fashionable images on what to combine with a denim skirt

fashionable images on what to combine with a denim skirt

In the modern world, girls choose stylish and comfortable outfits. The rhythm of life is too fast, so sometimes there is simply no time to choose clothes for a long time. In this case, a denim skirt is very suitable. A denim skirt is an irreplaceable element in a wardrobe, it has already become a kind of classic. Let’s see what models of such a skirt will be good and what to combine it with.

With top

Most often, a denim skirt is worn in the hot season, and then it is the top that will be relevant for such weather. A cropped top and a high waistline in a skirt will look effective. This image will emphasize the slimness and make the waist even thinner.

Also, a stylish option would be a top in the form of a T-shirt – “alcoholic”. In this case, the skirt can be worn either straight or flared. Just do not forget to hide bra straps with such a top.

With t-shirt

The T-shirt has become such a versatile item that it goes with all looks. The choice of T-shirts for our skirt is endless. It can be a T-shirt with a neckline, a high neck, long or short sleeves.

T-shirts with shoulder pads are in fashion now. These T-shirts will look cute with an A-line skirt. In this case, you get the silhouette of an hourglass figure.

Usually T-shirts are tucked into skirts and slightly loose. Accentuate this line with a brown leather belt and the look is ready.

As shoes, a combination of a denim skirt and a T-shirt will best complement sneakers or sneakers. For lovers of classics, choose neat white ones, and for experimenters – colored ones on a rough, slightly voluminous sole.

With a blouse (shirt)

A blouse or shirt will add femininity to an image with a denim skirt. Everything is simple here. You choose a shirt with a classic cut, but not a tight one, and put it on. Shirts in white and blue will look best. You can also play with prints, for example, with a strip, it is always in fashion. The cage also looks good, but be careful, there are different cage options in fashion every year.

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The image can be diluted with accessories, using glasses, tiered chains, bracelets, neck scarves.

If you choose a blouse, then the image is more gentle and romantic. Thin chains, voluminous and long earrings will suit him. From footwear, there are only shoes or neat loafers, clogs, sandals.


With jumper

A denim skirt is worn not only in the warm season, it easily fits into the fall and spring wardrobe. Then we include various jumpers in the image. The most stylish now will be cropped tight jumpers. With such a small strip of the body will be visible and it looks very bold and sexy. Such an image should not be overloaded with accessories, watches and large earrings are enough.

More classic and wearable options are paired with a relaxed jumper. With a straight skirt, it can be left for release, and with a flared or trapezoidal shape, it can be tucked in.

With jacket

The jackets conquered the girls with their versatility and style. Now every fashionable girl has several jackets in her wardrobe.

Do not assume that only a denim jacket is suitable for a denim skirt. Blazers with thick cotton with voluminous sleeves will look great here. They can be plain or printed in the form of a check with a pinstripe or goose foot.

Choose the color of the jacket from the base palette to match the color of the jeans.


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