Fashionable skirts for spring summer 2020

Fashionable skirts for spring summer 2020

In the wardrobe of every woman there is always a place for a skirt, because this wardrobe item is very actively used to create a variety of images. Such clothing always complements the look with elegance, femininity and is relevant at any time of the year. The spring-summer fashion season promises the fair sex many pleasant surprises and offers ladies a closer look at interesting styles, prints and textures of new-fangled models, which we will discuss below.

The main trends of skirts spring-summer 2020

At the beginning of our conversation, we will immediately share a little secret – all the skirt models presented in the collections emphasize a romantic mood. Also, fashionistas are given complete freedom in choosing the length of such a fashionable thing.

In the trend, fluffy and tight skirts, pencil skirts and asymmetric styles, models with a wide belt, smell, pleating and corrugation, tulip skirt, bell and many other very interesting options. Floral motifs, peas, stripes, plain pastel shades, leather goods, knitwear and chiffon. About this and much more in the review below.

Asymmetric models: features of styles, photo

One of the most daring fashion trends of recent years, which contradicts the traditionally accepted standards of shapes and lines, is asymmetry. This style is presented by many fashion houses, experimenting and competing among themselves with an abundance of color schemes and textures. Asymmetric skirt models are always in trend.

Fashionistas this year will put on skirts with a hem of an asymmetric cut, which is originally complemented by cuts and smells. Actual for such models is the combination of different contrasting colors and fabrics.

Pencil skirt: fresh ideas in a classic style

Without such a model, any list of fashionable skirts will always be incomplete. Pencil skirts spring-summer 2020 are versatile. This style perfectly complements the casual, romantic and office style. Among the trendy options are lace products, wraparound models and stylish leather skirts.

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Ladies with mouth-watering shapes are recommended for elongated pencil models. Monochrome colors, laconic prints and patterns are also relevant.

Mega-trend spring-summer 2020: pleated and pleated

Among the favorites of the season are pleated and corrugated skirts of the A-shaped style. Fans of such skirts were the most famous women in the world, including Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana and Elizabeth Taylor. Nowadays, this model remains no less popular, although it has undergone significant improvements.

The most top colors of pleated skirts for spring-summer are delicate pastel shades, bright or saturated deep tones. The ombre effect and shiny fabrics look very nice. Designers recommended the length to the knee or maxi.

Tulip skirt

For such a fashionable style, an additional volume is characteristic in the upper part. Often these skirts are complemented by original pockets, drapery or an elegant smell. They are perfectly combined with other things from the women’s wardrobe and are relevant for creating any image.

Bell skirt

Products of this type have shown themselves in many collections, and look beautiful in any length. However, one should not forget that the short model emphasizes the merits of only the owners of the ideal figure. The bell-skirt style is lightweight, and among fashion trends there are very interesting models with pockets, lace and transparent inserts, pleated models and an original belt.

Fashionable wrap skirts

The style of a wrap skirt is considered one of the most expressive, and is recommended for fashionistas of any age and type of figure. Due to the wide variety of shapes, textures, colors and lengths, such skirts are classified as universal models. This spring and summer, it is fashionable to combine incision and smell at the same time. The main thing is not to overdo it with the first element.

Full skirts spring-summer 2020

Fashionable models of fluffy skirts are very popular. Spring-Summer 2020 favors tulle skirts, which are recommended to be combined with oppositely contrasting wardrobe items. This fashionable skirt is not universal and looks beautiful on slender young ladies and owners of the “inverted triangle” figure.

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The additional volume below the waist, which is created by such a model, very skillfully adjusts the silhouette and hides wide shoulders.

Narrow skirts: styles of spring-summer 2020

Warm seasons are ideal for tight skirts. The length of a midi or maxi is not at all important. Narrow skirts emphasize the figure, very successfully combined with many things and are relevant for a walk with friends, and for a business dinner. However, such a skirt is not suitable for those who can not boast of an ideal figure. The narrow skirt, unfortunately, emphasizes even the most minor flaws.

high waist skirts with a wide belt

Stylish echoes of the 40s in modern performance very confidently occupied the list of leaders among the variety of skirts presented in the collections. They are suitable for young ladies of any height with proportional parameters of the figure, and have no restrictions on the choice of style, color or fabric. Such skirts are distinguished by a wide cut of the belt, which very coquettishly emphasizes the waist line and can be complemented by pockets.

Length options for spring-summer 2020 skirts

As we said above, this season the choice of skirt length is only your choice. Mini skirts are an excellent choice of slim beauties who have a figure without flaws. The length of the midi is represented by designers in many variations. You can choose a pencil skirt, pleated skirt, a wrap skirt, original models with frills and much more.

Maxi length – a universal option, offered in complete freedom of choice of textures and cut. It remains only to recall that the correctly selected length skillfully hides the flaws of the figure, emphasizes good taste and your advantages.

What fabric to choose: examples and fashion ideas

The list of leaders is opened by leather skirts that complement the look very beautifully and can be made not only in the classic color. You can safely get a bright model, a model of pastel colors or an original leather skirt with embroidery. Topical products for this period are knitwear, cotton, jeans and chiffon. Guipure, mesh and lace are also very popular and will beautifully complement your image.

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As you can see, there is no limit to the variety of models, styles and textures of fashionable skirts. The products presented by the collections are not just a set of trends, but a unique opportunity to create a unique bow and declare to the whole world their taste and originality.

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