Fashionable fur coats 2019

The word “fur coat” warms one of its sound. Therefore, such a necessary and favorite element of the wardrobe never goes out of fashion. But, new trends dictate original and bold solutions even for fur darlings. So what will be especially relevant in the winter season of 2019?

It should be noted the variety of material used. Designers offer not to forget about the muton, fox, Arctic fox, mink … Although some try to create even from the fur of a bear or kangaroo. In general, the less familiar your fashionable fur coat will be, the more interesting it will be.

Fur coats 2019: print and patchwork

Prints do not want to leave us even in fur products. If modest geometry has been used for a long time and is perceived quite ordinary, then red lips on a fashionable fur coat will suit bold and creative girls. Well, you can not ignore leopard or floral motifs, which again returned to the latest collections.

Some couturiers generally propose creating fur products in a style reminiscent of a patchwork. Bright asymmetric pieces or strips of different fur textures create catchy patterns that will appeal to young beauties.

Stand faux fur coat 2019 with bright asymmetric pieces of fur
Yanina mink coat 2019 with a pink pattern
Ulyana-Sergeenko brown fur coat 2019 with a geometric print of multi-colored pieces of fur
Isabel Marant 2019 white fur coat with bright multi-colored pieces of fur
Isabel marant
2019 Isabel Marant black fur coat with bright multi-colored pieces of fur
Isabel marant
 Marco-de-Vincenzo long coat 2019 with a wide collar with pieces of different fur and a pattern on the fur coat
 Marco-de-Vincenzo fur coat 2019 with geometric shapes

Oversized shaggy coats and regal outfits

If in faux fur coats a long pile loses its relevance, then natural shaggy fur boldly walks along the fashion catwalks this season. As a rule, such products are straight cut and slightly oversized. It seems that the fur coat was granted from the shoulder of your king … Why not, if you feel like a queen?

By the way, especially for royalty, you can watch a fur product with inserts of fabric, leather and large gilt clasps.

Stand fur coat 2019 from shaggy fur
Simonetta-Ravizza 2019 black short fur coat from shaggy fur
Simonetta-Ravizza gray coat with brown inserts 2019 from shaggy fur
Saint-Laurent 2019 gray fur coat from shaggy fur
Saint-Laurent 2019 short black fur coat in shaggy fur
Simonetta-Ravizza 2019 short black fur coat in shaggy fur
Yves Salomon 2019 short coat with a hood

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