Fashionable Boho Style Coat

Today, the variety of women’s outerwear is simply amazing, and each young lady chooses for herself the suitable option. Girls who prefer bright, stylish and original things, may prefer their boho-style coats, which attracts with maximum comfort and unusual appearance.

Women’s Boho Coat

Bright and original women’s coat in boho style It is very easy to find out on city streets – thanks to their unusual appearance, these products stand out very strongly among the entire range of outerwear for beautiful ladies. Similar items of clothing have the following distinctive characteristics:
the upper part of such products should have a fitted cut and emphasize the outline of the silhouette of its owner; the hem shape, on the contrary, is completely opposite – it can be straight or flared;
most of these models combine different colors and textures at the same time, which makes them bright and original;
the most common elements of decor for such products are combined inserts from other materials, embroidery and appliqués; a boho-style coat is never adorned with shiny elements – Lurex or rhinestones are not allowed in its decor;
The color scheme of such outerwear is strictly delimited by season. So, winter models are made exclusively in restrained and muted shades – gray, brown, dark blue, green, beige and others. Summer and demi-season options, on the contrary, in most cases differ in brightness and color saturation.

Boho Winter Coats

In the winter season, every woman wants to wrap herself in a warm thing that can give her maximum comfort even in frosty weather. Models in the style of boho are just perfect for this, because they are made of dense and warm natural materials and, moreover, are very often complemented by fur inserts or lining. Products intended for winter are very often multi-layered, which makes them particularly warm and cozy.

Among the wide variety of winter models are the following:
knitted items made of thick yarn in the technique of hand-made. Such things not only look very bright, original and original, but also carry the personality of the hostess, who has invested her whole soul in the creation of this object;
A cape coat is an ideal option for those girls who want to hide those extra pounds from prying eyes. A boho-style winter coat for a full, cloak-shaped coat can be any length – from short coat, in appearance more resembling a jacket, to a maxi-product, reaching to the floor or ankle;
feminine coat in the style of boho with the smell, able to emphasize all the seductive outlines of the silhouette;
a coat-dress with a fitted top and a heavily flared hem.

Boho-style light overcoat

Autumn and spring models are the most variable in design and stylistic execution. These products are presented in an unusually wide range – knitted products without lining and insulation, a variety of ponchos and capes, lightweight coats, raincoats and much more. Often, an autumn coat in the boho style is complemented by a hood, because at this time of the year it often rains that can cause discomfort and ruin the hairstyle. The length of such items of clothing can also be different – from short capes to long knitted items of clothing that cover the entire lower part of the body.

Boho summer coat

In the warm season, the weather outside can suddenly deteriorate, causing mild or marked discomfort. In such a situation will help the summer coat-boho, which is characterized by low weight, stylish appearance and originality. Depending on individual preferences, each young lady can choose a product made from the following materials:
jacquard. Beautiful and elegant models of this material are great for windy days;
natural flax. This lightweight and airy material is ideal for creating models made in the midi and maxi lengths;
lace. Models made from this material look incredibly feminine and romantic;
natural cotton. Most products are made from this simple and concise material and complemented by a variety of decorative elements;
natural silk. A boho-style coat can also be made from this expensive and noble fabric, which is distinguished by maximum lightness and breathability.

Fashion coat in the style of boho

Beautiful and romantic coat-boho is one of the most recognizable items of women’s wardrobe. As a rule, it is distinguished by the brightness and multicolor fabric, wide loose style, the abundance of decorative elements in the form of fringe, laces, beads and much more. Such products look somewhat casually, however, while they can create an incredibly luxurious and chic look for any situation.

Boho knit coat

The original knitted coat-boho looks very bright, beautiful and attractive. This product perfectly warms in cold weather and gives its owner maximum comfort and coziness, however, at the same time it has many significant drawbacks. So, the knitted coat in the style of boho is not intended for hard frosts or precipitation. Best of all, this model is suitable for dry periods of autumn or spring, and on a cool summer day it can be an excellent alternative to the usual cardigan.

In addition, knitted models can very quickly lose their appearance, especially while riding in public transport. Since there is always a chance to put a puff, break the thread or start the dissolution of the finished product, it is better to move in it on your own car or on foot. Meanwhile, any, even not very experienced needlewoman can create such a wardrobe item with her own hands, having received a completely unique thing that no one else will have.

Flax Boho Coat

A beautiful coat in the style of boho can be made of different materials, but natural flax has remained the most popular among all the options for many years. Although this fabric has many drawbacks, such as excessive crushing, the popularity of flax products among the fair sex does not become less over time.

As a rule, girls and women choose flax outerwear, given the following advantages of these items of clothing:
natural flax causes an incredibly pleasant sensation when it comes into contact with the skin. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the dermis, does not cause allergic reactions, has antiseptic properties and may even contribute to the healing of wounds and scratches;
due to its dense structure, this material perfectly protects from wind and cool;
products made of natural flax are remarkable ease. Thanks to this, even a maxi-style coat in the style of boho is practically not felt on the body and does not cause discomfort;
in the care of these items of clothing are not pretentious at all;
Among the wide range of models you can find not only casual, but also festive and elegant options;
Although linen items do not protect against rain and moisture, they very quickly absorb liquid and dry very quickly, which allows you to put them on in a few hours after getting wet or washed;
electric charges do not accumulate on the surface of flax, it does not cause static electricity and does not stick to other people or objects;
The flax outerwear has just unique thermal characteristics – in cold weather it is very warm and comfortable in it, and in hot weather it is cool and easy.

Quilted boho coat

Quilted outerwear is currently in high demand. Girls and women of different ages give their preference to these items of clothing, decorated with a variety of patterns and images made of stitches. Stylists and designers have developed a lot of original options – a boho-style quilted coat looks very bright, attractive and interesting.

As a rule, such models have a length not exceeding mid-thigh, but they are not too long either – most of these products end at about the level of the knees. In view of the identity of this fashion trends stitches in it almost always form abstract patterns that do not carry a special meaning.

Long boho style coat

Boho-style coats are usually chosen by ladies with appetizing forms who want to hide existing figure flaws from prying eyes and distract the attention of others from problem areas. Due to the special features of the cut, such products mask extra kilos and present the silhouette in the most favorable light. In addition, they perfectly protect from frost and cold wind – in such a coat every woman will feel comfortable, regardless of weather conditions.

Fur coat in the style of boho

The boho winter coat can be made from natural fur used in combination with other materials, such as suede or leather. Synthetic analogues of the skins of fur animals in this fashionable direction are not allowed, because the boho style involves tailoring exclusively from natural raw materials.

Depending on individual preferences, each young lady can choose a short or long coat, decorated with fur in the area of ​​the collar or hood, belt or pockets, hem or top of the product. In addition, many models have a natural fur lining that protects against frost and cold wind.

Boho Coat

A stylish boho coat in appearance can resemble a raincoat, which is perfect for the off-season. Such a product is sewn of a dense fabric that reliably protects against cold wind and bad weather, so it is an excellent option for every day. Coat-raincoat in the style of boho can have a great many variations of decorative and stylistic design, so each young lady can easily choose a model that easily fits into the image she chooses.

Boho chic coat

Exquisite coat in the style of boho-chic is made from expensive natural materials – suede, velvet, lace and guipure, silk and others. Natural furs can be used as decoration for such items of clothing, and preference should be given to costly options – sable and marten, fox and silver foxes, mink and chinchilla. Outerwear, made in this unique direction, is ideal to complement the festive attire and may be appropriate even in the image of a young bride.

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