everyday life.
Glamor casual style is a combination of casual and festive clothes. To create such an image is quite difficult, as it should look elegant, but at the same time remain comfortable. Also, do not overload it with details.
In turn, “Sport casual” implies the presence of sports things in the image. This option is ideal for active people who do not sit still. Therefore, women often wear sneakers with a dress, skirt or classic trousers. It looks in its own original and stylish.
“Smart casual” is visually very different from previous ones. He is characterized by a certain relaxation and aristocracy. Therefore, things are often very high quality with a perfect fit and fit. Shades are mostly restrained, natural. Thanks to this, all the images look especially elegant, feminine.
Real business women or office workers often choose “business casual” for themselves. In general, such images are very discreet, by the standards of the dress code, but with the addition of comfortable details.
Style “street casual” will be appropriate in any situation and is great for everyday urban life. That is a walk with friends, going to a cafe or shopping. Clothing in this style is comfortable, but modern. Bright accents will also be appropriate.

Casual style for women: fashionable 2019 images

As you can see, the casual style is quite diverse. Therefore, each woman of fashion can create her own unique image, given fashion trends.

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