Fashionable women’s sweaters 2019

Many people associate sweaters with a joyful awakening, a hot cup of tea in the morning and the first frosts outside the window. Probably, the same feeling of comfort did not leave designers who presented new, or rather “not completely forgotten old” variations of their favorite clothes for the fall-winter 2018/2019 season for the audience.

We will say right away that oversized sweaters of a rather large knit became the real favorites of the season. Sometimes it seems that you put on a stretched grandmother’s favorite wardrobe item. We will start, perhaps, with rather loose, and often – specially flared sleeves. And finally, the patterns in the form of snowflakes in diamonds … Does this remind you of anything?

Why in childhood did we enjoy wearing the clothes of older family members? That’s right, because it was easy to hide the frozen fingers in it, as well as spread this product under the fifth kidney to sit with friends on the steps of their own landing. I don’t know if the couturier’s childhood looked like a similar picture, but sweaters with very long sleeves that also cover the hips can be found in almost all collections.

Leonard 2019 red knit oversized sweater with floral print skirt
Marina Moscone oversized gray sweater 2019 with a long skirt
Marina Moscone
TSE 2019 High Violet Coarse Knit Sweater with Purple Dress
Khaite 2019 beige sweater with black velvet trousers
Khaite 2019 long sleeve blue sweater with black trousers
Sally LaPointe 2019 oversized gray sweater with sequin skirt

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