Fashionable women’s bags for a beach holiday 2019

Going to the beach, you can take almost any bag or put all the things in the package, but some models of handbags are perfect for a beach holiday and help create irresistible summer looks. A beach bag should be universal in order to complement different sets of clothes well and accommodate all the necessary things. Traditionally, the summer option is considered to be handbags woven from straw. Regardless of the shape of such accessories will be relevant in the warm season. Considering the fashion trends of 2019, attention should be paid to round shapes and bucket-type bags.

Choosing a beautiful accessory, pay attention to the colored straw models. Some brands have succeeded in creating woven accessories so much that their straw bags can compete with leather models for beauty and luxury. In addition to color, elegance will add bulk flowers. Flowers are always in fashion, and in summer they are generally the perfect decoration. Flowers on the bag can be from any material, but plastic is best for the beach.
Vivienne TamVivienne Tam

When you are going to a beach party, you can take a wicker clutch. These bags are very versatile, they can be worn not only on holiday near the sea, but also in the city, the main thing is to choose a suitable image. The options are actually a lot.

In addition to woven models in fashion bags, cells of wood and plastic. Militta told about such accessories before, they are not popular for the first season, but they came in earnest and for a long time in summer fashion.
Giorgio Armani

Still do not forget about the transparent plastic. In recent years, many brands use plastic to create skirts, dresses and other items of clothing. Plastic outfits help create fashionable images, but they are not the most comfortable. But the bag of transparent plastic will not bring inconvenience in hot weather.

Look at the Elisabetta Franchi collection, the designer offers very stylish transparent bags for the summer. Depending on your needs, you can choose a model of suitable size. The bags of Elisabetta Franchi are very high quality, reliable and look expensive, therefore they are an ideal option for the summer 2019. although they have a small minus – not everyone likes transparent bags.
Elisabetta Franchi

The most affordable option will be a bag of textiles, it can be almost any shape, the main thing is that it fits everything necessary and combined in style. Such bags can be bought for symbolic money, and at the same time they can serve for a very long time. Although if you wish, and opportunities you can pay attention to the models from famous brands. Etro textile bags perfectly complement the most sophisticated beach look and are not cheap at all.
Beach backpacks 2019

Sports style is now in vogue for all age groups, so many love sports bags and backpacks. You can go to the beach with an ordinary everyday backpack, but it would be much better to look at the beach version of straw. These backpacks can be found in the collection of Alberta Ferretti and other brands …
Alberta FerrettiAlberta FerrettiAges b
Alexa chungAltuzarra

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