fashionable image of what to wear with long dresses

fashionable image of what to wear with long dresses


Maxi dresses have long won the hearts of many girls and have taken pride of place in wardrobes. Stores now offer an incredible assortment, so you can easily choose your dress that will emphasize your figure and fit perfectly into your style. It can be a romantic chiffon dress with flounces, a knitted dress with a loose fit, or a leather shirt dress. Today we will look at the most current models of long dresses, and with what you can wear them.

Look # 1 – with a black maxi-length shirt dress

In the first look, I want to show you one of the most versatile dress models that fits perfectly on almost any figure and can become a real lifesaver in your wardrobe.

Infographic: outfit with a black shirt dress

This length and straight fit are two prerequisites for the perfect shirt dress. The set in the photo is suitable for late spring or cool summer. So, let’s take a straight-cut shirt dress as a basis. We suggest immediately replacing the fabric belt with a spectacular wide leather belt. Put on a beige biker jacket on top.

Black leather pumps with an accent detail are the perfect shoes. Let’s complement the image with an olive-colored bag with a decor in the form of a massive plastic chain. Recall that chains are now in trend in all their manifestations, pay your attention to them.

Multi-row chain earrings and necklace complete the look. You can wear a long black dress like this, or you can use the dress as a top layer by wearing it over a plain top with jeans, for example.

Look number 2 – with a green chiffon pleated dress

The second look is incredibly feminine and romantic, perfect for summer evening dates.

Infographic: Outfit with a long, bright green dress

Let’s take a long green chiffon dress as the basis of the look. You can tie a bow around your neck or leave the ribbons as shown – both will look equally good. We recommend hiding such an elastic waistband on the dress with a leather belt. In our case, it is a black leather belt with an interesting twisted buckle.

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A pair of black leather ankle-tie sandals will be the ideal accompaniment for this look. With such a dress, it is better to tie them so tightly at the bottom, with a shorter dress, you can wrap them around the leg higher. Let’s complement the image with a mini handbag on a chain, the color of which is incredibly beautifully combined with the color of the dress.

Delicate leaf earrings and a bracelet complete the set. You can wear a similar summer dress in the cold season with high boots and a knitted oversized sweater.

Look # 3 – for autumn with a jersey maxi dress

The third look is perfect for autumn and spring, based on a knitted long dress.

Infographic: Outfit with a gray knitted midi dress

Many people like this model of a noodle dress due to the fact that it emphasizes the figure, while being very comfortable. The main thing is, if you decide to buy this, choose a denser knitwear and watch how tight the dress fits you (it should not be too tight). Almost any color scheme is suitable for such a gray dress, but we decided to leave this image restrained, so it looks as stylish as possible.

Add to the dress black ankle boots with medium steady heels, a black leather crossbody bag, as well as earrings and a chain.

If you now have a question in your head whether it is possible to combine two different colors of metal in one set, then yes, you can. Moreover, it looks very nice and stylish. Above we put on a basic robe coat in beige.

Look number 4 – for winter with a white knitted long dress

The next look is composed with a long off-white knit dress.

Infographic: Outfit with Long White Knit Dress

In such a set you can walk in winter, you will look incredibly stylish. In addition, this outfit is very cozy, which is also important for winter. Let’s take a loose knitted dress with a straight cut as a basis. This model will look great on tall girls. To it we add a trendy black leather belt with micro-bags, a similar model could be seen at the Dior fall-winter show. The belt will accentuate the waist and the dress will not seem too baggy and bulky.

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High black boots with tractor soles are suitable as shoes. Add a cheburashka coat of a pleasant caramel color on top. A beige knit beanie and yellow metal hoop earrings complete the look.

Look number 5 – universal with a long dress in blue denim

The fifth look is based on a long denim dress.

Infographic: Outfit with below the knee denim dress

This outfit turned out to be as summer as possible. This dress is very comfortable and will make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Blue jeans always look very advantageous with beige and caramel shades. We suggest replacing the belt with a wide braided milky belt.

As a shoe, sandals with a thick braided sole are suitable. Let’s add an interesting bucket bag to the look. See how beautifully leather combines with natural materials. For summer looks, such a bag is simply irreplaceable.

Let’s add accessories to the outfit. Plastic earrings, a few thin chains and sunglasses complete the look.

Look number 6 – for summer with a long dress with large peas

And finally, the last look for today is based on a satin long polka dot dress.

Infographic: summer outfit with a long polka dot dress

This set is perfect for dates and special occasions. It consists of only a few elements, but look how sophisticated and advantageous it looks.

We will wear white leather sandals with thin heeled straps to the dress. These shoes will be very relevant this summer. Let’s add a copper-colored satin bag that instantly brightens the outfit.

And be sure to add some yellow metal decorations. Elongated earrings with round pearls that match the color of the dress and the shape of the polka dots on it, cuff and bracelet complete the look.

By the way, you can complement the look with an elongated straight-cut blazer in white, black or caramel, if you want to leave the look calmer, or in a bright color in contrast to the bag.

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What shoes can you wear a long dress with?

There are incredibly many shoe options, everything will depend on the dress itself, on the time of year and on what style you want to create an image in. We propose to consider the example of one dress.

Depending on your preference, it can be taken into different styles. In autumn and spring, you can wear such a long dress with Cossacks and rough boots. In the warm season, with basic white sneakers, heeled sandals and without.

If you want a brighter combination, add red heeled mules or yellow flat mules. As you can see, one and the same dress can be styled perfect in different ways, the main thing is not to be afraid to try.

Infographic: recommendations for choosing shoes for a long dress



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