Fashionable warm and stylish winter shoes 2020 and 58 photos


Fashionable warm and stylish Fashionable winter shoes 2020

Army boots

Army boots are concise and a little rude in appearance, but they are very practical and comfortable, which allows you to easily move around on slippery snow. Their color is usually black, but others can also be selected: green, brown, gray and blue.

Felt boots

Traditional felt boots go into fashion in the winter of 2020. Valenoks can withstand severe Russian winters, and a large selection of stylish products will not force you to buy a uniform style. Valenoks can be short, medium length and high-traditional.


Wellingtons are high riding boots that have come into fashion for a very long time. Many fashionistas use this type of shoe for the winter, where they show good resistance to slippery snow or ice.

Wellingtons are mainly available in black or dark brown. They are sewn from genuine leather with the addition of fur or wool (interior decoration).

Square toe

And again, the fashion of past years returns to us, namely the fashion from the 90s, where the square toe was especially popular. Winter 2020 allows you to pick up any winter shoes with such a toe.

Shoes, boots with square toe boots are especially suitable for women not tall.

Sharp toe

Another obsolete classic – a sharp toe, comes back to us in the winter of 2020. A sharp toe has always been in demand and, despite the fashion, is still in use. A sharp toe boot looks much more familiar than the above option.

These shoes look stylish, sophisticated and romantic.

Military style

Military confidently entered the women’s fashion and will not leave her. In the winter of 200, boots, sneakers, boots, boots, ankle boots and other camouflage shoes will be especially popular.

Contrary to the assurances of specialists that camouflage is suitable only for men, the military style perfectly emphasizes female charm and sophisticated style.

Pipe Boots

Pipe boots have a high and wide shaft. Sometimes it seems that the boot is great for you, but this is the main highlight of the boot pipes. Some options look rather rough, but you can find more elegant models from suede or nubuck.


Rich lacing is the main decor of winter shoes for 2020. Your boots can be in Victorian style, or you can simply pick up shoes or sneakers with lots of lacing.

Rough boots

Rudeness turned into a stylish trend of the winter of 2020. Rough-soled boots, boots with an angular shape and awkward soles are the most fashionable outfit of winter 2020.


Winter sneakers

Classic winter sneakers also entered the top fashionable winter shoes for 2020. This is one of the most convenient types of shoes on sale. With sneakers, it is easy to create different images, and it is also not cold in the most severe frosts.

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