Fashion “without socks” sweeps through men,The male summer trend

Men today are also concerned about the trends dictated by fashion and this season there is one that, undoubtedly, stands on the podium and is fashion “without socks . ” Aesthetically you can be very flattering to teach a piece of ankle between your shoes and your pants, but in the practical aspect, have you ever considered your comfort?

The important thing is that you do not stay in the superficial, since you might get to think that really men who succumb to this trend put their shoes without socks, but it is not so! The secret is to use the so-called invisible socks .

Fashion without socks

Wearing shoes with bare feet can lead to many problems such as bad odor, chafing and very annoying wounds and even spoil footwear. From this we could exclude some materials such as esparto, which are made to be in contact with the skin without problems. But if you want to be able to include this trend at any time and with any shoe, the trick is to carry it without looking like it. And for this, we have found the perfect socks, attentive!

The perfect invisible socks

ZD Zero Defects is a brand that not only takes into account the dictates of fashion, but is also very committed to the environment. This is a social concern that more and more firms include in their production policies and that makes consumption much more responsible.

The invisible socks of ZD are made with organic hypoallergenic cotton and free of toxic substances , so it will allow you to use them even if your skin is very sensitive. In addition, this type of cotton is much softer to the touch than ordinary cotton and lets the skin breathe, so comfort is assured!

Fashion without socks
© ZD Zero Defects

And if it happens to you that this type of socks do not attract your attention because they always fall or fall, with those of ZD that will not happen to you! And is that the part of the heel is a band of silicone that makes you fit perfectly and prevents it from moving.

Now that we have found the ideals for you, you only have to see how to show off this trend in the best way.

5 ways to wear fashion “without socks”

With jeans never fails

Fashion without socks

A casual look of ankle jeans with a shirt and sweatshirt is a perfect choice for those days that you want a casual and timeless style. Boast ankles without giving up socks!

Total black look

Fashion without socks

The black outfits we love and the actor and model Juan Betancourt looks ideal. In addition, it gives us an alternative to teach ankle without having to resort to shoes. And it is that this combination of scuffed pants and booty seems to us the most!

Very spring

Fashion without socks

With the arrival of good weather, they want the looser and thinner garments that do not give so much heat. The model Javier de Miguel inspires us with striped pants and a basic mustard color t-shirt. On the feet a spring slippers that show ankle (but without forgetting the socks to protect your feet).

A basic for day to day

Fashion without socks

To go to the office, for an afternoon of errands, a weekend plan … A pair of chinos with a basic shirt and white sneakers are the combination that will save you on more than one occasion.

For special days

Fashion without socks

But this trend can not only be applied to your more informal or daily looks. You can also wear it at events or special occasions when you put on a suit, and Alex Sánchez de Mora shows it to us!

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