Fashionable Women Robes

How to combine style and convenience in the home appearance? It’s so eager not only to have a good rest, but at the same time to look attractive and fashionable.

Women’s dressing gowns, as designers see them today, are not just comfortable, but also very stylish clothes .

Limiting your home wardrobe to a single model is not worth it. For any situation, be it morning coffee or an evening comfortably in front of the TV, you can choose a beautiful and original outfit that will help create a great image, atmosphere and even mood.

Long robes – style favorites

Every woman of fashion has its own preferences, but special attention should be paid to the floor-length bathrobes. Such a style unconditionally decorates a figure of any type, making it more graceful and slimmer, and in addition, it brings a share of romance to the image.

In fashion today, frankly feminine models , with a beautiful line of the neckline and waist accentuated, reminiscent of evening dresses. In such models, a great grip from the waist line and rich decor of the neckline and cuffs.

Support the image and materials of execution, among which the most fashionable today is considered to be smooth, with a glossy sheen of fabric. Better material for such models than natural silk is hard to come up with.

And if you want to look not only fashionable, but simply gorgeous, you should make yourself such a gift – a silk model of exquisite colors.

But no less interesting, and not least practical, are long bathrobes made from cotton or bamboo fabrics. Thanks to modern processing methods, they have excellent properties and a huge range of colors. Large prints and bright colors are in fashion, it is in such fabrics that they look most impressive.

Choosing a dressing gown, you should pay attention to complex models with the original cut sleeves, decorative accents or feminine trim. Cotton and bamboo make it possible to embody the most daring design ideas, and the models themselves, due to the material properties, are very practical and comfortable. The floor-length models, rich and bright colors correspond to the main trend that rules the fashion ball for clothes for home and rest – sensual emancipation.

Short women’s bathrobes – elegant and simple

On the model length “midi”, and even more so “mini”, many girls look cautiously. They frankly demonstrate the figure and seem not very practical. But at least one feminine short robe should be in the arsenal of any fashionable woman .

This model creates a bold and sexy image that can not be ignored in creating a home image. Moreover, in today’s fashion most different directions and styles. Do you close laconic sports? Choose models of cotton knitwear or velor with original clasps and trim. In this vein, juicy colors look like a win-win: ripe berries, fruits, rich shades of blue or green. Such models create a light, optimistic and slightly playful image, uplifting both their owners and those around them.

Feminine and very sexy look short models in a romantic style. Moreover, luxurious and even glamorous decoration is today at the peak of popularity. All that in long models may look too frank or pretentious, in mini-robes it looks very organically slightly flirtatious.

Deep neckline, lace trim, frankly “linen” pastel shades and light translucent fabrics in combination with a free style of such length look very sexy. Shortened models with a laconic silhouette, solved in active shades of red, purple or black, especially from silk or satin fabrics, look no less impressive.

Satin bathrobes – a luxury for every day

One of the most active trends that dominate the fashion of recent seasons, is reflected in the clothes for the rest. The gorgeous east, where the robe style came from, always becomes a source of inspiration for designers. The underlined luxury of fabrics, finishes, the richness and complexity of the pattern transform simple and functional models into real masterpieces of home wardrobe.

The best material for the realization of this trend, without a doubt, is an atlas. It itself looks expensive and noble, but exquisite prints add charm and color to models. Styling of national ornaments, for example, paisley, is in fashion – the more complex and thoughtful the combination of colors in such patterns, the more elegant and expensive the satin robe will look.

This season is no less relevant in the style of a classic kimono, it’s in its own way reveals the oriental theme. This style has an indisputable advantage – it perfectly “presents” figures of any type, emphasizing the advantages and delicately hiding shortcomings. A loose cut, a fastener “on the smell” and a strict, but underlined line of the neckline are the best that you can think of for elegant home wear. Long sleeves of a dressing gown in such style, due to the lowered armhole, create a clear, but easy silhouette. In the fashionable kimono sleeves at the elbow level have special slots through which you can pass your hands, this detail adds convenience and practicality to the models.

Fashionable versions of this style are designed in local and pure colors – black, red, white. Especially stylish, they look in combination with soft, well draped fabrics, creating a soft silhouette, fitting the figure. The image is perfected by embroidery in the oriental style – large, bright flowers or hieroglyphs.

Women’s terry robes – fashionable practicality

These, perhaps, the most popular models require special selection. Soft, cozy and, of course, fashionable dressing gown must also be impeccably of high quality. In this respect, the properties of organic cotton could not be surpassed by any material. For the sake of your own preference, when choosing, it’s worth giving only to him

A short or long model is a matter of personal choice. The length of the “mini” promises you a flirty, light and energetic image. A rather long bathrobe, feminine silhouette – comfort and elegance. The styles of these models are time tested and fairly conservative, but what is subject to fashion is the colors and finishes.

Large prints – flowers and stripes – relevant in any other models, in such robes look like an excessive stylistic burden. In addition, due to the texture of the fabric, any pattern increases the volume of not only the model, but also its owner. Want to look slimmer – pay attention to monochromatic patterns of bright or pastel colors.

Each girl has a favorite color scheme in which things designed for personal care are sustained – from towels and washcloths to tubes and jars with your favorite creams. If you “support” this range with a stylish bathrobe, you will double the pleasure of going to the shower and beauty treatments. Emerald, scarlet or bright blue, and maybe pale pink or pale gray …. Style and color of such models should not be underestimated – this is just one of the very important trifles that make up your personal space.

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