Fashionable Sneakers-socks

Incredibly stylish and original sneakers-socks with a seamless knit top appeared in the fashion world with the light hand of Cristobal Balenciaga and quickly won unprecedented demand from the fair sex. Most fashionistas say that these shoes are incredibly comfortable, so it is so popular.

What are the socks called socks?

It is correct to call the original sneakers in the form of socks with a sole Snookers, however, in the ranks of ordinary people you can find a variety of terms, for example

  • sneakers;
  • socks on the sole;
  • haytopy;
  • ankle socks

These products are a futuristic hybrid. sport shoes and familiar to every woman accessories. Their toes are made of elastic knitwear, while the sole can be made of a variety of materials. Depending on the purpose for which sneakers such as socks are intended, they can have a simple rubber or specialized sole for running and active sports.

what are called socks sneakers

Women’s Sneakers-Socks

Bright and original sock-shaped sneakers appeared in the fashion world a few years ago. For the first time such shoes could be seen at the shows of the Vetements brand, however, they gained the greatest popularity among girls and women after appearing in the Balenciaga lineup. Since such an unusual shape, incredible convenience and a very interesting design were not ignored, a great many stylists around the world began to develop such models and work on improving them.

women sneakers socks


Among all the sports shoes presented, Balenciag sneakers and socks have a special place. Although these products are as simple and concise as possible, they are winning more and more hearts of beautiful women and are not going to give up their positions at all. Balenciaga Speed ​​Trainer sneakers have many advantages over other models, for example:

  • bright non-trivial design that will not leave its owner unnoticed;
  • a huge variety of different colors. In addition to the usual white and black, in the line of this brand you can find bright monophonic options from almost any color range. For example, red sneakers-socks look very stylish and attractive, which can be close to scarlet or burgundy in tone;
  • holistic ensemble. The only decoration of this shoe is a small inconspicuous logo on the side, which does not violate the integrity of the design, but only emphasizes its originality;
  • high quality materials;
  • The top of such footwear is made of special synthetic fabric imitating hosiery knitting. Due to the special structure of the cuff of this material, the products do not slide down and do not interfere when walking;
  • the magnificent structured sole with excellent depreciation. Thanks to her, sneakers-socks from the Balenciag brand are distinguished by incredible convenience – the load in them is evenly distributed throughout the entire foot, and each step springs a little;
  • unisex style. Both girls and young people can wear this unique footwear;
  • a huge range of sizes – among the options presented, absolutely anyone can choose the right model;
  • lack of laces and any other fasteners, which ensures maximum ease of taking off and dressing;
  • Excellent combinatoriness and compatibility with various styles.

Adidas Sneakers

The relevance of the trend of sneakers and socks has not been ignored by world-famous designers and manufacturers of sportswear. Thus, similar shoes appeared in the assortment of the Adidas brand, both in the main line and in other areas, for example, in the Adidas & Gosha Rubchinskiy capsule collection. Adidas sock sneakers have a very stylish and elegant design. Since most of the brand’s snookers are presented in universal black and white, they can be easily combined with different wardrobe items and accessories.

sneakers socks adidas

Nike Sneakers

Comfortable and practical Nike sneakers with toe are popular with girls and women of different ages due to their unusual, but stylish design and incredibly high quality of performance. These products do not cause discomfort at all during the socks and, moreover, are able to serve their owner for several years, so the number of their fans does not decrease with each season. In addition, Nike brand socks can also be combined with skirts and dresses – they look very neat and visually emphasize the fragility and sophistication of the female leg.

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Phil Sneakers

The Phil brand also did not stay aside from the newfangled tendency and presented in the new collection sneakers-socks on the sole, which are very convenient to take off and put on in any situation. Most of the models of this brand are presented in universal color shades – black and white, there are also brighter, but not flashy options at all. According to experts, the products of the Phil brand are optimal in terms of the price-quality ratio and satisfy the needs of the majority of customers.

Phil Sneakers

Sneakers Socks Zara

Spanish fashion giant Zara presented his original novelty to the public about a year ago. During this time Zara sneakers-socks appeared in the personal collection of almost every fan of the brand. The upper part of such shoes is made of elastic breathable fabric, and the sole has excellent cushioning. Such products have a very concise, but very stylish performance – most of the models are presented in gray or black color and are not decorated with any bright elements.

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Puma Socks

In the Puma brand line, sneakers such as socks are not the most important place, however, many fans of this brand find them attractive. The very first model of this manufacturer was presented in black and complemented by original printed laces, made in the same style as the sole. In addition, Puma Snookers have a slightly raised toe, which makes them even more original and futuristic.

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