Fashionable Pendants For Lovers

Each of us was at least once in our life puzzled by the question of what to give a loved one, close to the day of marriage or parents for a silver wedding . Pendant for lovers is an original, beautiful and sophisticated gift, while it carries a deep meaning.

Pair of pendants for lovers

It is sometimes very difficult to admit the depth and strength of one’s feelings to another. In this case, instead of words, present symbolic pair pendants for lovers. This is a piece of jewelry that has its own pair, it is a general composition consisting of 2 separate elements. There is like a symbol of promise to always be near, to love and not to forget. Can be made of:

  • gold – yellow, white or to be combined;
  • silver;
  • jewelry steel.

Often encrusted with stones, both precious and their analogues. Before you buy such a gift, you should find out and take into account the preferences of your loved one – what wears, what color and style. For example, if a girl prefers yellow gold it will be strange to present a silver pendant, even if very beautiful.

paired pendants d lovers
paired pendants d lovers

Pendants of gold for lovers

This type of metal give their preference to the majority of people. Due to their softness, jewelry makers create amazing things from gold. Gold pendants for lovers, like other jewelry made from this material, come in various shades. Beautiful and fashionable – combined gold, a combination of several shades of it. Such an alloy is durable, wear-resistant and will delight its owner for many years. In addition, gold has always been a great investment.

To date, the most popular and affordable types of this precious metal:

  • red;
  • yellow;
  • white;
  • pink

Less well-known, but no less beautiful shades of gold:

  • brown;
  • green
  • blue and blue;
  • violet, or amethyst;
  • black.
pendants of gold d lovers
pendants of gold d lovers

Pair of pendants for lovers of silver

When purchasing beautiful jewelry from such a metal, pay attention to the sample indicated on the product. The 925 standard is the most valuable. Silver pendants for lovers – this is a great option. The prices for them are quite democratic, but in their beauty and uniqueness they are in no way inferior to other, more expensive ones. Modern processing technologies allow silver to remain brilliant and not darken, which previously repelled the purchase of a product made from this type of metal. Silver also has healing properties for the human body and is even used to disinfect water.

silver love double pendants
silver love double pendants

Fashion pendants for lovers

Of all the variety of choice of pendants, double pendants for lovers are always the most relevant. These include heart-shaped pendants, which is divided into two halves – for her and for him, as a symbol of yin and yang, as well as an original and significant heart with a keyhole and a key to it. As a rule, the part that is designed for men is made in a strict style and looks brutal, while the female part of the suspension is smaller in size, it looks subtle and romantic decorated with stones. But there are equally executed.

fashion pendants d lovers
fashion pendants d lovers

Pendant heart for two

As a rule, such a pendant for lovers of flat shape, divided into two parts by a curved line imitating a divided heart in half. Pendant heart for two – the most popular jewelry for lovers, it’s more popular than wedding rings! Such a gift can not be interpreted ambiguously, it is clear that this declaration of love. Added matte accents look very nice – it looks very gentle and romantic. The one for which such a heart is intended will understand everything without words.

As an addition, heart halves are often engraved:

  • names;
  • initials;
  • phrases;
  • Images.
pendant heart for two
pendant heart for two

Yin-Yang pendant for two

This ancient Chinese amulet symbolizes the unity of the whole and the interaction of opposing principles, which, transforming into each other, turn into a powerful energy. It is believed that the paired pendants of yin and yang work as a charm, balance the relationship in a pair, symbolize eternal love and readiness to yield to each other. This option, many lovers prefer as a gift with a deep meaning. “Yin and Yang” can be purchased made of precious metals, but often it is a quality-made jewelry.

pendant yin and yang for two
pendant yin and yang for two

Pendant halves for lovers

This is a suspension consisting of two identical halves, for example, in the form of a puzzle. Putting them together will get a new, more complete “picture”. One of the most unusual pendants is a bolt and a nut, which are ideally suited to each other along the thread. This gift is suitable not only for young and unmarried couples, but also for people who are combined by marriage:

  • as a gift from a close guest;
  • each other, as a symbol of strong relationships;
  • beloved spouse “with experience”.

The wide selection offered by the jewelry market allows us to choose pendants for couples for every taste and budget.

pendants halves for lovers
pendants halves for lovers

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