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All girls spend a lot of time on their appearance, because it is very important that the image is harmonious and perfect. One of the most important elements of the appearance is the hairstyle. And in order to look stylish hairstyle, it is impossible not to pay attention to hair coloring. There is a fairly large number of different staining techniques, for example, ombre, blondirovka, balayazh and others. But not every technique looks spectacular and advantageous on light curls. The most successful and suitable option for owners of sand and similar shades is a fashionable highlighting of blond hair.

Highlights on dark blond hair

The discoloration of strands on dark blond hair looks very beautiful and strong. Often the tone of the hair is rarely discolored in order not to hurt the hair, to avoid contrasting transitions. There are several varieties of highlighting for dark brown hair:

  • Multicolor – stylish and current coloring in the style of the 90s. When performing it, it is necessary to apply several shades at once. For such highlighting, pink or blue ebb is often used, in tandem with a dark shade of the main hair color.
  • Classic – with this technique, dyeing is carried out using two colors, most often platinum and honey. Ultimately, there is an elegant transition between natural tone and colored strands.

Ash highlights on light brown hair: Brazilian dyeing

Brazilian technique is also called partial. This type of coloring looks great on long blond hair, which is tinted with an ash tint. Brazilian highlights are very similar to California bleaching, but with this technique the top is not painted. Here, all hairs are divided into zones: temporal, occipital, crown and two central. At each site are separated strands that are painted in ashes. After highlighting all hair should be tinted. This technique has an original and interesting appearance, and this is due to the fact that the crown area favorably distinguishes the naturalness of the hair.

Shatush and balayazh – an interesting kind of highlights blond hair

Shatush dyeing is done on light brown or dark hair, as a result of which a stretched color comes out. This technique is very similar to the ombra, only after it on the hair there are not straight and clear lines, but smooth waves. With the right selection of shading, the bleaching of shashush is suitable for all haircuts and hair structures. A balayazh is a very beautiful and spectacular dyeing technique for brown hair, which can combine coloring and toning. This coloring is typical for lovers to perform complex hairstyles or curly owners. With such highlighting, hair becomes expressive and graceful.

Highlighting short brown hair

A few years ago, a short haircut in combination with large highlighting was considered completely incompatible. But today it is one of the cult trends in dyeing for short hair. And in order to give the hairstyle for the holiday more charm and excellence, stylists are advised to decorate the part of the short haircut with contrasting sparkles or to highlight colored wax.

Highlighting on medium length hair

Undoubtedly, most often highlighting is performed on curls of medium length. The main advantage of this hairstyle is that it is convenient for styling and dyeing. But remember that highlighting with the ombre, california and balayazh technique is most likely to appear on a haircut cascade and a “straight line” of medium length.

Long hair coloring

Owners of long, luxurious hair, you can safely choose any of the techniques you like to perform highlighting. In particular, a wide ribbon staining or gray ombre.

Highlights on blond hair with bangs

If there is a bang in the swift, then its coloring depends on the length. If the length is permissible, then the forehead is dyed, as well as the bulk of the hair. If it is too short, it is best to leave it intact so as not to spoil the overall look of the hairstyle.

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