Fashionable coat styles for each type of figure

The coat is an essential attribute of the wardrobe of every fashionable woman. This is indicated by the photo of modern style icons. It is this element of clothing that can be transformed from one image to another and presented in completely unexpected versions. Let’s look at how to choose it for yourself and with what it can be combined.

coat modelsBasic silhouettes

We select a coat

In order to pick up a coat, you only need to know your type of figure. This is enough to understand what to emphasize in oneself, and what to the contrary, hide. In the correct selection will help you not only the following tips, but also a photo on the Internet with models whose figure is similar to yours.
correct accentsEmphasis for figure correction

Coat for the type of figure “hourglass”

In order to emphasize a narrow waist, choose options with a belt or fitted. The emphasis will be accentuated by a contrasting shade at the waist, for example, a bright belt band or a characteristic pattern. You pick a coat by type of figure, and in this case we are talking about the hourglass figure. By the way, for such a build it is very easy to choose the appropriate outfit.
hourglass shape modelsFor the hourglass figure

In this case, the recommended models are often performed in the spirit of the 60s, in the classical style or the spirit of Coco Chanel. You can get to know them better through the photos of models of the 20th century.

Coat for the type of figure “inverted triangle”

Add the volume to the hips will help option with a bright trim at the bottom or with a skirt cut “sun.” It is desirable that the top was adjacent. Excellent here fit the model in the spirit of the 60s or a coat in a retro style.
60s vintageThe silhouettes of the 60s

Coat for figure type “Pear”

Visually enlarge the chest or add volume to the shoulders will help options with a catchy decoration of the upper part. For example, a bright fur trim or a lush air scarf will ideally play a role here. Such instances are found both in the style of Coco Chanel, and “casual”, and are perfect for ladies of any age.
overseas modelsFree models

Coat for the “Rectangle” figure type

A little harder to choose an option to create a waist. We need to generally work on the femininity of the silhouette. This will help the model A-silhouette, complemented by a bright belt. It is desirable that he is well inhibited and was a contrast in tone. Models with knee-length are good, so the Chanel options are recommended, as opposed to casual.
for figure inverted triangleFor the “rectangle” figure

Coat for the type of figure “Apple”

If you want to hide the protruding tummy, visually become slimmer, then a coat in masculine style will suit you – straight, concise and monophonic. It is impossible to go to extremes and pick up either too tight or too wide a model (overlays coat). In some cases, in the wardrobe for the full silhouette options are allowed.
models for fullFor the figure “apple”

An interesting fact, the coat in the English style suits absolutely everyone. Externally, it is a semi-adjacent figure with double-breasted clasps. It can be fitted (in the classic version) or straight (in the casual style). The thing is very convenient and suitable for any occasion. But do not confuse him with a coat in military style.
for apple figureClassic models for the type of “apple”

With the help of photo-examples on the Internet, you can clearly consider this or that type of figure and coat selected for it.
in beige tonesModels in color beige classic cut

Use the following guidelines to create a daily or business kit.

Daily Outfit

The casual look is very versatile, as the kits in almost any version are suitable for it – Coco Chanel, models from the 60s, casual images, and a coat in a cage. Accordingly, it will be quite easy to choose clothes for them.
    • Trousers. Acting in contrast, it is best to choose elements of neutral dark tones. Good are jeans with their hues of indigo or deep blue. 
      But still, if you choose a model of Chanel or from the 60s, it is best to refrain from jeans and give preference exclusively to the classics. Be convinced of it, having made a photo with two different images. 
      In terms of style, it is better to choose skinny or straight. They emphasize the elegance of your legs, make them slimmer visually against the background of a straight coat (especially midi length or lower).

classicCompleting with denim

with pantsTrousers Ensembles

with jeansJeans ideas

    • Skirt. Immediately make a reservation that if you have a coat in a sporty style, then the skirt here is not quite appropriate to look like. It is better to prefer jeans or leggings in combination with sneakers or sneakers. 
      As for outerwear in the style of Chanel or the 60s, here the skirt will be very appropriate, especially in the trend colors of that time – flowers, cage, deep black, etc. The same tones are suitable for casual, but with a different length. In the first case, the minimum length is knee-deep, in the second – mini skirts.
with skirts

In sets with skirts

In search of your personality, do not be afraid to experiment. Create photos with interesting bows and evaluate from the side the advantages and disadvantages of a complete set.

Image of a business woman

More stringent rules will act here, because the range of choice of a particular model is significantly narrowed down to several options. Therefore, let us select a set for each style separately.
      • Coat in military style. It can be represented by a double-breasted overcoat or tunic. The main differences are buttons (reminiscent of the army), shoulder straps, stalemates. For the image, use straight dark trousers with arrows. Choosing a skirt, make sure that its length was more than the length of the outerwear. Do not forget about accessories – gloves, handbag and stylish scarf.
military styleMilitary style

      • Coco Chanel Style. Feminine, elegant and sophisticated model. Ideal with pencil skirts or straight, but the pants should be treated more carefully, because “Chanel” is an unshakable classic.
Chanel 2016Collection Chanel 2016

      • Coat in the style of the 60s. Geometric, bright and stylish 60s brightly dilute your wardrobe. The problem in the selection of the kit is more in the selection of harmonious color. It is recommended to select a contrasting low profile and accessories to match the color of the coat.
60s coat
      • Coat in English style. It is a cross between the above options. It is allowed to use practically any, but feminine skirts or trousers from the same color range. A vivid example of celebrity is 
        Victoria Beckham.
Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham’s Selection

You can use models in the style of casual, but in this case, the casual should be diluted with delicate accessories – for example, in the spirit of the 60s.
in a cageOptions in the cage

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