Fashionable highlights on light brown hair: photo options in various techniques

All girls spend a lot of time on their appearance, because it is very important that the image is harmonious and perfect. One of the most important elements of the appearance is the hairstyle. And in order to look stylish hairstyle, it is impossible not to pay attention to hair coloring. There is a fairly large number of different staining techniques, for example, ombre, blondirovka, balayazh and others. But not every technique looks spectacular and advantageous on light curls. The most successful and suitable option for owners of sand and similar shades is a fashionable highlighting of blond hair.

The main types of highlighting on light brown hair

The effect of highlighting is created by the removal of melanin from the strands, as a result of which lightening occurs by several tones. This coloring technique is common, and if desired, you can achieve the visual effect of the thickness and masking of gray hair.
There are different types of highlighting, which differ significantly from each other:
  1. Classic.
  2. Venetian.
  3. The reverse.
  4. Californian.
  5. Rare
  6. Frequent.
Let’s take the same look at some of the types for light brown hair in more detail in order to compare the differences between techniques.

Beautiful classic highlighting technique for light brown hair

The classic mode of highlighting is most often used among girls with brown hair. This technique is performed by surface tape-type staining. Spinning with this staining should not be too thick to avoid an excessively rough transition between natural colors and colored. This way of changing the appearance is suitable for girls who want smooth transitions of shades of the order or tend to refresh their hairstyle a little without drastic changes in the image.

Stylish Venetian highlighting

Venetian dyeing technique is often called the French. This technique of dyeing light brown hair is performed purely on dark locks in order to soften the contrast of tones. With the help of Venetian highlighting, a natural smooth and slightly noticeable transition of the natural tone of hair into colored locks is obtained. Stylish stripes can be made in a dark and light tone compared with the natural shade of hair. After performing highlighting, stylists strongly recommend not to perform toning.

Reverse highlighting of light brown hair in the photo

This color is very complex and completely non-sparing hair. This technique is used only on repeatedly highlighted curls. In contrast to the classical highlighting, reverse staining does not discolor, but rather the strands are made darker. Very elegantly contrasting this technique looks on light blond and light hair. Reverse coloring is a subtle highlighting, very similar to the natural tone of the hair.

California Highlighting Technique

In order to achieve an attractive, elegant and natural looking hair, as if it had burnt out in the sun, the master needs to make a good effort. The whole essence of Californian coloring is to stretch the tone from the dark color at the roots, to the lightest shade on the tips as smoothly as possible. The main thing is to subtly smooth out sharp transitions so that the highlighting does not look vulgar and excessively rough. The final result will definitely delight fashionistas.

Highlights on dark blond hair

The discoloration of strands on dark blond hair looks very beautiful and strong. Often the tone of the hair is rarely discolored in order not to hurt the hair, to avoid contrasting transitions. There are several varieties of highlighting for dark brown hair:

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