Fashionable manicure with sparkles and glitter: photos, the best ideas

Today, nail industry experts offer a huge number of ideas for everyday, evening and wedding manicure.

The constant trend, which is always relevant and in demand, no matter what fashion design trends appear, is a beautiful manicure with sparkles.

Manicure with glitter 2018-2019 is presented in all techniques of nail design, because manicure + glitter is always beautiful, fashionable, original, luxurious.

As you can see, a sequined manicure is astonishing, because a brilliant manicure has always attracted not only a bright execution, but also emphasized the unusual personality of its owner, for whom a sequined manicure is not at all, but very …

But no matter how charming the manicure with sparkles is, don’t forget that everything is great in moderation, so we use this rule when choosing such a luxurious nail design.

Probably, many women have heard another name for this kind of nail art, namely a manicure with glitter.

Glitter, which is the main chip of this design, can be of different sizes, colors, shapes, which allows you to create an exclusive and unique manicure with 2018-2019 glitters for every taste.

Also in fashion manicure with lacquer with glitter, where, as you know, glitter goes immediately in the consistency of lacquer in a certain shade, which allows you to get a brilliant manicure in harmony with your unique way.

Although 2018-2019 glitter manicure is considered more of an evening option, it is now popular to make a brilliant manicure for every day, complementing everyday images in a romantic, retro, youth and informal style.

Manicure with sparkles will refresh the simplest image, giving it a light zest and expressiveness.

Fashionable manicure with glitter, as well as the design with varnish with sparkles, is good because it is replenished with new samples every season, because every season has its own special details and signs that manicurists display in seasonal design.


Glitter 2018-2019 spring-summer manicure – add bright notes to your nail design

What could be more beautiful than a manicure with sparkles for the spring-summer season. It is during these seasons that manicurists enjoy the opportunity to experiment with variations in the design of short and long nails, combining glitter and varnish with sparkles with monochromatic varnish in delicate pastel and brighter warm shades of spring and summer.

Mostly pink, beige, turquoise, white, coral, blue manicure with sparkles.

Gentle combinations can be complemented by a bright insert in the form of 3D pattern. Manicure with sparkles looks harmoniously, combining different textures and techniques.

Spring-summer manicure with glitter 2018-2019 pleases fashionistas with the magnificence of all sorts of ideas, in particular, with sequin manicure complement quivering patterns, delicate flowers, light curls, stripes and polka dots. You can see examples of such nail design in our gallery.

Autumn-Winter Glitter Manicure – Fashion Trend for Nail Design 2018-2019

According to the professionals, a sequined manicure is one of the most important trends of the fall and winter months 2018-2019.

This can not but rejoice, because a brilliant manicure will successfully emphasize the palette of autumn-winter colors, and complement the concise and restrained images of these seasons.

Fashionable manicure with glitter autumn will be combined with autumn ornaments, emphasizing the beauty of leaves, flowers, twigs, fruits, birds, and harmonizing with the drops, as if just falling on your nails.

In winter, a manicure with sparkles will cause the most positive emotions, because it is this option that is most relevant during the holidays.

Trembling snowflakes, icicles, toys and twigs will decorate the winter manicure with sparkles, recalling the fabulous expectations that should come true with the advent of the new year.

2018-2019 glitter manicure for the bride – an indispensable element of a wedding image

If your wedding in the traditional style, fashionable manicure with sparkles, made of white, pink, beige or transparent varnish, will be most welcome.

Sophisticated wedding nail design is often supplemented with modeling, openwork patterns, rhinestones, which makes the manicure with sequins extraordinarily beautiful.

If you are an unusual bride, you can choose a manicure with sparkles, for example, of a rich red color, in harmony with the details of your wedding look.

2018-2019 Glitter Manicure for a special occasion: the best ideas and new manicure

If you are looking for an evening manicure with glitter, you have hit the spot, because in our gallery there are amazing examples of brilliant manicure that will be appropriate to complement both evening and cocktail dresses.

Fashion trends of nail art offer women as an evening nail design a luxurious manicure with sparkles in dark and rich colors, which looks very impressive and original.

The shape and size of the nails does not matter, because the manicure with sparkles will look festive, both on nails of short length and on medium and long nails of a sharp, square, oval shape.

In addition to saturated and dark shades, trendy evening nail design with glitter and black openwork patterns that look amazing on nails, as well as a popular technique – the cat’s eye, causing delight with the originality of the idea.

2018-2019 glitter manicure: techniques, unique design ideas

Undoubtedly, the design of manicure with sparkles can be combined, both with a glossy and with a matte varnish.

Matte manicure with glitter looks elegant and elegant, so it is chosen by women who want to impress with the chic image.

Since glitter can have a different color, size and shape, experts suggest experimenting with design ideas, emphasizing the originality and individuality of your bow.

Manicure with sparkles can be performed in classic french techniques, using a glitter to highlight the holes, decorate only one nail with shiny elements, getting a bright accent, but without making a sparkling geeky manicure.

The ombre technique also has a huge number of examples when exactly glitters perform a gradient transition vertically, horizontally, in an angular way.

You can not forget about the geometric print, which by creating lines, shapes and intersections make manicure with glitter 2018-2019 more concise and elegant.

It is possible to achieve a flickering effect by decorating the nails with rhinestones or foil, combining them with glitter, as well as combining them with a matte and glossy finish.

Our photo review presents a manicure with sparkles in great abundance, so look, choose ideas, and be great in your desire to be unique.

Ideas manicure with glitter 2018-2019 – photo

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